Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store Support Kyushu Chocolate! We interviewed 4 chocolatiers who are currently attracting attention!

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
[Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store] Support Kyushu Chocolate! We
interviewed 4 chocolatiers who are currently attracting attention! ■ Venue: Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store Main Building 8th Floor Exhibition Period: January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday) *Until 5:00 p.m. on the final day

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“Ale to chocolatiers who are active in their hometown and Kyushu” This Valentine’s Day, we will support “Chocolatiere” who is active in Kyushu. We will introduce some truly delicious Kyushu chocolates that buyers have found out by focusing on young chocolatiers from brands that are familiar in Kyushu and new Kyushu chocolatiers that have not yet been sold at department stores. At Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin store’s 2023 Valentine’s event “Kyushu Chocolate Deep Discovery”, about half of the brands that will open are sweets brands from Kyushu. At the venue, there will be chocolates made with ingredients from Kyushu, as well as carefully selected chocolates that are filled with the desire of Chocolatier, who wants locals to have a fun Valentine’s Day. This time, we interviewed four chocolatieres who are attracting attention of buyers about their thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Please pay attention to Chocolatiere’s passion for chocolate and the carefully finished works one by one.
The beginning of Hakata’s chocolate A young chocolatier with high expectations at a chocolate shop
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A “chocolate shop” that drives the Fukuoka chocolate world and everyone in Fukuoka knows about it. We would like to introduce Valentine’s limited chocolate devised by Ms. Nana Minegishi, the first chocolate shop with a history of 80 years.
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▲Chocolatier Nana Minegishi
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▲ (Right) Valentine’s chocolate box (4 kinds of bonbon chocolates, 2 amando pistaches) 2,800 yen including tax, (left) Box of 10 orange jets 1,890 yen including tax
Q1: What made you want to become a chocolatier?
I didn’t have a single trigger, but I liked chocolate shops since I was little, so before I knew it, I was here.
Q2: What is my favorite chocolate shop product?
When I ate Hakata Roche for the first time, I was impressed by how delicious it was. It’s a simple sweet, so it’s deep and difficult, but I make it carefully one by one.
Q3: Recommended points of this product
The manufacturing method and philosophy of the chocolate shop that has continued since its founding in 1942 are put into each grain. A variety set that allows you to enjoy various flavors in one box. Also, rocher means “rock” in French, so please enjoy the exquisite harmony of the crispy crepe and the chocolate shop’s secret chocolate. [Chocolate Shop President Sano also commented! ]
Q1: What kind of chocolatier is Mr. Minegishi from the perspective of President Sano?
She is a chocolatier who is always passionate about chocolate and can approach chocolate from various angles.
Q2: Message from President Sano to customers
Chocolatiere is a “chocolate lover” just like our customers. Because I love it, I have a strong desire to make something delicious and pleasing. I hope you have a happy time with chocolate on Valentine’s Day, which is once a year.
Transforming ingredients from Kyushu into jewel-like chocolate Reimported brand from Kanto “Atelier Cuyère”
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“Atelier Cuyère” is a brand that uses ingredients from carefully selected producers in various parts of Kyushu to turn them into jewel-like chocolates. Owner Yoko Yamazaki talks about her thoughts on chocolate.
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▲Kyushu Chocolat (4 pieces) 1,728 yen including tax, (6 pieces) 2,484 yen including tax, (8 pieces) 3,942 yen including tax When you open a box containing delicious ingredients from all over Kyushu, it feels like you received a jewel. We will deliver chocolate that makes you feel happy.
Q1: How did you become a chocolatier?
Nothing makes people happier than chocolate! I want to make chocolate that connects people and people! I thought, and I became a
chocolatier. Enjoy a relaxing break from your busy days with your favorite drink and chocolate. I chose the profession of chocolatier in order to deliver happy chocolates because it would be nice if more people could spend such happy times.
Q2: What does Valentine’s Day mean to you, Mr. Yamazaki?
I think Valentine’s Day is like a festival period where you can enjoy chocolate from all over Japan and around the world. Even with the same ingredients, each chocolatier has a different expression and a different taste. It’s the perfect season for chocolate lovers to enjoy classic flavors and newly discovered flavors. I myself enjoy eating chocolate from various chocolatiers and shops. For atelier cuillere, we believe that this is an opportunity to introduce our customers to the many producers in Kyushu who cooperate with us in making Kyushu chocolate, so we are working even harder to ensure that our customers can enjoy the goodness of the ingredients. It’s the season to sharpen and make chocolate.
A chocolate brand “8cacao” that delivers a healing moment with a shop in Saga Prefecture

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A grain of chocolate that I met in my busy days. Memories of a sudden loss of strength and a feeling of relaxation—that is the origin of 8cacao. “I want to deliver a healing moment with chocolate” I am making it with all my heart.
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▲ Keimi Soejima, owner of 8cacao
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