Communication research and development organization “REVCOM RESEARCH (RCR)” newly established

Communication research and development organization “REVCOM RESEARCH (RCR)” newly established

RevComm Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takeshi Aida) uses AI technology to analyze and research communication as a specialized development organization “RevComm Research (RCR)”. was newly established. Focusing on speech
recognition, natural language processing, and multimodal AI, we will further focus on making invisible communication visible.
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What is “RevComm Research (RCR)”?
“RCR” is an organization that researches and develops new forms of communication, aiming for a society where people can understand each other better. Conflicts and inequalities often occur in people’s communication with others, causing situations in which they cannot understand each other and cannot trust each other. We will develop technology to eliminate such friction and create an environment that allows for more flexible and appropriate communication without misunderstandings.
“RCR” also includes the meaning of “Research for Communication Revolution”. Based on our corporate philosophy of “reinventing communication and creating a society where people care about each other,” we will work to solve communication issues through research and development of voice technology and AI.
RCR site:
Activities to date: What “RevComm Research” (RCR) is working on
“RCR” is inventing new communication using AI technology. Mainly focusing on speech recognition, natural language processing, and multimodal AI, we are focusing on visualizing various elements of invisible communication.
RevComm Co., Ltd. Executive Officer Research Director Taiichi Hashimoto Comment [Image 2d37840-137-0ae6d8aefd6684597d43-1.jpg&s3=37840-137-26b8e2efb8c4d7612a6d0b2313f64b86-3000x2000.jpg
I believe that 2022 was a year in which AI technology such as image generation and text generation made great progress. It is expected that many new services will be created due to the evolution of such technology. Responding to this evolution, Revcom has established a specialized organization for research and development, “RCR,” to rapidly create new technologies and services. Through AI technology that uses voice, language, and images, I would like to bring about major changes in academia and business, and strive to realize a society with richer communication.
In 2002, he completed a doctoral course at the Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, majoring in computational engineering. Doctor of Engineering. Engaged in research on natural language processing as a faculty member for about 9 years as an assistant and specially appointed assistant professor (specially appointed associate professor) at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Joined GREE Corporation in 2012 and LINE Corporation in 2014. Oversees the development of big data analysis platforms and the development of products using AI technology such as smart speakers. Member of Information Processing Society of Japan, Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing Society. Joined Revcom in April 2021.
RevComm Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Based on the philosophy of “reinventing communication and creating a society where people care about others”, we are a company that solves communication problems with voice technology and AI.
The voice analysis AI phone “MiiTel” is used for visualization of talks in sales and call center operations, self-coaching, and building a telework system, mainly in the inside sales market. In addition, the online business negotiation tool “MiiTel for Zoom” enables analysis and review of online business negotiations by multiple people, which will dramatically increase the sales contract rate.
So far, he has won and won various competitions such as Google for Startups Accelerator, B-Dash Camp and TechCrunch, Forbes JAPAN “Top 20 Entrepreneurs Ranking in Japan”, Weekly Toyo Keizai “Amazing Venture 100” has also been selected.
・ Company name: RevComm Co., Ltd.
・ Location: 1-3-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Hulic Shibuya 1-chome Building 7F
・Representative: Takeshi Aida
・ Business description: AI x voice software database development ・Company website:

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