COSMO Started supply and sales of domestic biodiesel “Cosmo CF-5”

Started supply and sales of domestic biodiesel “Cosmo CF-5”
Full introduction of contracted tank trucks for delivery from the Sakai Refinery to the Kinki area

Cosmo Oil Marketing Co., Ltd. (President: Koji Moriyama, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), a group company of Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroshi Kiriyama), will start oil sales in the Kinki area from mid-January 2023. We have completely switched the fuel for driving the exclusive contracted tank trucks that transport products to fuel derived from renewable resources that has the effect of reducing greenhouse gases (GHG).
This renewable resource-derived fuel is produced and processed by Revo International Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Tetsuya Koshikawa, hereinafter referred to as “Revo International”) by procuring and manufacturing waste cooking oil in Japan. : Yasuhiro Suzuki) is a mixture of 5% “C-FUEL”*1, which Revo International has a track record of ensuring and supplying stable quality through its many years of know-how and proprietary technology. . At the same time as it can reduce CO2 emissions compared to conventional light oil, it also clears the compulsory standards for light oil under the Act on Quality Assurance of Gasoline, etc. (Quality Assurance Law). Not only Revo International but also our company worked together to guarantee the quality for customers, and started supplying as a new product “Cosmo CF-5”.
First of all, we will work to reduce CO2 by continuously using about 50 tank trucks that are in charge of transporting petroleum products from the Sakai Refinery of Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. to the Kinki area and work vehicles on the premises of the Sakai Refinery. The reduction effect is about 159 tons per year). In the future, we are also considering sales to customers in the transportation industry, etc., who have management issues toward decarbonization, and in the future, we are also exploring the construction of a fuel sales scheme that adds CO2 emission reduction value. I will come.
This business aims to contribute to the realization of a
recycling-oriented decarbonized society in the future through the spread of domestically produced biofuels by combining our sales and logistics functions and networks with Revo International’s know-how, proprietary technology, and raw material procurement network. It will be an effort.
Exclusively contracted tanker truck that newly introduced Cosmo CF-5 as self-consumption fuel (Photographed by our company’s Sakai Refinery)
*1 About “C-FUEL”
Biodiesel fuel 100% recycled from used cooking oil. Light oil alternative fuel refined by adding methanol to vegetable oil and removing glycerin through a chemical reaction (transesterification) Details about this release:


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