Climbing notification completed with a smartphone Cooperating with the Shimane Prefectural Police

Climbing notification completed with a smartphone Cooperating with the Shimane Prefectural Police
Distress ZERO Agreement/Climbing Notification & Prevention of Secondary Disasters Progress towards expediting distress rescue activities

Yamap Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka City, CEO Yoshihiko Haruyama, hereinafter referred to as Yamap), which operates the mountaineering map GPS application “YAMAP”, has collaborated with the Shimane Prefectural Police to provide useful information for the search and rescue of mountaineering victims. We have signed a partnership agreement on mutual cooperation for the prevention of mountain distress accidents (distress ZERO agreement) regarding the “search team tracking system” that prevents secondary disasters of search team members. Simply create a “climbing plan” with YAMAP and submit it to YAMAP, and it will be accepted as an official “climbing report” to the Shimane Prefectural Police.
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On January 23, the Shimane Prefectural Police signed an agreement. From the right, Mr. Kenji Nobuki, General Manager of Community Safety Division, Shimane Prefectural Police, Hiroshi Onodera, Executive Officer of Yamap Co., Ltd.
The number of mountain distresses nationwide exceeds 3,000 for the first time in three years.
According to the National Police Agency *1, in 2021, the number of people in mountain distress nationwide exceeded 3,000 for the first time in three years, reaching 3,075. This is probably because mountaineering is popular as a leisure activity to avoid crowds, and more and more people are avoiding long trips and casually going to nearby low mountains.
The number of mountain victims in Shimane Prefecture has remained at around 10 per year for the past five years, and according to the statistics for 2022, more than one in two people (55.6%) will be involved in a distress accident caused by “getting lost.” I’m here. The number of activity diaries of YAMAP (which allows you to record and share the routes and photos you walked while climbing) exceeded 22,000 from January to December 2022, and many people mainly in the Mt. Sanbe and Mt. Since they are visiting, measures to prevent distress are required.
Reason why “troublesome” does not submit climbing notification Climbers plan their climbs in advance. In addition, it is necessary to fill out and submit a climbing plan in a special document at the climbing registration post installed at the trailhead, or submit the climbing plan to the Shimane Prefectural Police by mail in advance. It was a double hassle for me. In addition, low mountaineering
notification posts are not installed in the first place, and climbers’ slackness in thinking that “low mountains” are okay are the reasons for the low mountaineering notification submission rate.
Climbing plans created with the app can be submitted to the Shimane Prefectural Police as they are.
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In the event of an emergency, mountaineering registration shortens the time it takes to collect search information and speeds up the initial rescue response.
With YAMAP, you can automatically calculate the course time in advance and create a reasonable climbing plan. There is a climbing plan & submission function that can be done. According to this agreement, when you submit a mountain climbing plan to YAMAP, you will also submit it to the Shimane Prefectural Police as an official climbing notification at the same time. In addition, “YAMAP” contains information on more than 25,000 mountains in Japan, so even if there is no mountain climbing notification post for satoyama or low mountains, it is possible to submit a plan.
Climbers can save the trouble of filling out, mailing, and posting a climbing plan separately, increasing convenience. On the other hand, the Shimane Prefectural Police are expected to significantly increase the number of mountain climbing notifications submitted, and in the unlikely event of an accident, they will be able to quickly grasp climbing plan information useful for rescue, and it is expected to speed up rescue.
In addition, this “climbing notification cooperation” will be the 12th case following Nagano, Gunma, Kanagawa, Iwate, Osaka, Nara, Kumamoto, Tottori, Shizuoka, , and Gifu prefectures. .
System cooperation to prevent secondary disasters for search team members Since mountain distress accidents occur in steep rocky areas and valleys where avalanches are likely to occur, there are many cases in which search crews of the police and fire departments are forced to carry out activities with the risk of secondary disasters. Therefore, Yamap will provide the Shimane Prefectural Police with a “search team tracking system” that contributes to the safety of search team members by utilizing a mechanism that allows location information to be obtained even in mountains where radio waves do not reach. This system is a mechanism that allows the search headquarters to centrally manage “where the search team is working”.
For example, in this system, you can see at a glance “people who have left the mountain climbing route and have not moved for a certain period of time.” It is suspected that it may be stuck in trouble, and nearby members can go to rescue it. In this way, it is possible to visualize the movement of the personnel and ensure the safety of the personnel.
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“Search team tracking system” that can centrally manage the movement of search team members
With the conclusion of this agreement, Yamap will continue to contribute to the prevention of mountain distress accidents in Shimane Prefecture through the provision of “infrastructure services” for safely enjoying mountains and nature, including mountain climbing map GPS apps.
Shimane Prefectural Police HP: Mountain Distress Prevention For Safe Climbing: How to make a YAMAP climbing plan:
*1 National Police Agency “Overview of Mountain Accidents in 2021” [Image 4d11352-156-e681d2505d16a0a118d0-1.png&s3=11352-156-0b0104ec0de8a82180ba4aa665b96a98-1020x1075.png
About Distress ZERO Agreement
Centered on “collaborating on the location information of victims,” ​​”providing a search team tracking system,” and “enlightenment activities on accident prevention,” we are working with firefighting agencies on the front lines of lifesaving to achieve zero fatalities in mountain distress accidents. A project that started in March 2022. We are expanding our partnerships with police agencies and local governments, including the new “collaboration on climbing
An app that makes mountaineering fun and safe, even in mountains where radio waves do not reach. It is Japan’s largest mountain climbing and outdoor platform that allows you to record your mountain trails and photos as activity records, use it to collect mountain information, and interact with mountaineering enthusiasts all over the country. Cumulative total of 3.5 million downloads exceeded in January 2023. URL:
Yamap Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name Yamap Co., Ltd.
Head office location Hakata AG Building 6F, 3-23-20 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
Capital (including capital reserve) 100 million yen
Business summary
1. Operation of YAMAP, a web service and smartphone app for
mountaineering and outdoor activities
2. Operation of YAMAP STORE, a select online store for mountaineering and outdoor goods
3. Operation of YAMAP MAGAZINE, a media that creates future
mountaineering culture
4. Content development, consulting, promotion, etc. utilizing mountains and nature
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