Color Valentine’s Day with raw chocolate from Junmai Daiginjo / Limited quantity sale of “Guinomi Junmai Daiginjo Raw Chocolate Akatsuki/Senko”

Tatenokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Color Valentine’s Day with raw chocolate from Junmai Daiginjo / Limited quantity sale of “Guinomi Junmai Daiginjo Raw Chocolate Akatsuki/Senko”
Kineya Honten, a popular long-established confectionery store in Yamagata Prefecture, collaborates with Tatenokawa Sake Brewery “SAKERISE”

Tatenokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture; Representative Director: Junpei Sato; hereinafter referred to as “Tatenokawa Sake Brewery”) is Kineya Honten Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Kamiyama City, Yamagata Prefecture; Representative Director: Takashi Kanno; hereinafter Kineya Head office), we will jointly sell a limited quantity of Valentine’s day limited product “Guinomi Junmai Daiginjo Nama Chocolate Akatsuki / Senko”.
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Kineya Honten’s Valentine’s Day “Guinomi Chocolate” / Background of the Collaboration
At Kineya Honten, a long-established confectionery shop in Yamagata Prefecture, chocolate made with sake cups has taken root as a staple product for Valentine’s Day, and has been a popular product for more than 10 years since its release. Until 2020, only one type will be developed ・From 3 years ago, sales of “Guinomi Daiginjo Chocolate”, which uses sake from Yamagata Prefecture and higher than Daiginjo, have started. We are even more particular about sake cups that go well with high-end sake, and we are developing products as “high-end chocolate”.
After seeing the recent development of “Guinomi Daiginjo Chocolate”, Tatenokawa Sake Brewery approached us, and this collaboration was realized.
[Image 2d71925-92-e390da1f94b1ccf589e9-2.jpg&s3=71925-92-f2fe7e7515d43260ef29cb0d22a30037-3150x2276.jpg
Guinomi Junmai Daiginjo Raw Chocolate Akatsuki
Tatenokawa Sake Brewery has collaborated with the American rock band Foo Fighters and the French band Phoenix, and has achieved a rice polishing ratio of 1% for the first time in Japanese sake history. The activity that creates new synergy was evaluated, and the collaboration was approved in two replies.
A long-established company in Yamagata Prefecture with a long history and two companies that continue to take on new challenges every day have teamed up to create new possibilities for both the sake and confectionery industries. I’ve arrived.
Have a luxurious time with the harmony of the finest French couverture and sake SAKERISE
For this Guinomi Daiginjo Chocolate, two sakes from Tatenokawa Sake Brewery’s new brand “SAKERISE” will collaborate. SAKERISE is a sake brand that expresses the climate, culture, and history of Yamagata, and was selected because it is ideal for this collaboration to create new possibilities from Yamagata.
The raw chocolate used is mellow and creamy, but not too sweet, and the finest French couverture with an elegant aroma of cacao is carefully temperature-controlled. I’m going to match it.
[Image 3d71925-92-25726c3d25dc3c0cbf57-3.jpg&s3=71925-92-457abd7b63990f374fa3331b00a0cf76-3197x2132.jpg
Guinomi Junmai Daiginjo Raw Chocolate Senko
The sake “Gyoko” that goes with it uses sake rice “Snow Goddess” developed in Yamagata Prefecture, and features a beautiful lingering finish. On the other hand, “Senko” uses Miyama Nishiki rice from Yamagata Prefecture, which has been used for many years at Tatenokawa Sake Brewery, and is a dry sake that combines gorgeousness and lightness because it is highly polished.
In order to maximize the appeal of these two types of sake, we have fine-tuned the amount of each ingredient to create a rich and smooth ganache with a taste that allows you to feel “Gyoko” and “Senko” until the end. Finished.
Pure rice daiginjo ganache made carefully one by one using sake luxuriously. It is recommended not only as a gift for loved ones who like sake, but also as a reward chocolate for yourself. Please enjoy this special collaboration only this time.
Yuteki Tenmoku on Yamagata’s traditional pottery “Shinjo Higashiyama ware” / Original sake cup with the image of SAKERISE
Guinomi chocolate sake cups are also carefully made so that you can use them for a long time even after you have eaten raw chocolate. [Image 4d71925-92-21c360401164e85ea24b-4.jpg&s3=71925-92-7af1259f4044a83e89948e2f2d023556-2328x2328.jpg
flash of light
A very beautiful and luxurious “Yuteki Tenmoku” sake cup with countless silver flecks, made completely original by Shinjo
Higashiyama ware, a traditional pottery of Yamagata Prefecture. I was. The “Gyoko” sake cup has a calm expression, and the chocolate inside has a color that shines beautifully like the morning sun. Using a navy blue glaze, it expresses the light light that is characteristic of “Senko”. Each one has a different expression.
And for the outer box, we put the most emphasis on the luxury package and the excitement when opening it, and created a V-cut box with edges that look like a wooden box. Recycled paper from milk cartons is used for the core material, which is environmentally friendly.
Comment from the person in charge of this collaboration
Kineya Honten: From Hirohito Sugano, Chief of the Planning Office I am truly happy to be able to collaborate with Tatenokawa Sake Brewery, which continues to take on new challenges as a sake brewery. As a company in Yamagata Prefecture, we want to liven up our hometown and liven up the world of food through sake and sweets. I feel that we were able to realize a strong collaboration in which such mutual thoughts overlap. I would be happy if you could pick up the finished product. I would appreciate it if you could use it as a gift for someone special or as a gift for yourself.
Tatenokawa Sake Brewery: Executive Officer and General Manager of Corporate Planning Office Risa Aoki
I am very happy and honored to be able to collaborate with Kineya Honten, which was founded in the same Yamagata prefecture and has a history of over 200 years. The characteristics of Akatsuki and Senko sake are blended into the chocolate flavor of this product, making it a gem that even liquor lovers will be delighted with. The Yuteki Tenmoku Sake Cup that was specially made is also finished in a wonderful bowl, and after having chocolate, we hope you will enjoy it as a sake cup.
Product Summary
Guinomi Junmai Daiginjo Raw Chocolate Akatsuki
Guinomi Junmai Daiginjo Raw Chocolate Senko
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Left: Guinomi Junmai Daiginjo Nama Chocolate Kyoko Right: Guinomi Junmai Daiginjo Nama Chocolate Senko

