Collaboration Seminar Sawakami Investment Trust x Academist ~New Encounters Beginning with Researcher’s “Recommendation”~

Sawakami Asset Management Co., Ltd.
[Collaboration Seminar] Sawakami Investment Trust x Academist ~New Encounters Beginning with Researcher’s “Recommendation”~
Date: February 10, 2023 (Friday) 19: 00-20: 00-Currently accepting applications!
Sawakami Asset Management Co., Ltd. (located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ryu Sawakami), an independent direct sales investment trust, and Academist Co., Ltd. (located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shiba), which operates an academic crowdfunding site Ryosuke Fuji) will hold an online collaboration seminar on February 10, 2023 (Friday) from 19:00 to 20:00. Registration is limited to the first 200 people.
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▼Background of the seminar
In 2017, the Cabinet Office formulated the “Science and Technology Innovation Public-Private Investment Expansion Initiative,” a system reform action aimed at revitalizing science and technology innovation. Since then, the establishment of new systems such as the
Public-Private Research and Development Investment Expansion Program (PRISM) has progressed, and a framework for growing science, technology and innovation toward the realization of a 600 trillion yen economy is being completed.
On the other hand, Japan’s R&D investment is still small compared to other major countries. According to the materials released by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology*1, Japan’s total R&D expenditure in 2020 will be about 19 trillion yen (an increase of about 30% in 20 years), while the United States will be about 67 trillion yen (20 Approximately 80% increase over the past 20 years), and China has increased to approximately 58 trillion yen (1,320% increase over 20 years). Considering the rise of other major countries, it can be said that Japan’s R&D investment expansion is only halfway through.
However, Japan has great potential. A huge amount of financial assets, such as over 1,000 trillion yen*2 of household cash and deposits and over 500 trillion yen*3 of corporate internal reserves, are lying dormant without being effectively utilized. For example, if that 3% goes to a positive form, such as R&D investment, science and technology innovation will be greatly activated, and it is possible that Japan will create companies and industries that represent the world. Japan is not without money. Japan will be able to become even more prosperous if money circulates widely in the economy through system reforms and changes in the awareness of each and every citizen. With that in mind, this time, in order to propose a positive way of spending money, we will introduce “Sawakami Investment Trust”, which supports companies with “long-term investment”, and “Academist”, which supports researchers with “crowdfunding”. will hold an online collaboration seminar with a tag. Through the seminar, we aim to show you a bright future for Japan that will be envisioned through investment in R&D companies and support for researchers.
*1 (Source) Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, Science and Technology Indicators 2022, Survey Material-318, August 2022
*2 (Source) Bank of Japan Flow of Funds Statistics September 20, 2022 *3 (Source) Ministry of Finance, Policy Research Institute, Corporate Statistics Survey, September 1, 2022
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In 1999, Sawakami Investment Trust began operating the “Sawakami Fund,” an investment trust for general consumers rather than the wealthy, as Japan’s first independent direct sales investment trust that does not belong to a group such as securities companies or banks. Overcoming many financial crises such as the collapse of the IT bubble and the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, we have built up a long track record, and currently have approximately 300 billion yen in assets under management from over 110,000 customers. Our mission is to invest in domestic and overseas companies that we want to support, and to make the world more interesting through long-term investment by three people: investee companies, customers, and asset management companies. [Image 3

