Cloudflare Announces Comprehensive Email Security and Data Protection Tools to Protect Businesses from Phishing Attacks

Cloudflare Announces Comprehensive Email Security and Data Protection Tools to Protect Businesses from Phishing Attacks
Deploy advanced Zero Trust email security tools like remote browser isolation and data loss prevention to any provider in minutes
Cloudflare, which helps build a better internet with security, performance, and reliability, today protects enterprise employees from a wide range of phishing attacks, prevents exfiltration of sensitive data via email, and protects all emails. Introduced a zero trust email security solution that is both provider compatible and quick and easy to deploy. It provides simple, robust anti-phishing and anti-malware capabilities, and tightly integrates with Zero Trust platforms to help secure all applications and data for businesses and organizations. [Image 1d61678-42-406f0ef0e81ea1cd048d-0.png&s3=61678-42-738d4805201f1f13ad67ea594e95ecbc-1801x1013.png
Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, said, “Given that most cyberattacks start with phishing, a zero trust solution without email security is a no-brainer. It’s not perfect: Cloudflare Area 1 identified and removed nearly 2.3 billion spam emails from users’ inboxes in 2022. We’re now under a decade of underinvestment. “We are filling a void in the email security market that has been lost with the first integrated solution that combines Cloudflare Area 1 email security with Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform.”
Email is one of the most ubiquitous and most abused tools businesses use every day. According to the FBI’s latest Internet Crime Report, business email compromise and compromised email accounts, which are part of malicious phishing attacks, are the most costly, costing US businesses about $2.4 billion. In addition, email is one of the most difficult tools for an enterprise to secure, often involving multiple vendors, complicating deployments and wasting a lot of IT team resources. Cloudflare’s new Zero Trust SASE platform tightly integrates with your existing security stack, making it quick and easy to deploy comprehensive email security and data protection tools for any email provider. increase.
Cloudflare One provides a comprehensive Zero Trust SASE platform built on Cloudflare’s global network spanning more than 275 cities in over 100 countries. Tight integration with the new Cloudflare Area 1 solution can be deployed in just a few clicks without having to change email providers, delivering lightning-fast performance wherever your users are and:
Automatically isolate suspicious links and attachments in emails With Link Isolation, when a user clicks a link in the body of an email, it automatically opens with Cloudflare’s industry-leading Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) technology. This isolates potentially risky links, downloads, and other zero-day attacks from impacting your computer or corporate network.
Identify and prevent data exfiltration
The rapid proliferation of cloud-based email services has dramatically increased the amount of sensitive data that resides outside the company. By combining Cloudflare’s data loss prevention (DLP) with Area 1 to create specific policies, we can scan and detect sensitive content or content that must be protected, and prevent it from being sent as an email attachment. can be blocked.
Onboard a new “Microsoft 365” domain in minutes
You can easily introduce a “Cloudflare Area 1 for Microsoft 365” domain using the “Microsoft API”. A single administrator can have the entire solution up and running in minutes, instead of the days of deployment required by legacy providers.
For more information on Cloudflare Area 1 Security and Cloudflare One, check out the resources below.
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