Retail price: 12,960 yen each (tax included) / free shipping, cool fee not included
Total planned sales: Limited to 100 (both Akatsuki and Senko) Release: Reservations will start from January 20th at Kineya Main Store stores (reservation only), Kineya Main Store official online shop, and SAKERISE official online shop. Shipping will begin on February 7th. After that, we will ship the product within 5 business days after making a reservation.
● Kineya Main Store Online Shop:
● SAKERISE Official Online Shop: What is SAKERISE
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[Image 7d71925-92-4924fe88e6d8bb1ec060-7.jpg&s3=71925-92-003619f6145c37da386b61e4fbc1942a-800x534.jpg
The “SAKERISE” series expresses the climate and culture of the region, starting with the local Shonai, with seven “lights”. In addition to tasting the taste of sake itself, while tasting sake, the elements and backgrounds surrounding the production of sake, such as the climate and climate of the Shonai region of Yamagata Prefecture, the thoughts of the brewers, the history of the brewery, etc. We aim to design products that you will love. Currently, the first product “Akatsuki” and the second product “Senko” are on sale. While carefully preserving the traditional manufacturing method, we are pursuing “new age sake” that is created according to the times.
■ Kineya Honten Co., Ltd. Company Overview
Company name: Kineya Honten Co., Ltd. Location: 2-3-12 Benten, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture Representative: Takashi Kanno Founded: Bunka 8 (1811)
Official website: Official online shop:
Business description: Manufacture and sale of Japanese and Western sweets ■ Tatenokawa Shuzo Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Tatenokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Location: 27 Shimizuda Yamatate, Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture Representative: Junpei Sato (6th brewery) Founded: 1832
Official website: Official online shop:
Official Twitter: @tatenokawa Official Instagram: @tatenokawa_sake Official LINE: Tatenokawa Sake Brewery
Business description: Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages (Japanese sake “Tatenogawa”, shochu/liqueur “Kodakara”, liqueur “Homerun Makkkori”)
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