Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and JR East Cross Station Open a showroom store “&found” where you can experience “everyday life half a step ahead” at JR Tokyo Station

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and JR East Cross Station Open a showroom store “&found” where you can experience “everyday life half a step ahead” at JR Tokyo Station
The second demonstration experiment started on February 10 with the theme of “well-being food”

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has collaborated with JR East Cross Station Development Company Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JR-Cross) to offer new shopping styles and product experiences at GRANSTA TOKYO inside JR Tokyo Station. The showrooming store “&found” will open from February 10 (Friday) to March 3 (Friday).
Both companies are conducting a demonstration experiment of a “next-generation store” that enhances consumer experience value (CX: Customer Experience) and satisfaction in July 2022 at Ecute Ueno in JR Ueno Station. With the theme of “well-being food”, we will provide customers with “everyday experiences that are half a step ahead”. [Image 1

Appearance image of “&found”, which is conducting a demonstration experiment at JR Tokyo Station
[Aim and overview of the second demonstration experiment]
In recent years, the distribution, retail, and manufacturing industries have changed from conventional stores that mainly sell products, to the following: We are focusing on efforts to transform our stores into generational stores. In response to this situation, DNP and JR-Cross have combined the “strength of the station” as a real place and the technology and know-how of “Store DX (Digital
Transformation)”*1 that supports new shopping experiences provided by DNP. We are promoting a demonstration experiment * 2 of the showroom store “&found” in the station (inside the station). “&found” is based on the concept of “you can experience ‘everyday life half a step ahead’ in your spare time, and take it home.” In addition, you can see, touch, try, and take home items that allow you to experience “everyday life half a step ahead” collected from many companies. In this demonstration experiment, we will expand the area of ​​experience value by utilizing booths where various customers such as tourists and office workers can sample and sample drinks in the store, which is a feature of Tokyo Station. In addition, we have devised various ways to spend time in ekinaka, and through interviews with customers about the products that will be opened in this store, we will acquire deeper impressions, opinions, and requests, I will give feedback.
〇 Demonstration period: February 10 (Friday) to March 3 (Friday), 2023 10:00 to 21:00 *Times are subject to change.
〇 Location: JR East Tokyo Station premises 1st floor Gransta Tokyo “POP UP GRANSTA RED” (inside the ticket gate)
[About the features of “&found” with the theme of “Well-being food”] 1. Through food tasting and tasting, you can experience the products and services of companies with the theme of “well-being” food. In addition to exhibitors demonstrating new services, visitors will be able to taste and taste the actual products. Some of the products can be taken home, so you can enjoy them while traveling by Shinkansen or at home. About 30 products from each company, such as beverages, processed foods, and seasonings, are displayed in the store. urge. [Image 2

2. Data conversion of real “voices” of customers obtained through tastings Specialized staff who are experienced in showrooming store customer service will explain products and services, arouse the interest of customers, and acquire qualitative impressions, opinions, requests, etc. about the store products. . We conduct interviews while serving customers in the eat-in space in the store where you can try and taste the products, and the natural conversation at that time is acquired as voice data through the staff’s microphone and converted into text. This information will be statistically processed so that individuals cannot be identified, and will only be used for corporate marketing activities. We analyze latent purchase desires (insights) from these real voices (data), visualize them as marketing data, provide feedback to the companies that open stores, and use them to improve products and services and enhance sales pitches.
3. Verification of characteristics of purchasing behavior at real stores by showrooming stores
We will verify the characteristics of purchasing behavior through showrooming stores, such as the number of accesses to the e-commerce site of the company’s products and services, and the purchase status of products in the commercial facility of the station. We will also examine the possibility of “marriage proposals” that combine products of companies that have opened stores with the theme of “well-being food” and introduce them to consumers.
[The main roles of both companies in this demonstration experiment] 〇DNP: Collection and analysis of data such as customer voice and behavior, store space design, training and dispatch of dedicated staff 〇JR-Cross: Operation of stores, invitation of companies to open stores in stores, merchandising
【the next deployment】
DNP and JR-Cross will work on commercialization in the future by utilizing the results of the limited-time demonstration experiment of “&found” at JR Tokyo Station.
*1 DNP’s next-generation store development:
https://www.dnp.co.jp/biz/solution/products/detail/10160882_1567.html *2 &found 1st demonstration store (Ecute Ueno):
*Company names and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
* The product specifications and service contents described are current as of the date of announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.
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