CLUB PILATES First time in Osaka! A popular Pilates studio in Tokyo will open in Minamimorimachi, Osaka in 2023!

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First time in Osaka! A popular Pilates studio in Tokyo will open in Minamimorimachi, Osaka in 2023!

Pilates studio “CLUB PILATES”, which has 16 stores nationwide such as Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Fukuoka, has grandly opened its first 17th store in Osaka from January 9, 2023. CLUB PILATES is the world’s largest Pilates studio with over 750 stores worldwide, mainly in the United States and Canada.
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■ What is Pilates?
Pilates was originally devised for rehabilitation, and is an exercise method that allows injured and elderly people to train without placing a heavy burden on the body. Specifically, there are various things that are useful for the body, such as improving posture, strengthening inner muscles, strengthening muscles, correcting pelvic distortion, and improving immunity, reducing menstrual pain, improving
concentration, and dieting. effects are expected. Recently, more and more health-conscious people have started Pilates for beauty, health, and exercise habits, and awareness among the general public is increasing.
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■ Provide 8 types of classes by professional instructors
CLUB PILATES provides safe and effective group Pilates reformer classes with equipment such as TRX, TriggerPoint, and Barre by a group of professional instructors who have cleared a thoroughly programmed 500-hour instructor training program. increase.
A representative class of CLUB PILATES to strengthen the body and stretch the whole body. Classic Pilates with a modern twist. 2. CENTER + BALANCE (center balance)
A relatively relaxed class centered on stretching using machines. It reduces the risk of muscle fatigue and injury and promotes blood circulation.
This is a massage-like class that uses items such as foam rollers and trigger balls to perform myofascial release. Reduces physical fatigue and muscle pain.
This class is for those who like high-energy, low-impact aerobic exercise. It has been proven that aerobic exercise using a Pilates jump board (jumping while lying down) without straining the lower back and joints increases bone density.
This is a class that mainly uses the ballet bar on the mat to train the muscles of the legs and buttocks and balance the muscles of the whole body. It will improve your balance and stability, allowing you to live a better life.
A reformer-based workout class that combines TRL suspension training and Pilates. Enhances muscle strength, physical mobility and balance. 7. F.I.T (fit)
A class that combines interval training, which burns calories explosively, with modern Pilates. The class progresses dynamically and up-tempo.
This is the perfect class for young people who are usually exercising or teenagers who are about to start exercising.
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■ CLUB PILATES continues to grow rapidly
CLUB PILATES is a boutique fitness studio specializing in
Reformer-based group pilates with 12 machines and 1 private room for all ages and fitness levels. Headquartered in Irvine, California, the brand is experiencing rapid growth, with three stores in Asia and Singapore and plans to open stores in Europe.
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■ Opening campaign is also underway
20% off the unlimited commute plan and 8 times a month plan! (Limited to 120 people)
“Enrollment fee is free for all plans.”
Click here for trial lessons
■ Store information
Name: CLUB PILATES Minamimorimachi
Location: 〒530-0044 Shinohara Higashi Temma Building 2F, 2-6-8 Higashi Temma, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone number: 06-4400-2823
Business hours:・Weekdays: 7:00~21:00・Saturdays and Sundays: 7:00~18:00 No regular holiday

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