Committed to improving customer issues! Started article writing agency service that leads to conversion and results

Four Design Co., Ltd.
Committed to improving customer issues! Started article writing agency service that leads to conversion and results
Started article production agency service for BtoB business

Four Design Co., Ltd. (Location: Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture; Representative Director: Noriaki Mitsume), which provides web marketing support, has started an “article creation service” in January 2023.

Service background
While conducting “BtoB specialization: escort-type web marketing support consulting service”, we found many companies with the following problems.
1. Owned media is launched, but it is not displayed at the top for the target keyword.
2. It takes time and effort to order articles and manage writers. 3. There are no members with content marketing knowledge in the company, and the marketing effect is not obtained.
4. I don’t know how to verify the effect, and it seems that the company’s budget will be cut.
Content marketing has a 70%+ chance of failure if the initial design is wrong. in particular,
Example 1. Continuing to post articles on sites built by ignorant marketers Even if you drop good articles on a site with a structure that is unfavorable for SEO, it will lead to hindering your ranking. Example 2. Don’t do competitive research
The most important thing is to find the keywords that your company should focus on from the keywords that your competitors have acquired. Example 3. Don’t think about the relevance of articles
If it becomes a measure for each keyword, not only will there be a shortage of user leads, but it will also be difficult to obtain an evaluation for SEO. It is necessary to optimize the entire site by dropping it into keywords.
Therefore, we propose an “article creation agency service” that comprehensively judges the cost, order rate, future business development, etc.
This service is a service composed only of members who have sufficient practical experience in the web marketing field, centering on representative Sanhei who has more than 20 years of BtoB marketing history, and is committed to improving customer issues.
Article writing agency implementation results
Companies that have introduced it have been happy to hear that their search rankings have increased and the number of document requests has doubled.
The representative Sanhei participated in the owned media that had been operated for 10 years, increased the number of users by 17.5 times in 2 years, and has a track record of increasing the number of document requests by 4 times in 1 year in another project. I have. Comprehensive article creation support is possible because we are a follow-on marketing support company.
Project flow
1. Analysis
We will listen to your company’s issues and analyze the target site. Based on the site structure, number of articles, content volume, etc., we judge “what kind of keywords should be used to increase content” and propose the overall direction of content marketing.
2. Planning
We will select countermeasure keywords based on the target users you want to acquire and the keywords acquired on competing sites. 3.Draft configuration
Analyze 20 sites that are displayed high for the target keyword. We will create a configuration proposal that takes into account the latest SEO algorithms while following the user’s search intent. 4. Writing
While giving priority to the SEO axis, we will write naturally so that the reader can read naturally.
*1-Information sharing
The content director shares information with the writers based on the composition proposal.
*2-Information gathering
We collect original information from reference information based on WEB and books.
Our exclusive writer will write based on the composition proposal and the information collected.
5. Proofreading and proofreading
After the system checks for spelling errors and copy-paste checks, the director performs a visual quality check before delivery.
6.Delivery/acceptance inspection
We deliver in formats such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Posting to CMS such as WordPress is also possible.
We will have you inspect it at your company, and if there are any corrections, we will make adjustments to the writing manual so that similar corrections do not occur, and re-deliver it.
7. Operational support
We will propose operations that will lead to success even after the publication of delivered articles, such as checking the ranking of published articles and selecting rewritten articles.
About the article creation plan
We have two plans that you can choose according to your issues. 1. Article writing agency plan
Recommended if you have a marketer in your company and want to deliver only articles.
We will write articles using the specified keywords. Analysis, planning, and operational support are not included.
2. Owned media operation agency plan
It is recommended when you want to outsource the operation of owned media, when your company does not have a person in charge with SEO knowledge, or when internal resources are limited.
Based on the contents of the hearing, we will analyze the site, plan and write the article.
This service, like the existing “follow-up consulting service (”, is a bottleneck in line with the issues of client companies. We will continue to improve measures in a escort manner.
Company Profile
Trade name: Four Design Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshiaki Sanhei, Representative Director
Location: 807 Terao, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 350-1141 Established: March 2019
Business: Marketing consulting, web marketing agency
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