Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co., Ltd. Aiming for a “Well-Being Life”, providing awareness, discovery, and encounters with wellness life / “Think Wellness-Wonderful Marche for the Heart and Body”

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
Aiming for “Well-Being Life” Providing awareness, discovery, and encounters with wellness life / Holding “Think Wellness-Wonderful Marche for Heart and Body”
Held from Wednesday, January 18 to Tuesday, January 31 at the east event space on the 1st floor of the Daimaru Kobe store
Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores slogan, “Invent new happiness for your life. ” is our vision, and in addition to the conventional material and economic affluence, we will create a “Well-Being Life” that realizes mental, physical and social affluence, as well as the affluence of the environment surrounding them. Lifestyle)” is the goal of the group vision.To realize the vision, we are promoting
initiatives to create a “better” way of life based on a healthy state of mind and body. The first initiative will be an event on the 1st floor of Daimaru Kobe store, “Think Wellness-A wonderful Marche for your heart and body” from January 18th (Wednesday) to 31st (Tuesday), 2023.
Creating a New Place for Customer Experiences “Think Wellness – A wonderful Marche for your mind and body” opens for a limited time Lifestyles have changed significantly due to the prolonged corona wreck, and interest in and needs for health and self-care are increasing. We will provide our customers in their 40s to 60s with opportunities to encounter wellness items from the three perspectives of “exercise, rest, and nutrition” so that they can lead a healthier and more beautiful life. . We have also prepared a space and a counseling corner where you can experience the latest equipment so that you can actually pick it up. In this first event, 22 brand items that are essential for maintaining health are being developed under the concept of “adjusting the mind and body”.
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Introduction of some exhibiting brands
-Nutrition- ~ Easy and delicious to eat and stay healthy ~
A wide variety of items are available to support you in adjusting your body through food. Based on the keywords of “fermented”, “intestinal activity”, and “guilty-free”, which have been a hot topic recently, bread, sweets, frozen foods, tea, honey, and other foods that are easy to incorporate into daily life and are delicious are now available. In addition to exercise, we also offer protein and supplements that are rapidly gaining popularity in terms of beauty.
-BEE&YOU JAPAN- Exhibit period: January 18 (Wednesday) to 24 (Tuesday) [Image 2d25003-1753-22791a23b90d800d051c-1.jpg&s3=25003-1753-54ffc8fa3010b21588796fcf924451ba-1024x682.jpg
A brand born in Turkey in 2013 from the experience of a female bee doctor who used bee products to relieve her son’s sickly constitution. We deliver bee products with love and passion.
– Roto recipe – Exhibit period: January 25 (Wednesday) to 31 (Tuesday) [Image 3d25003-1753-76f759957e8ab1642023-2.png&s3=25003-1753-ac6628dffbdb2e3eac8563a684bf455a-798x532.png
The sweets “Chou Canelé” delivered by a new brand – Roto recipe – which started with the concept of getting healthy from the bottom of the stomach. Made with oligosaccharide-rich beet sugar and sweet rice malt, the “Butterfly Canelé”, which is gentle on the body and delicious, is more delicious than canelés.
-Rest- ~Care and refresh your body and mind at home~
We have a wide variety of items that you can choose according to your lifestyle, such as home care equipment, aroma candles, fragrances, and greens. The popular “smokeless tent sauna that can be placed on the veranda” and authentic Finnish sauna goods will also appear. -athletia- Exhibition period: January 18th (Wednesday) to 31st (Tuesday) [Image 4d25003-1753-9e2221d07eb1b034142c-3.jpg&s3=25003-1753-167a97d48f07cc1f259d13d1f4ea302d-1080x1080.jpg
Athletia is a skincare and lifestyle brand for everyone who wants to live an active and flexible life. We will develop skin care and body care, items that enhance the comfort of life.
-IESAUNA- Exhibition period: January 18 (Wednesday) to 31 (Tuesday) [Image 5d25003-1753-71598adc3e548db24b28-4.png&s3=25003-1753-7c6981a6ceef5f472ab447c438564043-856x525.png
Athletia is a skincare and lifestyle brand for everyone who wants to live an active and flexible life. We will develop skin care and body care, items that enhance the comfort of life.
-Exercise- ~ Fun and stylish exercise & fitness ~
A lineup of items that allow you to easily incorporate “opportunities to move your body” into your daily life.
With the key words “home training” and “while”, we have a wide range of easy-to-use and stylish gear and yoga wear.
-&MEDICAL- Exhibit period: January 18 (Wednesday) to 31 (Tuesday) [Image 6d25003-1753-b9d9d818d4a91ab9aca5-5.jpg&s3=25003-1753-d695c6c3f8d27397537304de654ba279-3900x3900.jpg
With the theme of “healthy at home”, we support a healthy lifestyle that makes your body and mind bounce. We will deliver items that make use of the methods and knowledge of experts who are familiar with the body and motor functions, and approach the improvement of your physical problems and health maintenance.
-SKALLER- Exhibit period: January 25 (Wednesday) to 31 (Tuesday) [Image 7d25003-1753-6b03960d4b8915d66224-6.jpg&s3=25003-1753-485e65000720f89792019a4d8772c49d-1000x1000.jpg
Comfortable to wear for long periods of time without getting tired and with an elegant design that supports yoga, home workouts, and wellness life. Sizing for Japanese people, it supports a wide range of body types from slim to chubby. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with comfortable clothing that fits your heart and body.
Scalp care experience session held
We offer a free trial of “scalp check” and “herbal steam for hair damage care” to keep beautiful hair.
● Date: January 25 (Wednesday) to January 31 (Tuesday)
[Image 8d25003-1753-12f1026e8938e08593fe-7.png&s3=25003-1753-b4ef26dfbf7386efec0a100737ab8721-656x526.png
● Location: East escalator side event space on the 1st floor

THE HERBS scalp care that has solved all kinds of troubles together at beauty salons. We check the scalp you care about with a microscope and propose scalp care tailored to each person. Easy scalp care that does not require treatment to create the ideal style for swell and volume. From now on, we will continue to create new products based on the perspective of combining our uniqueness of “beauty”, “health”, “high quality”, “culture” and “trust” with our strength of “ability to connect creators and users”. We will continue our efforts to create happiness.
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