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DAC-NOTE Co., Ltd. DAC-NOTE Co., Ltd., G-CHALLENGE Fund (Globis) and other individual investors have raised 14 million yen in angel rounds and pre-seed rounds.

DAC-NOTE Co., Ltd.
DAC-NOTE Co., Ltd., G-CHALLENGE Fund (Globis) and other individual investors raised 14 million yen in angel round and pre-seed round. With the vision of “zero people from all over the world who are unhappy due to infrastructure accidents”, we have developed a “tablet CAD application that can be used in the field” that is close to the front lines of the field.

DAC-NOTE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Subaru Okabe Masayuki) is pleased to announce that it has raised a total of 14 million yen from the G-CHALLENGE Fund (*1) and multiple individual investors through the issuance of J-KISS stock acquisition rights. We will use the funds from this procurement to accelerate product development for the April 2023 release.
Based on CEO Okabe’s experience at the infrastructure inspection site, he emphasizes “development of services that are close to the front line of inspection sites”, and in the future, including tablet CAD applications, cloud management of inspection records, accurate inspection of inspectors We aim to be a comprehensive platform for infrastructure inspections, equipped with functions such as location information grasping, cooperation with drone inspection records, and deterioration prediction of various infrastructures.
(*1) The G-CHALLENGE Fund is an investment program for the winners of the business plan contest sponsored by the GLOBIS University School of Management, formed by the GLOBIS University School of Management and GLOBIS Co., Ltd.
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History of “DAC-NOTE” development
In the construction industry, there is an urgent need to deal with repair work due to the rapid deterioration of infrastructure facilities such as bridges and tunnels that were built during the period of high economic growth. On the other hand, there are many problems such as an aging workforce, a shortage of workers, and a harsh working environment.
In December 2012, nine people died in the Sasago Tunnel ceiling plate collapse accident.
It became clear that one of the causes of this accident was inadequate regular inspections by inspection companies, and we realized that infrastructure inspections play a very important role in ensuring a safe and comfortable daily life. I re-recognized.
In today’s industry, in order to solve the gap between the ever increasing demand for infrastructure inspections and labor shortages, it is becoming an urgent task to “improve the efficiency of current inspection operations while achieving high inspection quality.” Under such circumstances, the idea of ​​”DAC-NOTE” was born from the desire of CEO Okabe himself to solve the problem that was the biggest burden on the site.
That is the problem of “transferring what was recorded on paper at the inspection site to CAD software after the site”. “I want to do something about this double work that has become commonplace in the industry,” I was determined to develop the tablet CAD application “DAC-NOTE.”

Three features that make “DAC-NOTE” a CAD application that can be used on site Several construction tech services are currently being deployed, but there are problems such as the operation being complicated when actually using it at the forefront of infrastructure inspection sites, and the inability to write directly to CAD on site. In order to solve these problems, “DAC-NOTE” is developing with a focus on “services that are close to the front line of inspection sites” above all. 1 Simple operation screen
On the screen, only the minimum necessary functions to be used at the inspection site, and only the functions that are common to any client’s work are installed. Since it can be operated intuitively on a simple screen, anyone can easily operate it without any explanatory materials.
2 Feels like writing on paper
By using a touch pen, you can write inspection records smoothly as if you were writing on paper.
3 Enables writing to CAD data and data sharing
You can write directly to the CAD data displayed on the tablet. Since the written records can be reflected in the CAD data on the PC via the Internet, it is possible to eliminate the double work of recording on paper at the site and transferring it to CAD after the site. *If you are interested in the DAC-NOTE app/service, please enter your name, etc. from the link below. We will send you more detailed information. (
* You can download the service introduction pamphlet from here. ( [Image 2

(* DAC-NOTE screen image: CAD is displayed on a tablet and information such as cracks is recorded)
[Image 3

(* Image of using DAC-NOTE at a bridge inspection site)

