Connell Co., Ltd. “Concert for falling asleep” “ZZZN – LISTEN AND SLEEP -” Held on March 18 (Saturday) “Sleep Day” at Hakone “Yoshiike Ryokan”

Connell Co., Ltd.
“Concert for falling asleep” “ZZZN – LISTEN AND SLEEP -” Held at “Yoshiike Ryokan” in Hakone on Saturday, March 18, “Sleep Day” Konel, NTT East Group, and “ZAKONE”, a co-creative community aiming to solve sleep problems, will experience the first*1 accommodation-type sleep live event in Japan, a sleeping playlist “sasayaki lullaby”
Cross-border creative group “Konel” (Representative Director: Mitsuyo Demura, hereinafter “Konel”), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (President: Naoki Shibuya, hereinafter “NTT East Japan”), NTT DX Partner Co., Ltd. ( President and CEO: Tamaki Endo, hereinafter referred to as “NTT DX Partner”) will fall asleep while listening to live music on Saturday, March 18, 2023, which is sleep day * 2. Meeting “ZZZN – LISTEN AND SLEEP -” will be held at the
long-established inn “Yoshiike Ryokan” in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture. Artists such as PES & SONPUB, Sincere, and Seiho will perform at the event. music is played.
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In addition, you can enjoy various contents that improve the quality of sleep by companies participating in the community “ZAKONE” that aims to solve sleep problems through corporate co-creation.

Overview of initiatives
On March 18, 2023, which is the day of sleep, we will hold a “concert to fall asleep” while listening to the live performance of “sasayaki lullaby” “ZZZN – LISTEN AND SLEEP -” in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture. It will be held at the long-established inn “Yoshiike Ryokan” in This is the first*1 initiative in Japan to hold an overnight live event specializing in sleep.
“sasayaki lullaby” is a “sleep playlist exclusively before going to bed”, which was launched by Sony Music Japan International on “World Sleep Day” in 2022. Using “sasayaki lullaby”, we verified the effect of music on sleep in collaboration with Brain Sleep Co., Ltd., which specializes in the science of brain and sleep, and NTT East Japan. We confirmed the possibility of contributing to the improvement of *3. In “ZZZN”, from the playlist of “sasayaki lullaby”, we rearranged and covered international hit songs such as One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” and The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” in a whisper5. present the song. The live will be held twice, “DAY LIVE” as a “nap live” and “NIGHT LIVE” as a “good night live”. Three groups of artists, PES & SONPUB, Sincere, and Seiho, will perform live music arranged especially for this event.
After checking in at the ryokan, event participants will receive a “Brain Sleep Coin,” a sleep-only device that tracks sleep information. After getting ready, you can enjoy “NIGHT LIVE” at 22:00 from your room.
Each room is illuminated with a red light that induces sleep, tracking the drop in the BPM (heart rate per minute) of the audience and turning off the light completely when they fall asleep, creating a fantastic night. We offer an unprecedented lodging experience that combines sleep, entertainment, and technology.
Event overview
Event title: ZZZN – LISTEN AND SLEEP –
Date: March 18th (Sat) and 19th (Sun), 2023
Venue: Yoshiike Ryokan (597 Yumoto, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Participation method: Apply for participation from the special site. Accommodation fee: From 34,000 yen per person *The amount varies depending on the room type. (Please check the special site for details.)
Special site:
Organizer: NTT East, NTT DX Partner, ZAKONE
Main Partner: Konel
Cooperation: Sony Music Japan International, Finder&Giver Co., Ltd. (itoma), Hakone Yumoto Onsen Yoshiike Ryokan, Kanagawa Prefectural Mebyo Research Group
Sponsors: Brain Sleep Co., Ltd. / ST Co., Ltd. / Endian LLC / Nippon Publishing Co., Ltd. / Balanced Co., Ltd. / Self Care Technologies Co., Ltd. / Cado Co., Ltd.
“ZZZN – LISTEN AND SLEEP -” experience
ZZZN is an experience of falling asleep while listening to live music. The audience seats are covered with futons. Music played in a whisper will take you to a pleasant dream world.
1. Check-in
Guests check in at the hotel.
At that time, you will receive a device “Brain Sleep Coin” that measures sleep and sleep amenity goods (pajamas, booklets, candles, etc.) at the front desk.
You can enjoy DAY LIVE at each free place for taking a nap in the courtyard. 3. Getting ready for bed
After each dinner and bathing, change into nightwear to enhance the feeling of NIGHT LIVE and sleep.
