Cuore Co., Ltd. Latest in 2023 I want someday… Introducing the longed-for brand bag ranking by generation!

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[Latest in 2023] Someday I want… Introducing the yearning brand bag ranking by generation!

Uriel, a purchase specialty store operated by Cuore Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Obu City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Yasushi Takemoto, URL:, conducted a questionnaire survey about longing brand bags. bottom.
[Table 5: ]

Luxury brand bags with sophisticated designs and good quality. While imagining yourself holding a brand bag, there are probably many people who yearn for it.
Therefore, Uriel, a purchase specialty store, conducted a
questionnaire survey of 300 ordinary people about “longing brand bags”.
Brand bag ranking that people in their 20s admire
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(N=80 people, multiple answers. Based on an internet survey conducted from January 6, 2023 to January 20, 2023)
Among brand bags that people in their twenties admire, Louis Vuitton received 32 votes, Hermes received 25 votes, and GUCCI, PRADA, and CELINE received 22 votes. A vote and a follow-up result.
Let’s take a look at the top three answers.
1st place: Louis Vuitton
・Because it is famous and has good quality. I admire celebrities because they often use them. (male)
・You can tell the brand just by looking at it (female)


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