Daito Trust Industry-academia collaboration Joint development of DIY solo work booth with Kyushu Sangyo University

Daito Trust
[Industry-academia collaboration] Joint development of DIY solo work booth with Kyushu Sangyo University
Started pre-order sales at the official online store of custom-made DIY kit store “CODD”

Daito Trust Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Katsumi Kobayashi), a custom-made DIY kit store “CODD” born from the in-house venture system “Mira Innovator”, 1 Jointly developed with Kyushu Sangyo University (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President: Misakichi Kitajima), which is operated by the school corporation Nakamura Sangyo Gakuen (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Prefecture, President: Kenji Tsugami), from the 20th of the month. , We will start pre-order sales of the solo work booth “HACOCE” that can be set up by DIY for personal work and web conferences.
As one of our company’s internal venture business proposals, CODD will start a DIY furniture development and sales business in 2020, and is currently conducting demonstration experiments for commercialization. This product is a solo booth that can be remodeled and customized to meet the growing needs of “private rooms” mainly in offices and universities against the backdrop of the corona crisis, and is an industry-academia collaboration with the Harumi Kagawa Laboratory of the Department of Architecture and Urban Engineering, Kyushu Sangyo University. was born
[Image 1d35668-797-3e84bba3112c103ffa15-1.jpg&s3=35668-797-5d45fe1ca1ed5c8f7f852288ac8e166c-173x267.jpg
DIY solo work booth “HACOCE”
Highly practical DIY solo booth “HACOCE” that can be customized according to the application
[Image 2d35668-797-50b30dbc4504d6005a03-0.jpg&s3=35668-797-00c9aa125a45fb092f528657a3154e06-232x232.jpg
DIY kit includes table, chair, and two outlets
HACOCE was developed as a DIY solo work booth that can be customized in size according to the installation location, targeting the demand for private rooms in offices and universities. The structure is made of wood, adopting the “2×4 (two-by-four) construction method” that has excellent strength, sound insulation performance and heat insulation performance, and the interior is finished with cloth (wallpaper) like a house. It can be dismantled and reassembled, so it can be relocated. By adding parts and arranging the booth, it can be used not only as a remote work or self-study room, but also as a workspace for highly specialized research. It is a highly versatile product that can be used.
Promoting practical experiential learning by students through a product development process that incorporates the student’s
The Harumi Kagawa Laboratory of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Engineering of Kyushu Sangyo University has been collaborating with the Faculty of Human Sciences of Kyushu Sangyo University since 2016 to conduct research on the evaluation of living environments in evacuation facilities. Together with Muro, I was promoting research on the evaluation of comfort in solo work booths using scents in collaboration with industry and academia. This time, CODD’s HACOCE has been adopted as a material for these studies, and joint development with Kyushu Sangyo University has started.
In this joint development, students from the School of Architecture and Urban Engineering will conduct demonstration experiments, and not only will they incorporate their unique perspectives and new ideas into future product development, but they will also serve as a place to experience quality management such as performance evaluation and verification during the development process. is also helpful. Demonstration experiment of the first prototype of HACOCE
At the exhibition “KSU VISION DAY” held on November 3rd and 4th, hosted by Kyushu Sangyo University to introduce research results, a demonstration of the assembly of the first unit was held as an initiative of “project-based education” through industry-academia collaboration. I was. In the demonstration, we verified the work process and the degree of difficulty during assembly, and based on the real opinions of students who participated as users, we confirmed the improvement points of the DIY kit for commercialization. In order to further improve this product and expand its lineup, CODD will continue to develop products through industry-academia collaboration with Kyushu Sangyo University.
[Image 3d35668-797-5bddd026bc231c080de7-6.jpg&s3=35668-797-f05bb4a8fbd0c959cf989c59cc62ea06-393x295.jpg
The structure is delivered as a DIY kit with the same pre-cut wood as the actual residential building.
[Image 4d35668-797-8b17affad53d71bde08c-5.jpg&s3=35668-797-e58ffc8c43068df421fbee47ca99ebed-393x295.jpg
Easy to assemble with only 4 screws
[Image 5d35668-797-f819c57d106d0138f191-3.jpg&s3=35668-797-6157ab8615c2c76caa0ddb62cdcdb304-393x296.jpg
Since the interior finishing is also DIY, you can choose your favorite pattern for the wallpaper.
[Image 6d35668-797-af9e8d2a36283faf25c3-4.jpg&s3=35668-797-8b1ad758524c1e29dae9b225eae7956f-393x296.jpg
In order to check the sound insulation performance and heat insulation performance of the wall, we measured the transmission loss level and four thermal elements, and confirmed the performance in compliance with the Fire Service Act.

Product Summary
Product name: HACOCE
Size (standard): Outer size/Frontage 122 cm x Depth 138 cm x Height 240 cm (including casters)
Inside dimensions: frontage 110 cm x depth 120 cm x height 210 cm Sales price: 480,000 yen (tax included) *Sales price for the above size Standard equipment: counter table (bracket fixed specification) / rubber wood,          Chair/top board: rubber wood, LED downlight, 2 outlets, ventilation fan/air supply port
Website: https://codd-ec.com/products/hacoce
*Consult with the fire prevention manager of the building before considering the introduction.
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