LIVE will start when you are ready for bed. Open the window of the room a little, turn on the red light, and listen to LIVE on the bed while the guest goes to sleep. LIVE gradually lowers the tone, and the whispered singing voice invites you to sleep. It tracks the guest’s BPM, and when they fall asleep, the red light turns off, visualizing that they are falling asleep and creating a fantastic night. *We value the experience of falling asleep while listening to music, so we do not assume that artists will be watching live performances at night. Therefore, there are some rooms where you cannot see the artists.
5. Going to bed
All the guests go to bed, all the lights go out, the music stops, and a pleasant darkness and silence surrounds the hotel.
*Sleep status is determined by counting Brain Sleep Coins.
6. Wake up and check out
Return the Brain Sleep coin at the front desk and check out. *The event program, venue production, and various services on the day are subject to change without notice.
[Image 2d57032-25-01641e8dbfc620828bb9-17.jpg&s3=57032-25-182f34acc6023885ecfbf372358e73b6-2400x1800.jpg
ZZZN live production image
[Image 3d57032-25-aed65f4c647c12d721e7-18.jpg&s3=57032-25-21918b6399d2e573d5a98466866068e7-3900x2603.jpg
Image of wearing Brain Sleep Coin
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Appearing artist information
[Image 5d57032-25-0d3bf9419bddaacff206-20.jpg&s3=57032-25-a1446c7f19e964efa0c0e96f1d70f366-2102x1500.jpg
Active as a HIP HOP artist since 1994. Activities range from performance as an MC to songwriting, music production, and graphic design.
In recent years, he has participated in songs such as Awesome City Club and s**t kingz as a guest performer. He also produces songs for lyrical school. In October 2022, he released a solo mini album for the first time in 10 years.
Japanese musician, producer, DJ and engineer. In addition to being a member of MONSTER RION, he has a wide range of activities such as video production. Since 2004, he has run his own label “PHOENIX PLAYERS” (Tokyo). Since 2018, he has been operating the yacht business and creative project “DPYC” (in the Setouchi area).
[Image 6d57032-25-b35b0ccd396d9fc4ea4a-27.jpg&s3=57032-25-37decddef115ff531554d2f10d249ff5-3900x2595.jpg
A singer-songwriter from Hyogo. A music style that incorporates elements of R&B/Soul based on a pure and delicate singing voice. Bandges extremity maiden in 2020. In addition to being selected as a vocalist for the official English ver. It is
In March 2022, he released his 1st EP “Time”, and although he was a newcomer, he was selected as a cover of Spotify’s playlist “Soul Music Japan”, and was already featured in many large playlists and attracted attention.
[Image 7d57032-25-2e77bbce7fac5d0808a3-22.jpg&s3=57032-25-0e44e03038f305c3357c1e55984353c6-3900x2600.jpg
Electronic musician, producer/DJ from Osaka. He is also the producer of the oden restaurant Sono Tori and the Japanese sweets shop Kantan Na Yume. A key person in the domestic and international electronic music scene in the 2010s. As a pop duo with Avec “Sugar’s Campaign”, he continues to provide cutting-edge music while going back and forth between the front and back stages. His unparalleled sense of familiarity always attracts attention from many quarters. In May 2021, he was selected as the first producer of Amazon Music’s new project “PRODUCERS”, and released a mini album “CAMP” featuring ACO, ASOBOiSM, BTB Special Effects, cero, KID FRESINO, LUVRAW, and Chinza DOPENESS. “Yoshiike Ryokan”, the best location for a good night’s sleep A long-established Yoshiike Ryokan in Hakone Yumoto that has been in business for 81 years. In the 10,000 tsubo pond pond garden
“Sangetsuen”, there is still a villa of the former Iwasaki family, a Mitsubishi conglomerate, which is a nationally registered tangible cultural property, and a tea room “Shinkouan” inherited from the 16th generation of the Tokugawa family. Saved. You can enjoy the best sleeping experience in a supremely spacious space that is both historically and scenically valuable.
[Image 8d57032-25-ce933a6131a34e7b0302-23.jpg&s3=57032-25-819c7ae7b5fa5f6b7effc70ebbbd4965-1880x1078.jpg
[Image 9d57032-25-4dd1f31ad505a1be9b25-24.jpg&s3=57032-25-cf1d7f3e5f597e32fe65a17a8f360d12-2023x936.jpg
▼Yoshiike Ryokan Official Website
What is sasayaki lullaby
Konel and Sony Music Japan International will whisper famous songs and hit songs such as overseas artists belonging to Sony Music Japan International, One Direction and The Chainsmokers on “World Sleep Day” on March 18, 2022. We rearranged it and created a cover sound source by remaking it as a sleeping song exclusively for going to bed. For five consecutive weeks, five remakes of famous songs have been released on various music distribution platforms, and on the Sony Music Western Music Official YouTube Channel, a playlist that allows you to fall asleep at any time, along with a music video that invites you to sleep comfortably.
