DANGAN Co., Ltd. Boxing promoter DANGAN has developed a brand in collaboration with an apparel manufacturer!

DANGAN Co., Ltd.
Boxing promoter DANGAN has developed a brand in collaboration with an apparel manufacturer!
Professional boxing promoter DANGAN has started planning and development of street casual wear brand “DG TOKYO” in collaboration with Kanehyaku Textile Industry Co., Ltd., which celebrated its 110th anniversary this year.

KANE100 in Ryogoku, Tokyo celebrates its 110th anniversary this year with DANGAN, the number one professional boxing event held in Japan (Kanehyaku, Kanehyaku Textile Industry Co., Ltd.) and started planning and development of street casual wear brand “DG TOKYO”. It is the first time in Japan that a boxing event will develop full-scale apparel.
KANE100 will design, manufacture and sell.
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We will develop designs that incorporate the essence of boxing such as “stoic”, “strength”, “seriousness”, “passion”, “impression”, and “friendship”, centering on the design with the logo.
We aim to be an active brand with a wide capacity that is not bound by boxing, martial arts, and sports.
The main items are T-shirts and sweatshirts made in Tokyo using the world’s only material developed by KANE100 over many years.
becomes. We will also develop small items such as caps, bags, and towels.

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In addition to sales on the site that will be released in early February, EC sites and
It is also planned to be sold at select shops.

-About DANGAN-
DANGAN is a professional boxing event in which many of Japan’s top fighters participate.
As a neutral promoter, which is rare in Japan, we have realized good cards from the perspective of fans beyond the boundaries of gyms. We hold 30 events a year, and for the past few years we have recorded the highest number of events and number of title matches held in Japan. In addition to the usual title match events, we hold various planned events such as the rookies tournament for young players only, the DANGAN-LADIES for female boxers only, and national competitions with professional boxers from Korea and China. .
Name: DANGAN Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Shota Furusawa
Established: July 27, 2015
Phone: 03-5637-8233
Location: 1-8-1 Ishihara, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Email: info@danganboxing.com
-About KANE100-
Our company was founded in 1913 (Taisho 2) as a manufacturing factory for huge and small knit fabrics and products at the present location of Honjo Ishihara-cho 1-chome, Edo Okawabata. Since then, for 110 years, we have been conducting integrated manufacturing from planning, knitting of fabric, cutting, sewing, and finishing in “Tokyo”. It is a true Edomae product that has been passed down for three generations. Own brands such as “DG TOKYO” and “ZA TOKYO”, apparel, miscellaneous goods brand OEM, museum goods such as museum goods, artist concert goods and event goods, and circles, clubs and schools from the general public. , We offer products across all genres, such as matching wear and goods for classrooms.
From now on, we will deliver “MADE IN TOKYO FROM SUMIDA RIVER SIDE” to the world, not only in Japan, but by bringing together our unique creativity and productivity that we have accumulated over 110 years. Name: Kanehyaku Textile Industry Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Kazuhiro Yamamoto
Founded: March 1913
Phone: 03-3625-0231
Location: 1-8-1 Ishihara, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Email: kane100@kt.rim.or.jp

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