Daimaru Shinsaibashi’s “Adult Valentine’s Day” luxury has been further upgraded -Let’s share the experience this year-

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
Daimaru Shinsaibashi’s “Adult Valentine’s Day” luxury has been further upgraded -Let’s share the experience this year-
■February 1st (Wednesday) to 14th (Tuesday), 2023 ■Daimaru
Shinsaibashi Main Building 1F Midosuji side event space, B1 food sales floor, B2 food hall, cafes on each floor

This year’s Valentine’s Day at Daimaru Shinsaibashi will deliver an adult Valentine’s Day with further updates to “luxury” chocolate, Toki, and things. Now that opportunities to communicate with people are slowly returning, it is important to spend time together, things, and places. In the event space on the 1st floor of the main building, we will reopen the Valentine POP UP shop that was popular last year. The place to choose the world’s luxury chocolate is also special. You can also see luxury chocolates and desserts from the shops on each floor. Whether you are looking for a gift for your loved one or spending your own luxurious time, please visit Daimaru Shinsaibashi. This year, we also prepared a message card at each shop. We will present a card that collaborated with the students of Yoyogi Animation Gakuin “I want to accompany you with the opportunity to meet directly and give it to you”.
(1) Main building 1F Midosuji side event space Experience carefully selected luxury chocolate shops that are all in one place only now 6 chocolatiers from around the world who have been particular about it will appear for a limited time! Luxury and full-fledged chocolates for adults that you can only meet now. Please enjoy a moment of choosing in the Art Deco space where the Vories ceiling spreads out in front of you.
[Image 1

A limited edition ganache made in collaboration with Phyllis Krim, a popular artist who draws antique cars, is now available for the first time.
Blue Box Vintage Car (6 pieces) 4,100 yen including tax
[Image 2

“Cacao Market by Maribel”
Assorted chocolate balls with 7 different flavors and textures, and organic dried fruit chocolate dip. Fruit dip & chocolate ball square can
(175g) 3,300 yen including tax

[Image 3

“Pierre Redon”
A chocolatier who inherits the Belgian tradition. The original chocolate that shines with individuality is like a jewel. A special box that adds a standard heart to Cinq Etoile, which is an assortment of 5 types of chocolate.
Cinq Etoile Plus Cool (10 pieces) 3,888 yen including tax
[Image 4

Established in 1857, over 160 years ago, this long-established original Belgian chocolate shop has its main store in the Galerie de la Reine in Brussels, Belgium. Assorted tastes representing Neuhaus such as ganache and gianduja in an elegant box.
Discovery Classic Mix (6 pieces) 2,970 yen including tax
[Image 5

“Benoit Niang”
Using cacao carefully selected by cacao craftsman Benoît Niang, we offer chocolate made using our own method. A collection inspired by a journey in search of cacao. I expressed the taste I met on my trip with 4 types of bonbon chocolate.
Collection Voyage (4 pieces) 2,160 yen including tax
[Image 6

“Cacao Sampaca”
Bonbon chocolate by cacao origin from 6 countries. Comes with a tasting leaflet that introduces the characteristics of each grain. Peru is limited to Daimaru Matsuzakaya.
Cacao Origin Collection Ludia (6 pieces) 3,240 yen including tax Information of sale
Customers who make a purchase at the POP-UP SHOP held at the event space on the 1st floor of the main building on the Midosuji side will receive a “300 yen coupon” in the B2 food hall.
■ Delivery/use period: February 8th (Wednesday), 2023 → 14th (Tuesday) ■ Target store: Shinsaibashi food hall (restaurant) on the second floor of the main building
For the first 1,000 customers who purchase 3,000 yen or more including tax on one receipt at the POP-UP SHOP held in the event space on the 1st floor of the main building on the Midosuji side, 1,000 yen or more including tax at the target restaurants in the Shinsaibashi food hall on the 2nd floor of the main building We will give you a “300 yen coupon” that you can use when you use it. *Some stores are not eligible. * Receipts cannot be combined. ※It will end as soon as it runs out. *For details, please ask the sales staff.

(2) This year is Valentine’s Day, where you can relax and spend a luxurious adult time. Experience at a department store, 6 recommended spots
The keyword for this year’s Valentine’s Day is “experience”. Why don’t you experience the collaboration with sake and the special space for the first time!
[Image 7

Surprise! ? A slightly different “adult Valentine’s experience” at a teahouse bar in a department store
10F Ochaya Bar “Omi Sakae”
A Japanese-style bar inspired by a teahouse bar in Kyokagai. Founded in Gion-gai for over 130 years. We will welcome you with our own new original cocktails and Kyoto sweets, adding the sensibility unique to department stores while maintaining the original hospitality of Omi Sakae. Experience a special Valentine’s cocktail that combines chocolate and alcohol.
[Image 8

A playful cocktail with adzuki beans, based on vodka and chocolate liqueur. Also pay attention to the surprising presentation!
Chocolate Cocktail (Yukihotoke) 1,650 yen including tax

[Image 9

“Adult Reward Experience” that makes you feel even more special 2F “Maribel The Lounge”
Maribel’s first exclusive store in the world. Enjoy an artistic chocolate menu in a sparkling Baccarat chandelier.
[Image 10

A chocolate specialty store that opened in Paris in 2013. Experience the authentic taste of sweets
B1 “Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse”
A chocolate specialty store opened in Paris in 2013 by Alain Ducasse, a French cuisine chef, who realized his longtime dream. At Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse, all processes are hand-made by chocolatiers using traditional methods, from the grinding of cacao beans to the creation of bonbon chocolates. At Le Salon, which is attached to the boutique, you can enjoy the deep taste of chocolate with freshly made desserts. [Image 12


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