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Colopla Provide 10,000 yen monthly as living support due to price rise Launched the game industry’s first “inflation support special allowance”

[Colopla] Provide 10,000 yen monthly as living support due to price rise Launched the game industry’s first “inflation support special allowance”

COLOPL Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Miyamoto, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “COLOPL”) has decided to implement measures to ensure that employees can live and work with peace of mind in the face of the continuing global price hikes and the weak yen. As a form of support, we have started providing an “inflation support special allowance”.
Starting from January 2023, all employees will receive a uniform monthly allowance of 10,000 yen.
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■ Background of special allowance for inflation support
Due to soaring global energy prices and the depreciation of the yen, the prices of food, utilities, and other items are rising rapidly. Against this backdrop of soaring prices, an increasing number of companies are providing inflation allowances to support the
livelihoods of their employees.
And the impact of inflation is spreading to the entertainment and game industries that provide intangible services. At COLOPL, we have decided to pay 120,000 yen a year (10,000 yen a month) as an “inflation support special allowance” as the first attempt in the game industry to reduce the increased burden on our employees.
Through this allowance, we will provide an environment where employees can concentrate on their work with peace of mind.
In addition, Colopl’s “Inflation support special allowance” is about 1.5 times the monthly average (* 1) of the company that paid the inflation allowance.
*1 (Teikoku Databank: Questionnaire on actual conditions of companies regarding inflation allowances)
■Overview of Special Inflation Support Allowance
Target: COLOPL full-time employees, associates, contract employees Amount of payment: 10,000 yen per month
Period: January to December 2023 (12 months)
■ COLOPL initiatives
At Colopl, in addition to the “Infrastructure Support Special Allowance”, we are working to create an environment where employees can work with peace of mind.
・Online lunch support
We have established a system to pay part of the cost of lunches conducted online with the aim of resolving the lack of communication between employees who come to work and stay at home.
・Club activity system
We support club activities (partially pay club expenses) so that we can have a wide range of exchanges outside of work as well as work connections. There are about 30 types of club activities, including sports and culture.
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・Infinite Banana
Considering both employee health considerations and infection control, we have set up an all-you-can-eat banana corner in the office, and it is a welfare program that allows employees to eat bananas whenever they come to work.
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・Kuma SPA
Considering the health of our employees, we have established a massage room where a health keeper (nationally certified in-house physical therapist) is stationed. Any employee can receive a free massage during working hours.
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Colopl will continue to actively work to create an environment where each employee can work with peace of mind through the creation of systems and initiatives that match the new era.
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