“CROWD ROASTER SHOP” is pre-opening! Started selling original goods

Solflare Co., Ltd.
“CROWD ROASTER SHOP” is pre-opening! Started selling original goods “CROWD ROASTER” app, CROWD ROASTER original goods that were very popular at SCAJ2022 are now on sale

Solflair Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Jiro Sekiba) has pre-opened the SHOP function on the cutting-edge platform “CROWD ROASTER” app that allows you to experience a new coffee experience. [Image 1d75781-57-a8b86da8c204fab004f4-0.jpg&s3=75781-57-fa07e472830729a69aa44709fe019ce1-1280x430.jpg
Original goods that were exhibited in advance at the CROWD ROASTER booth of last fall’s Asia’s largest specialty coffee event “SCAJ2022” and were so well received that visitors asked “I want it!”
Sales have finally started at the CROWD ROASTER app SHOP.
[Image 2d75781-57-0b723070c4e2eb52e681-1.jpg&s3=75781-57-b24551159422ce12831aeab915a491b9-688x448.jpg
The full-scale opening is scheduled for February, but prior to the pre-opening, CROWD ROASTER original goods will be on sale.
The “Personal Filter”, a special extraction filter for taking a cup, and the “Color Bar T-shirt”, which was inspired by the home screen of the app, were very popular in the pre-distribution.
The “Logo Mug Cup (Black)” is a black mug with a sour matte texture, and each logo is painted by hand and baked, and the subtle individual differences are also attractive.
In addition, “Roast Icon Mug” (8 types in total), a white mug with a vivid roasting degree icon displayed in the app, and a thick, easy-to-use coaster “Logo Coaster” with an uneven logo mark. Such. We also have great value set products, so please take a look. Please purchase from the “SHOP” bar on the left side of the app home screen. In the future, CROWD ROASTER SHOP will offer various products that you who love coffee will want, such as brewing equipment for making delicious coffee, grinders that are highly acclaimed worldwide, and full-fledged roasting machines. will be sold.
In addition, at this CROWD ROASTER SHOP, we are planning to sell special roasted beans that you can drink right away, like the lucky bag that was very popular the other day.
Please look forward to it!
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