Colopla 3D action RPG “MONSTER UNIVERSE” to raise and breed monsters to fight

Introducing MONSTER UNIVERSE, a 3D action RPG that breeds, breeds, and fights monsters
Decided to deliver a challenging title with multi-platform support and an eye to the future

COLOPL Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Miyamoto, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “COLOPL”) distributes the iOS version, Android (TM) version, and Steam version of the 3D action RPG “MONSTER UNIVERSE” (Monster Universe). We are pleased to inform you that has been decided in late January 2023.
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“Monster Universe” is a 3D action RPG set in “Fort Lemuria Island” where unknown creatures called “monsters” live. Players can enjoy the adventure of creating “monsters” with the main character of the story, “Fina”, aiming to revive the legendary island guardian dragon “Vorzark”. Combine your character with a “monster”, use a variety of skills to defeat powerful enemies, and train your favorite “monster”. You can play the game until the end of the story at the start of the distribution, but you can enjoy adding playable characters by purchasing paid content.
This work will be Colopl’s first multi-platform (smartphone and PC) distribution title, including the Steam version. This is a challenging title that anticipates the distribution of new games in the future, and we have put a lot of thought into the system, so please pay attention to that as you play. In addition, we plan to support English in future updates. With this, you can enjoy this work globally. COLOPL will continue to create unprecedented entertainment with the latest technology and creative ideas.
[Overview of “MONSTER UNIVERSE”]
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A 3D action RPG in which unknown creatures called “monsters” live on “Fort Lemuria Island” and fight together with “monsters”. You can enjoy the ending of the story for free (some paid items available). This is a challenging title that focuses on the development and operation of multi-platform titles. We are making various functional challenges, so please pay attention to the system side. In addition, we plan to support English in a future update.
◆ Price: Item charge type (basic play free)
◆ Genre: 3D action RPG
◆ Supported OS: iOS, Android, Steam
◆ Delivery schedule: Scheduled for late January 2023
*The delivery URL will be released at a later date.
■ Synopsis
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Fort Lemuria Island.
Discovered in the distant sea, this island is home to rich nature, numerous mysterious ruins, and unknown creatures called “monsters.” Mankind, fascinated by this island, eventually formed a survey team. Try to investigate the island while deepening interaction with monsters.
But one day, a fierce battle broke out between the island’s guardian dragon, Volzark, and the magical beast, Magna. both disappear. 10 years later.
Due to the disappearance of Vorzak, the monsters were on the verge of extinction.
Meanwhile, a girl joins the investigation team.
Her name is Feena. He was the only human who ever witnessed the disappearance of Volzark.
In her heart, she loves monsters and only wants to flirt with them. A strong desire to reunite with Vorzak was hidden.
■ Cultivate monsters and fight together. Use a variety of skills [Image 4

“MONSTER UNIVERSE” is a unique action RPG where characters and monsters fight together. Let’s master various skills by combining the operating character and the monster.
Equipped with a deep monster training system, you can train your favorite monsters. You can mate one by one with your friend’s monsters.
■ Challenging titles with an eye on the future
Various system aspects have been devised, such as background lighting expressions and camera controls that make it easier to concentrate on the battle. Please pay attention to that as well.
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Company name: Colopl Co., Ltd.
Location: Midtown East 6F, 9-7-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 1, 2008
Capital: 6,587 million yen (as of the end of September 2022) Representative: Takashi Miyamoto, President and Representative Director Business description: Provision of domestic and overseas mobile game services centered on smartphone apps
Provision of services for VR (virtual reality) devices
Investment in domestic and overseas unlisted companies and fund management Official Twitter:
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Colopl’s mission is “Entertainment in Real Life”, and we will continue to focus on expanding smartphone applications, and provide
entertainment that makes “daily life”, which is almost all of people’s lives, more enjoyable and wonderful.
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*Purchase of compatible smart devices and communication charges are the responsibility of the customer.
※It is an item billing system. Purchasing items will give you an advantage in the game.
*For those under the age of 18: When purchasing items, please obtain consent from a guardian or purchase together.

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