Creator’s Match “Regional Design Factory Kagoshima” Completed a creative work that encourages “revitalization of housing complexes”!

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“Regional Design Factory Kagoshima” Completed a creative work that encourages “revitalization of housing complexes”!
Rethink Creator PROJECT, Kagoshima City x Local Creators to Solve Regional Issues

“Rethink Creator PROJECT” sponsored by Creators Match Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kyoju Kure, hereinafter “Creators Match”), which proposes new ways of working for creators through the development of professional human resources. ” was created in collaboration with local creators at the “Regional Design Factory Kagoshima” in the same project to solve the regional issues faced by Kagoshima City.
“Rethink Creator PROJECT” is a project to create “people who can think from a different perspective (Rethink) – give form to ideas (Creative) – can communicate (Rethink Creator)”. The “Regional Design Factory” will be a place for the actual battle, together with creators who have a “love for their hometown” and “feelings for regional revitalization” who have participated in the seminars and contests held by this project. It is an initiative that aims to solve local problems with the power of creativity. The created works will be provided to local governments and used to solve local issues!
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■The theme of Kagoshima City is “revitalization of housing complexes”! The completed work will be shown at the presentation ceremony on January 23rd!
The theme of “Regional Design Factory Kagoshima” is “recruitment of residents and businesses working to revitalize housing complexes” in Kagoshima City. In order to revitalize residential complexes, which are facing a marked aging and population decline, Kagoshima City has started to support community-led community development activities by holding opinion exchanges and workshops at each complex. We would like to make it widely known to the public. In response to this issue, creators living in Kagoshima City and Kagoshima Prefecture who want to liven up their hometowns play a central role. While doing so, we completed a poster that encourages “revitalization of housing complexes”.
On January 23rd, as a reflection of this initiative, a presentation ceremony will be held from the participating creators to Kagoshima City to showcase their works and production intentions.
■ Details of the presentation ceremony
・ Date and time: January 23, 2020 (Monday) 11:00 to 11:30
・Venue: Kagoshima City Hall Main Building 2F Special Conference Room ・ Contents: Review of this initiative, announcement of production intention, presentation of work to Kagoshima City, etc.
(*This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change.)
■ Finished work
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Title: Apartment sommelier
[Image 3

Title: Treasure Hunt
■ About Rethink Creator PROJECT
“Rethink Creator PROJECT” is a curriculum provided by Creators Match Co., Ltd. to create human resources (Rethink Creators) who can change their perspectives (Rethink), give shape to ideas (Creative), and communicate. It’s a “go” project. We aim to realize regional revitalization through “local production for local consumption by creators,” in which Rethink Creators are created in various parts of Japan and the problems of each region are solved by local Rethink Creators as resources for local industries. The idea of ​​”Rethink Creator PROJECT” is the embodiment of “Rethink PROJECT”, and we will continue to work on it in 2022 with the sympathy of that idea. Rethink Creator PROJECT Website: ■ About Rethink PROJECT
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“Rethink PROJECT” is a general term for JT’s contribution activities to local communities based on partnerships. Based on the keyword “Rethink = thinking about things from a different point of view,” this is a project that faces social issues in order to create a “new tomorrow” together with our partners by making use of new perspectives and ways of thinking. For project details, please visit the official online page below.
Rethink PROJECT website:
[Creators Match Co., Ltd.]
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