Danmee Co., Ltd. The “best Korean drama couple” selected by Japanese fans is the famous work that caused a big boom during the corona crisis!

Danmee Co., Ltd.
The “Best Korean Drama Couple” selected by Japanese fans is the famous work that caused a big boom during the corona crisis!
Sometimes sweet, sometimes sad love romance in Korean dramas.. Check out the best couples that Japanese Korean drama fans have been glued to!

Danmee conducted a survey on Internet users with the theme, “Watch out for sugar and salt! Which Korean drama ‘best couple’ would you choose?” Here are the results of the votes held on this site from December 1st to December 6th, 2022.
OTT has been very active due to the increase in “home time” triggered by the corona sickness.

* Due to the strictness of the survey, the survey was conducted with only one vote per person.
What kind of rank did you get?
1st place “Crash Landing on You” Jonghyuk & Seri
The first place was tvN’s “Crash Landing on You (2019)” Hyun Bin’s Jeong Hyuk and Son Ye Jin’s Seri couple!
In the poll, it received 135 votes, which is 30.20% of the total. South Korean conglomerate daughter Yoon Se-ri is involved in an unexpected accident while paragliding and makes an emergency landing in North Korea. North Korean officer Ri Jeong-hyeok gradually falls in love with her while hiding her.
The thrilling top-secret romance that the two of them draw has become a hot topic, attracting even Japanese drama fans.
In this way, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are named “*Dori Couple” in this work and become loved by viewers.
*Duri: Means “two (= du) Ri”. This is because the names of Yoon Se Ri and Ri Jung Hyuk, played by Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, have “ri” in them.
Such two people develop into a romantic relationship with this work as a trigger. They confirmed their relationship in 2021, announced their marriage in February 2022, had a wedding ceremony in March, and gave birth to their first child in November of the same year.
It seems that there were many drama fans who were delighted that the two who played a couple in the drama were actually married.
2nd place “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? ] Yeonjun & Miso 2nd place went to the drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” (2018)” Yeonjun & Miso couple!
In the poll, it has 90 votes, which is 20.13% of the total.
It seems that the viewers were kept in awe at the appearance of the two newcomers to romance who narrowed the distance from the
relationship of “vice president and secretary” to “man and woman”. The passionate kiss scene of Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young, who are known as “kiss craftsmen,” is a must-see (?).
3rd place “Dokkaebi ~The lovely days you gave me~” Shin & Eun Tak In 3rd place, Shin & Eun Tak couple from tvN’s “Dokkaebi ~The Lovely Days You Gave Me~ (2016)” ranked in.
In the poll, it received 49 votes, which is 10.96% of the total. In this work, Kim Shin (Dokkaebi), played by Gong Yoo, who needs a “bride” to finish “immortal life”, is a high school girl Ji Eun-tak (Dokkaebi) who claims that she is the bride of Dokkaebi. A fantasy romance where a strange fate begins to move after meeting Kim Go-eun. Eun Tak, who is innocent and throws his honest thoughts at me. And Shin is attracted to Eun Tak even though he is swayed by it. The warm yet heartbreaking love story woven by these two cannot be seen without tears!
-Final result-
1st place “Crash Landing on You” Jonghyuk & Seri
2nd place “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? ] Yeonjun & Miso 3rd place “Dokkaebi ~The lovely days you gave me~” Shin & Eun Tak 4th place “Beautiful older sister who often buys me food” Juni & Jina 5th: “Descendants of the Sun Love Under The Sun” Sijin & Moyeon 6. “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” Jinhong & Sam Soon
7th place “Winter Sonata” Junsan & Yujin
8th place “Itaewon Class” Saeroy & Iso
9th place “My Love from the Stars” Minjun & Song Yi
10. “Coffee Prince 1st Shop” Hangyul & Eunchan
11. “Koi no Sketch ~Answer 1988~” Taek & Dockson
12th place “When the Camellia Blooms” Dongbaek & Youngsik
The couples I’ve listed as candidates this time are all wonderful couples who show cute figures even though they’re adults, and make my cheeks relax when I look at them. I highly recommend watching the drama!
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