Academist is a venture company that aims to create a new form of academia in which resources such as funds, information, and human resources circulate through researchers themselves disseminating information. In 2014, he released Japan’s first academic crowdfunding site “academist”. With the mission of “Researchers can work together, we connect them”, we aim to create a system that enables various patronage not only by the government, but also by private companies, foundations, and individuals. “We are expanding our business. – Academic crowdfunding site “academist” – Corporate site
▼Seminar Overview
1. Introduction of Sawakami Investment Trust and Academist
Sawakami Investment Trust, an investment management company, and an academic crowdfunding company.
I would like to introduce both companies.
2. What is the background of holding the collaboration seminar and what is the sense of crisis for society that both companies have? From the perspective of an investor and the perspective of a researcher, we will approach the sense of crisis that both companies have for society.
3. Crowdfunding and long-term investment. What are the benefits of each? What is crowdfunding that connects researchers and supporters? what do we get from each other?
What is Sawakami Investment Trust’s long-term investment? What is good for the long term?
4. What both companies value and the future they aim for
What kind of future do you expect through crowdfunding?
What kind of future do you expect with long-term investment? What is supportive investment in R&D companies?
5. How to start specific long-term investment and support
About the support system for researchers
Introduction of how to start long-term investment and practical examples of specific long-term investment
[Table 2: ]
[Image 4d106966-4-53cd064b001483421d97-3.png&s3=106966-4-e93f34518cb3c76940961b67eca52723-2000x1090.png
Mitsuaki Kuroshima
Sawakami Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Director, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Head of Investment Research In 1994, as a Crown Prince Scholarship student, he completed a master’s degree in biosystems engineering at the University of Hawaii. After returning to Japan, he completed a doctoral course at the Graduate School of Agriculture, University of Tsukuba. After working as a water treatment engineer, joined Sawakami Asset Management in 2008 and assumed the position of President and Representative Director in 2011 (until 2012). In 2013, he was also involved in venture businesses, etc., and since 2015, he has been working as a senior innovation coordinator at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Returned to Sawakami Investment Trust in July 2022.
The motto of life is “Thank you for spinning around”.
[Image 5d106966-4-b075d20650ab9ecbc362-4.png&s3=106966-4-b0f24221737c4a528000f0b472aacfca-2642x1440.png
Ryosuke Shibatou
Academist Co., Ltd.
Withdrew from the doctoral program at the Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School. When I was in graduate school, I realized that the laboratory was closed, so I planned an exchange meeting for graduate students in various fields. In the midst of this, I was convinced that even without specialized knowledge, I could be moved by the appeal of research and researchers. publish. With the vision of “realizing an open academic industry and contributing to the creation of a future society,” we promote businesses that connect researchers and individuals, and researchers and corporations.
▼ Notes
Although the main purpose of seminars and events held by Sawakami Investment Trust is not to induce the trading of individual products, please understand in advance that depending on the situation, they may induce the trading of financial instruments. I wish If you are considering purchasing the Sawakami Fund, please request an investment trust explanatory document (prospectus to be delivered) from the “Encounter” separately, and be sure to check the contents before proceeding. Please judge. Personal information received when applying will be acquired and used in accordance with Sawakami Investment Trust’s Privacy Policy/Handling of Customers’ Personal Information ( In addition,
questionnaires after the seminar were collected anonymously, quantitative items were statistically processed, and descriptive items were processed so that individuals could not be identified, and Sawakami Investment Trust and academics improved their services and research. We will use it as part of the content to guide development and services.
▼Sawakami Fund Risks and Fees
The Sawakami Fund mainly invests in domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, and other securities with price fluctuations. Therefore, the NAV of the fund is affected by fluctuations in the price of
securities, etc. incorporated, foreign exchange rates, etc. All profits and losses resulting from these will belong to the investors (beneficiaries) of this fund. In addition, there is no guarantee of principal or interest and is not covered by deposit insurance. Therefore, the principal invested by investors (beneficiaries) may suffer a loss due to a decline in the NAV and may fall below the investment principal. Please refrain from investing in this fund for more than you can withstand the loss. A mutual fund is different from a savings account.
▼Purchase fee
is not.
▼Trust fee
1.10% (including tax, annual rate) of the total net assets of this fund. ▼Amount of assets retained in trust
is not.
▼Other costs/fees
Brokerage commissions incurred when buying and selling securities, etc. to be incorporated into the fund, the amount equivalent to consumption tax, etc. on the brokerage commissions, expenses required for futures and options trading, etc., and funds for partial cancellation fees Interest on borrowed money will be paid out of the trust property.
(Note) These costs will fluctuate depending on the operational status, etc., and it is not possible to indicate the rate, maximum amount, etc. in advance.
Before making an investment, be sure to carefully read the “investment trust explanatory document (prospectus for delivery)” and make your own judgment. To request an investment trust manual (prospectus for issuance), please contact the contact desk (TEL: 03-6706-4789). Sawakami Asset Management Co., Ltd. Financial instruments business operator Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 328 The Investment Trusts Association, Japan, Japan Investment Advisers Association Details about this release:


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