Crowdfunding 688% achieved A new sweets brand “Vanillage” using real vanilla is born.

Wakao Confectionery Co., Ltd.
[Crowdfunding 688% achieved] A new sweets brand “Vanillage” using real vanilla is born.
New sweets including the popular catalana are now on sale at the Wayu Wakao confectionery online store.

Wakao Confectionery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture, President: Tatsuya Wakao, hereinafter referred to as Wakao Confectionery) is a sweets brand “Vanillaju” that “enjoys the most vanilly” using real vanilla beans from Madagascar. to start selling. We have a variety of sweets where you can enjoy the scent of vanilla.
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[What is Vanillage]
Vanilla is a flavor that everyone has been familiar with since childhood. Even with such a familiar material, there are probably few people who actually know the real scent. Real vanilla beans are actually an expensive and valuable material that is said to be more expensive than silver. *1
We created sweets that “enjoy the most vanilly” that make use of real “vanilla”, sticking to ingredients that existed naturally but were not dared to focus on.
*1: Refers to the vanilla beans used in this product.
Product line-up
[Diaman Banille]
Diamant means “diamond” in French. The name comes from the sparkling sugar around the cookie. We use 100% fermented butter from France and are particular about the formulation that maximizes the scent of Bourbon vanilla. The 12-pack comes in a tin with an impressive hummingbird, and is recommended as a gift.
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4 pieces ¥486 (tax included) / 12 pieces ¥1,782 (tax included) [Cacao Banille]
A richer cookie that adds the aroma and texture of chocolate chips and cacao nibs to Diamant Bunille. The ancient Aztecs flavored their cacao beverages with vanilla, which then spread to Europe and evolved into chocolate. Vanilla and chocolate are commonplace nowadays, but we thought of these two historic scents and created delicious cookies that are loved by people of all ages, from children to adults. [Image 3

4 pieces ¥518 (tax included) / 12 pieces ¥1,890 (tax included) [Vanilla Financier]
A financier that allows you to fully enjoy the scent of Bourbon vanilla with a simple formula. We have combined fragrant almond poodle, high-quality fermented butter from France, and milk from Hokkaido to create a highly satisfying baked confectionery. The moment you put it in your mouth, the sweet scent of vanilla spreads out, making it the perfect snack for tea time.
[Image 4

2 pieces ¥497 (tax included) / 8 pieces ¥1,836 (tax included)

[Rico Catalana (Bourbon Vanilla)]
Rico is a Spanish word that means “rich taste”. Using pure fresh cream and milk from Hokkaido, we deliver smooth catalana that melts in your mouth one by one. While paying attention to the temperature, Bourbon vanilla vanilla beans are boiled and flavored, and Hokkaido pure fresh cream is blended with 42% and 35% milk fat. I try not to make the afterglow after eating too heavy while giving it a richness. [Image 5

1 piece ¥1,890 (tax included)
“Rico Catalana” achieved 688% on the crowdfunding site “Makuake” [Image 6

In the crowdfunding held from July 4th to September 6th, 2022, the target amount was 300,000 yen, but 688%, 2,060,000 yen, was achieved! * “Rico Catalana (Tahiti Vanilla) is sold exclusively at Makuake” Click here for the crowdfunding site

vanilla beans used in vanillage
[Image 7

-Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar-
It was produced in the region including the countries around Madagascar, and the current Reunion Island (French overseas
department) was called the “Bourbon Islands”, so it got its name. The Bourbon vanilla used in Vanillage is AMPIANA VANILLA, which is organically certified in the United States and cultivated with the power of nature without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The finest grade A vanilla beans with a length of 16 cm or more deliver a sweet scent that can be said to be the royal road of vanilla.
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Part of the sales will be donated to a specified non-profit
organization, World Vision Japan.
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So far, a portion of the sales of Wakao Seika’s products and the sales of group company G-Spread Co., Ltd. have been used to build schools for children in Asia and Africa through World Vision Japan, a specified non-profit organization. donated as funds. So far, five schools have been built in developing countries: Myanmar, Bangladesh, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. A portion of the sales of “Vanillage” will also be donated to World Vision Japan, a specified non-profit organization, as an educational support fund for children in Asia and Africa.
OPEN commemorative campaign held
[1] During the period, free shipping for purchases of ¥ 3,000 (tax included) or more on eligible products.
  Target products: Vanillage (normal temperature product), Tandooru Double Chocolat Baum
[2] “OPEN Commemorative Special Set” that allows you to purchase 3 vanillage products at a great price.
Contents of the set: Diamant Banille 12 pieces, Cacao Banille 12 pieces, Vanilla Financier 2 pieces
Limited to 100 sets
¥4,169 (tax included) → ¥3,564 (tax included) free shipping! Period: January 16 (Mon) to February 5 (Sun)
Vanillage brand site ▶
Wayu Wakaoseika online store ▶ ◆Company profile
Company profile Trade name: Wakao Confectionery Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Tatsuya Wakao
Location: 1-7 Ajisaigaoka, Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture 505-0029 TEL: 080-8835-5207 (Inquiries) TEL: 0574-25-3239 (Representative) URL:
[About Wakao Confectionery Co., Ltd.]
Established in 1968. Half a century after its founding, based on the management philosophy of “Wa Yu Sozo”, in Minokamo, Gifu Prefecture, OEM of Western confectionery, manufacturing of tourist souvenirs, and development of own brands. We deliver sweets of healing and kindness all over the country. Opened an online store in October 2020 while the tourist souvenir market was hit by the corona wreck.

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