Underwriter this time
● Mr. Tomoya Nakano, CEO of i-plug Inc.
Mr. Sennosuke Fujisawa, President and CEO of Peaceful Morning Co., Ltd. ● Hike Ventures General Partner Mr. Mikihiro Yasuda
Mr. Shoichi Imai, CEO, ICV Consulting Co., Ltd.
Comments from each investor
G-CHALLENGE 2021 Chief Judge Mr. Satoshi Hirose, Dean of the GLOBIS Graduate School of Management (English program)
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Mr. Masayuki Okabe, the representative of DAC-NOTE, has experience working at maintenance sites of public infrastructure facilities, and has a strong awareness of the current situation of deterioration of public infrastructure in Japan. The plan has been honed. Many GLOBIS MBA students cooperate in the process of business plan creation and team building. We are also grateful to Tomoya Nakano, the
representative of i-plug, who graduated from GLOBIS Graduate School of Management in 2012, for his support as an angel investor. We at GLOBIS University will continue to support entrepreneurs who aim to create businesses and transform society.
■ Mr. Tomoya Nakano, CEO of i-plug Inc.
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Mr. Okabe met at the Entrepreneur Club (GEC) of the Globis Graduate School of Management. I felt that they have a strong desire to do something about the deterioration of public infrastructure in Japan and the strength to immediately take action. In Japan, where the population continues to decline, I believe that public infrastructure issues will continue to grow. I think there are many things that can be solved with the technological power and action of a startup. As a graduate of the same GLOBIS Graduate School of Management, I would like to work hard and grow as a creative patriot. We sincerely cheer.

Mr. Sennosuke Fujisawa, President of Peaceful Morning Co., Ltd. [Image 6

In Japan alone, more than 100,000 infrastructure facilities such as bridges and dams are inspected annually, and I heard that the chronic labor shortage is an industry issue. Mr. Okabe, who is an insider in the industry and a visionary founder, could create a good team and solve major social issues. I made the investment with the thought that I would like to support you from the bottom of my heart. I am happy to be in the same boat with you.

■Hike Ventures General Partner Mr. Mikihiro Yasuda
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Using technology is a shortcut to maintaining aging social
infrastructure with a limited budget and labor force, but it is extremely difficult to develop solutions that can be used on a daily basis by people engaged in on-site inspection work. It’s a trick. DAC-NOTE develops solutions that condense the field know-how that Mr. Okabe has cultivated over many years, and is a startup that can fill the gap between the field and technology in a short period of time. In the future, we look forward to the utilization of accumulated maintenance data and global expansion.

Mr. Shoichi Imai, Representative Director, ICV Consulting Co., Ltd. [Image 8

DAC-NOTE Co., Ltd.’s VISION and ambition is to “reduce the number of people from all over the world who are unhappy due to infrastructure accidents.” I feel that it is very closely related to our lives. On a regular basis, we go through tunnels, cross bridges, and sometimes run at speeds of 100 kilometers per hour on highway overpasses that are dozens of meters above the ground. It is only with “perfect” maintenance that they can be safely transported. We are confident that DAC-NOTE’s services complement this “perfection” with advanced technology and information. I support DAC-NOTE, which utilizes this technology and information to ensure “perfect” safety.

DAC-NOTE Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO Subaru Okabe Masayuki [Image 9

Before starting my own business, I worked at Tokusho Gijutsu Co., Ltd. for about eight years at the forefront of infrastructure inspections. From that experience, I believe that digital tools that are really easy to use in the field must have an intuitive analog feel! In this way, we aim to widely develop tools that are close to the user’s position, and to please many people on the front lines of the field. On the other hand, I myself am still in a position to study at the GLOBIS Graduate School of Management, and I am proceeding with various considerations regarding the optimal use of data due to the
introduction of digital technology into the front lines of the field. We want to contribute to solving problems in the infrastructure field in Japan and around the world by utilizing the power of data utilization from both perspectives, that is, the needs of the front line of the field. With this aspiration, we will continue to move forward every day.

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Contact information
DAC-NOTE Co., Ltd. Public Relations Yukari Shiratori
TEL: 070-5362-0635 (representative)

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