“Community Community Days” Applicants Only After Party! Some of the speakers will also participate! ?

Commune Co., Ltd.
“Community Community Days” Applicants Only After Party! Some of the speakers will also participate! ?
Grab a hot dog and talk about community

Commune Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuya Takada) will hold a free online conference for everyone involved in the community on January 24th (Tuesday) and 25th (Wednesday), 2023. We would like to inform you that we will be holding an after-party limited to those who have participated in “Community Community Days ~360° Talking About Communities”. With the common interest of “community” as a trigger, we will create a place for encounters that will lead to the future. Some speakers will also participate. [Image 1d36356-110-e3f9b9e3a3fbcc63eddf-0.png&s3=36356-110-bae9a28e9fddd39025e4be589232855f-1200x630.png
Click here to apply for “Commmune Community Days-360° talk about ‘this and that’ related to the community-”:
Invitation to the participant privilege “#CCDays After Party”! We will invite you to the #CCDays After Party only for those who participated in the Commune Community Days.
Let’s talk about “community” together with the participants and some of the speakers. Applicants may invite one friend or colleague to come along. It is possible to enter and leave in the middle of the event, so please make use of this event for those who are currently working on community measures and those who want to work on it in the future. Date: February 17, 2023 (Friday) 18:30-22:00
Location: BABY HOTDOG CAFE (within an 8-minute walk from Shibuya Station or Ebisu Station)
Participation method: Advance application system by applicants [Image 2d36356-110-b01b2d1f9ffc2489690c-1.jpg&s3=36356-110-5be2be20cd45b5a472a3e21383976177-2047x2047.jpg
The #CCDays After Party will allow entry and exit in the middle of the party, so please feel free to stop by.
*We plan to send an invitation email on January 26th to those who have attended the conference. Please keep the email and present the invitation email at the reception on the day.
* If there are many applicants, it may be a lottery.
▼Please apply from here together with your desired session.
“Community Community Days ~ Talking 360 degrees about ‘this and that’ related to the community ~”
event theme
Commune Community Days is a two-day event that explores the
“community” as a form of two-way communication between companies and customers using various words. The purpose is to gather the knowledge of communities all over Japan by having top players and key persons involved in the “community” from various angles take the podium. https://www.commmune-conference.com/
Overview of the event
[Image 3d36356-110-25453f4d8aefc6f544b5-2.png&s3=36356-110-cbbacc901f7eb74a196772f2b05c2037-1394x732.png
Title: “Community Community Days-360° talk about “this and that” related to the community-”
Date: January 24, 2023 (Tuesday) 16:00-21:00 / January 25 (Wednesday) 16:00-21:00
Participation method: Please apply from the following URL.

■ About “commmune”
“commmune” is a community success platform provided by Commune Co., Ltd. You can easily build and operate the optimal customer community for your company with no code, and it is possible to make one-stop communication between customers and users. Through the customer community, we will promote problem solving, improvement of usage, and increase of fans, and realize continuous sales improvement of the company.
commmune materials in 3 minutes:
■ About “SuccessHub”
“SuccessHub” is an action platform for efficient customer success provided by Commune Co., Ltd. You can immediately grasp the customer’s situation, take action and contact in one place, and the customer success action will be faster and more efficient.
SuccessHub resources in 3 minutes:
https://www.successhub.jp/whitepapers/successhub-introduction ■ Commune Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Commune Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuya Takada, Representative Director and CEO Established: May 10, 2018
Business description: Operation of the community platform “commmune” and the action platform “SuccessHub” that realizes efficient customer success
Location: Meguro Techno Building 2F, 4-31-18 Nishi-Gotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
HP: https://commmune.jp

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