cotree Co., Ltd. Co-startup Space & Community FUSE and cotree collaborate to provide mental care through online counseling

Cotree Co., Ltd.
Co-startup Space & Community FUSE and cotree collaborate to provide mental care through online counseling
Offered at a discounted price as a welfare benefit to members of the community space “FUSE”

Cotree Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keiko Nishioka, hereinafter cotree), which develops online counseling and coaching “cotree”, is an innovation base “Co-startup Space & Community FUSE” in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. We are pleased to inform you that we have started cooperation from January 15, 2023 (Sunday).
Through this collaboration, all users of “FUSE” can enjoy online counseling at “cotree”, which has more than 220 experts who have passed strict screening, at a discounted price as a welfare program, anytime, anywhere. Available at
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According to a recent survey*1, it is estimated that 37% of Japanese entrepreneurs meet the diagnostic criteria for mood and anxiety disorders, which is about seven times higher than that of
non-entrepreneurs. In addition, according to an overseas survey*2, 72% of entrepreneurs have mental health issues such as ADHD, alcohol/drug dependence, bipolar, depression, and anxiety. He said he had mental health issues at one time.
*1: Zero Base Co., Ltd. “Mental Health Survey Report for
Entrepreneurs” August 2017
*2: Based on a survey of 242 entrepreneurs conducted by UC Berkeley. “Are Entrepreneurs ‘Touched with Fire’”? (Freeman et al. 2015) Create an environment where entrepreneurs and business owners who continue to take on challenges while placed in an unstable environment can receive mental health support, and support a mechanism that allows them to naturally stay within a safety net before problems become apparent. is an important social issue.
Against this background, FUSE, a community space for entrepreneurs and business owners, has established this partnership so that mental health services can be used easily as part of support for
entrepreneurs and business owners. I came to
In counseling, a counselor who is a mental expert will support you to solve your anxiety and worries. I would appreciate it if you could use online counseling for as many people as possible.
Cotree will continue to be an infrastructure for mental health care and aim to create a society that connects with kindness.

Benefits from cooperation
FUSE members will receive a discount of 2,200 yen (tax included) off the first online counseling fee by applying via a special code that will be announced on member-only SNS.

What is online counseling “cotree”?
Japan’s largest online counseling service “cotree”
Two types of online counseling are available: “speaking counseling” in video/call format, or “writing counseling” in message format. More than 140 people registered as “clinical psychologists” or “authorized psychologists”, which are highly specialized among psychological qualifications, boasting the largest number of registrations* in Japan. Only those who have passed the examination are registered, so you can consult with confidence.
* Comparing the number of public counselors in domestic counseling services (as of February 2022, in-house research)
“Talking Counseling” (video/telephone counseling service)
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An online counseling service that uses the online meeting app “Zoom” to connect clinical psychologists and career counselors who have passed a rigorous screening and people who have problems in video and call formats. The normal cost is from 5,500 yen (tax included) per 45 minutes. Through dialogue with a counselor, you can face yourself. Regardless of time or place, you can consult with a counselor who can respond even when you want to talk immediately.
“Writing Counseling” (Message Counseling Service)
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It is a “writing” counseling that allows you to consult with your exclusive partner (counselor) in a one-on-one message format. You can send as many messages as you like within the cotree system during the period, and you will receive a reply from the counselor within 24 hours. The normal cost is 8,800 yen (tax included) for two weeks. You can choose your words slowly and at your own pace to convey your worries and feelings, so it is recommended for those who want to proceed with counseling while organizing themselves to some extent, or for those who are not good at “talking”. am.

“cotree assessment coaching” (coaching service for individuals) [Image 4

This is an individual coaching service that uses the online meeting app “Zoom” to connect with a coach to set specific goals and action plans. You can objectively understand your personality and strengths through personality traits diagnosis and approach your goals in a way that suits you.
Coaching service for individuals “cotree assessment coaching”

“Plan for corporations, public organizations, and universities” to support employees and students is now available
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We provide a “Plan for Corporations/Organizations” and a “Plan for Universities” to support the mental care of employees and students, with corporations, organizations, and universities bearing the cost of using the online counseling service “cotree”. Since there is no initial cost and invoices are issued based on the number of times the service is used, it can be introduced at a low cost.
In the “Corporate / Group Plan”, you can freely use counseling as a welfare program for employees, and you can encourage people who are worried about mental disorders to use it. We also have a track record for “university plans” that can be used as “student online
consultation desks” such as support for students who cannot be cared for at the university’s student support room, and for public organizations such as local governments all over the country. Employees and students themselves can make reservations and
consultations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so there is no need for prior coordination on the part of the corporation or university. In addition, we also offer a “mental health training service” that supports the creation of a foundation for care to prevent mental health problems in the workplace. Under the supervision of
psychiatrists and clinical psychologists, we provide joint training or self-training (e-learning) with content optimized for managers and employees.
If you are a corporation, public organization, or university that wants to support the mental health care of your employees and students, please contact us from the page below.
Plans for corporations and groups
University plan
Mental health care training service for corporations

About Co-startup Space & Community FUSE
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Entrepreneurs and business owners, new business development teams, in-house entrepreneurs and second founders, FUSE was created for anyone looking to start a business.
The facilities, environment, and community necessary for all those who make things to take shape while repeating trial and error.
FUSE is a “place” where all of these things come together and fuse together. 【Facility information】
Co-startup Space & Community FUSE
Location: 100-1 Kajicho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture Zaza City Hamamatsu Central Building B1F

About cotree Inc.
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Cotree Co., Ltd. has a corporate philosophy of “creating a society that connects with kindness” and aims to create a mental health care infrastructure. We are expanding our services.
【Company Profile】
Representative: Keiko Nishioka, Representative Director
Location: Kant. co-office 507, 5th floor, 4-8-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: May 14, 2014
Capital: 22,500,000 yen
[Management service]
Cotree, an online counseling service for individuals
Coaching service for individuals “cotree assessment coaching”
Online counseling service for corporations and organizations “cotree Corporations and Organizations Plan”
Online counseling service for universities “cotree plan for universities”
Mental health care training service for corporations

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