[Image 10d57032-25-6ada8ca64312713d50ef-25.jpg&s3=57032-25-3d582b17095d0a39a02f160bdbdbb2b4-1440x821.jpg
▼ sasayaki lullaby site
▼ Sony Music Western Music Official YouTube Channel sasayaki lullaby playlist
▼ Linkfire
Background and purpose of the initiative
In 2022, the NTT East Group will launch “Sleep Network Hub “ZAKONE”,” a virtual community aimed at further developing the sleep market through co-creation by companies that want to enter the sleep market and companies that are already active in the sleep market. With the grand opening on September 3, we are working with participating companies to solve sleep problems.
“ZAKONE” has been working on the production of a nap video “Kare-Naru Nap” * 4 to improve creativity * 4, sleep improvement support * 5 for rugby players, and dissemination of information on sleep.
This time, as a new initiative of “ZAKONE”, “ZZZN (Suzuzun) – LISTEN AND SLEEP -” was launched in the hope that not only would you be interested in sleep, but also that you would like to experience a comfortable and high-quality sleep. We will do it.
Through this new “sleep experience,” we aim to provide those who have trouble sleeping on a daily basis with an opportunity to reconsider their daily sleep.
[Image 11d57032-25-31e5fe7892b4c157b93b-26.jpg&s3=57032-25-4bc3c1d69bf3054d4e556e6941169de5-930x207.jpg
[Image 12d57032-25-c902e934fcfaa7be0f52-28.jpg&s3=57032-25-532f28e5c12f170a12eb0c64ff8e5976-612x145.jpg
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
NTT DX Partner, Inc.
Sleep Tech Business Overview:
A business support business for companies and local governments from the perspective of “sleep” that provides sleep data collection and verification, product development utilization, and sleep quality diagnosis and improvement for corporate activities and people’s health promotion. is expanded to
Sleep Tech Business: Overview video:
[Image 13d57032-25-a4c4ad55c5dd7c69e5cd-29.jpg&s3=57032-25-089f0ef3a046f89935ffad8e12e2c361-1000x420.jpg
SleepNetworkHub “ZAKONE” is a virtual community where various companies jointly create new businesses, develop services, and plan events that contribute to improving sleep in order to solve sleep problems in Japan.
Official site:
About Konel
[Image 14d57032-25-e2ebe769278b1158f80b-30.jpg&s3=57032-25-90528fc0395350ca5b8f5dd3c8dda26b-1920x542.jpg
Konel is a collective of over 30 creators/artists with the theme of “delusions and realizations”. We promote projects that span art production, research and development, and brand design, with the culture of crossing the borders of skills. Centering on Nihonbashi, Shimokitazawa, and Kanazawa, we continue to implement futuristic experiences with a mix of diverse races. In the group’s intellectual property encyclopedia, we are working on co-creation with companies by disseminating the application of advanced technology. Major works include Brain Wave Purchase Center BWTC (2022), Yuragikabe – TOU (KYOTO STEAM 2020 International Art Competition Startup Exhibition) co-created at Panasonic’s joint research and development organization Aug Lab, Food “Cyber ​​Wagashi” (Media Ambition Tokyo 2020)
co-produced with the tech project OPEN MEALS.
Official site:
Representative: Mitsuyo Demura
Address: 6-14 Nihonbashi Yokoyama-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Nihonbashi Underground Experiment Station
Established: October 2011
Capital: 9.5 million yen
(*1) Research by ZAKONE. As a result of searching for
accommodation-type live events specializing in sleep in Japan, there are no matches, so it is described as the first initiative in Japan. (*2) The Sleep Health Promotion Organization and the Japanese Society of Sleep Research designated March 18 as Spring Day, and the World Association of Sleep Medicine designated the third Friday of March (March 2023). 17th) is designated as “World Sleep Day”, and
educational activities related to sleep are recommended.
(*3) Using “sasayaki lullaby”, the effects of music on sleep were verified in collaboration with NTT East and Brain Sleep Co., Ltd., which specializes in the science of the brain and sleep.
(*4) The community “ZAKONE”, which aims to solve sleep problems through corporate co-creation, has released a nap video “Kare-Naru Nap” that improves creativity-The first ZAKONE project! Promoting innovation through corporate co-creation
(*5) As part of “Project: Sports X”, we started verifying sleep improvement support for rugby players using the sleep measurement device “Brain Sleep Coin”
Inquiries regarding this matter
Konel actively participates in projects that explore future possibilities. For inquiries about collaborations and coverage, please contact us at this address.
Details about this release:


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