Co., Ltd. 101 Pet business seminar site “Pet Biz JAPAN” The first seminar theme is “U.S. CES local cover age / state-of-the-art pet tech circumstances”

101 Co., Ltd.
Pet business seminar site “Pet Biz JAPAN” The first seminar theme is “US CES local coverage / state-of-the-art pet tech situation”
The pet business seminar site “Pet Biz JAPAN”, operated by 101 Co., Ltd. (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo / CEO, Rui Ogawa), a strategic companion company for the pet business, is the first to start the service. Introducing Pet Tech at once-What is the future of animal medicine that will change with technology?
Atsushi Ogawa (RABO Co., Ltd.), a veterinarian who is also active in the business world, participated in the world’s largest high-tech trade fair “CES2023” held in January this year. This is a valuable seminar that introduces the field of “tech” with local reports. ★Seminar details:
To the press: 101 Co., Ltd.
January 24, 2023
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■ Why is PetTech attracting attention now?
PetTech (a coined word combining Pet and Technology) refers to products and services that support pet health management using cutting-edge technology.
As can be seen from the fact that wearable healthcare devices have become commonplace in humans, it is important to know one’s health status on a daily basis, i.e., “health management based on a life log” in order to prevent illness. It’s the same with pets. With the increasing importance of preventive medicine, it is predicted that the use of technology in veterinary medicine will no longer be negligible. ■ Numerous pettech services exhibited at CES, the world’s largest high-tech trade fair
Veterinarians around the world are also paying attention to “Pet Tech”, and services related to Pet Tech were also attracting attention at the world’s largest high-tech trade fair “CES” held in Las Vegas, USA in January this year.
For example, individual identification technology using noseprints, wearable devices for pets that measure heart rate and breathing rate, televisions for dogs that have different vision and hearing than humans, and AI that can detect clinical signs and pathological symptoms. Such as an application that analyzes and can be viewed on a smartphone.
By utilizing these services and products at veterinary clinics and other sites, it is believed that preventive medicine in the pet field will evolve in an innovative way.
Distributing local reports on cutting-edge pet tech in a seminar format Mr. Ogawa, who participated in “CES” as a veterinarian and a business person, will be invited as a lecturer to hold an online seminar to hear about this “cutting-edge pet tech situation” that will be indispensable for animal medicine in the future. Live stream on 2/4 (Sat).
At the seminar, there will be lively on-site report videos of direct interviews with pet tech booth exhibitors in each country, and what will happen to pet tech in Japan and the world in the future, and what to catch up now. I will tell you in a talk session with Dr. Kobayashi, the navigator, such as what to do.
This seminar is a must-listen for veterinarians who are at the forefront of clinical practice and companies involved in the pet business.
■Performer profile
Instructor Atsushi Ogawa
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veterinarian. After working at the TRVA Night Emergency Animal Medical Center (Deputy Director) and Anicom Holdings (Manager of Corporate Planning, etc.), currently belongs to RABO. Involved in business development of cat IoT device “Catlog”.
Japan Veterinary Clinical Medicine Forum Annual Meeting 2021 Institute of Clinical Veterinary Medicine Annual Meeting 2018 LINE CX Summit 2018, etc.
Navigator Motoo Kobayashi
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Veterinarian/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Representative of Seijo Kobayashi Animal Hospital / Tokyo Veterinary Medical Association
Asian Small Animal Veterinarians Association / General Incorporated Association Tokyo Jonan Regional Veterinary Medical Promotion Association TRVA Director
CEO of One Health Co., Ltd. / Director of 101 Co., Ltd.

■ Seminar overview
Title [Introducing the 2023 latest version of Pet Tech] What is the future of animal medicine that will change with technology?
Schedule February 4, 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 20:00-21:30
Price: 5,000 yen (tax included)
Held Web seminar (zoom)
Click here for details and application▶︎ ■Company Profile
Company name: 101 Co., Ltd. (One O One)
Location: 2-35-18 Seijo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Rui Ogawa, Representative Director
Business description Strategy accompaniment in the pet business / Support for animal hospital management / Casting of experts in the animal field
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