Continued global inflation of Apple products. New MacBook price hike

Continued global inflation of Apple products. New MacBook price hike
Nukeni, which publishes international price comparisons of gadgets, investigated the launch prices of the new notebook PC, MacBook Pro, announced by Apple on January 17, 2023, on each country’s Apple website.
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Survey outline
・Research agency: In-house research
・Survey target: Countries where Apple sells directly online. 37 countries in total.
・Research method: Prices were obtained from Apple websites in each country. ・Survey date: January 18, 2023
Investigation result
The price survey found that the new MacBook Pro saw price increases in 27 out of 37 countries, confirming the continued global inflation of Apple products since the iPhone 14.
The chart below is the result of comparing the price of the entry model of the old and new 14-inch MacBook Pro. Prices rose in 27 countries and remained the same in 7 countries, including the United States. Price cuts were implemented in Singapore, Mexico and Brazil. *Prices are in local currency.
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In the survey at the time of the iPad 10 launch on October 26, 2022, price increases were implemented in all countries.
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According to the iPhone 14 launch survey on September 16, 2022, 29 out of 37 countries have raised prices.
[Image 4d53691-7-257a731fd25bde29e267-3.png&s3=53691-7-3bdffd38c39df8a2d584f3034f875662-1280x670.png
In a survey at the time of the iPhone 13 launch on September 24, 2021, many countries maintained the price or lowered the price. Prices were raised only in three countries, including Japan.
[Image 5d53691-7-453a91edb3f21a9cb96d-4.png&s3=53691-7-562728089a4bd2e02f650e90ffa188ac-1280x670.png
Click here for the results of the top 11 countries and the bottom 10 countries where the new MacBook Pro 14-inch is cheap. See the Nukeni website for full rankings with all countries.
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* Converted to yen at the exchange rate as of 00:00 on January 19, 2023. Since the tax rate differs depending on the place of purchase in the United States and Canada, two prices are shown for purchases in the lowest tax rate region and the highest tax rate region.

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