Dataiku Launches SaaS Offering in Tokyo Region

Dataiku, Inc.
Dataiku Launches SaaS Offering in Tokyo Region
Dataiku Online Meets Growing Demand for Building Flexible AI Platforms to Match Cloud Strategy

[Singapore, January 18, 2023] Dataiku (Headquarters: New York, New York, USA, hereinafter referred to as Dataiku), which provides the Everyday AI platform, announced on the 18th that it will offer a SaaS offering of its data science, machine learning, and AI platform “Dataiku”. We are pleased to announce that Dataiku Online is now generally available in the Amazon Web Services Asia Pacific Tokyo region as the first region in the Asia Pacific region. Companies wishing to adopt a SaaS solution will now have access to Dataiku’s end-to-end platform, including data connectivity, data preparation, visualization, model development, operations and monitoring, out-of-the-box. In addition, each company can flexibly select the host location according to their cloud strategy, and companies that operate domestically will be able to maintain and utilize data in Japan. Dataiku is a platform for Everyday AI. With Dataiku, enterprises can leverage one central solution for designing, deploying, governing, and managing AI and analytics applications. It’s available to everyone, whether you’re an employee coding in a technical field or an employee in a business field with little or no coding effort. Dataiku promotes consistent management and governance practices across teams and projects, along with streamlining business processes using pre-built components and automation wherever possible, and uses transparent, repeatable, and scalable AI and We support the creation of analytical programs.
Dataiku believes that any platform that integrates such technologies should be flexible, open, and innovative. The provision of Dataiku Online in the Tokyo region is based on this idea.
The service has already been used by several companies, including ENEOS Materials Co., Ltd. ( and Yamazen Co., Ltd. ( I’m here.
William Hong, Dataiku’s Japan and South Korea regional sales manager, said: “For companies promoting DX, it is essential to select and realize an IT architecture that matches their strategy. For this reason, Dataiku provides operation options in major clouds in addition to on-premises. With the start of the SaaS service, it is now possible to adopt the latest technology provided by our company without restrictions on the host location.It is one of the effective options for companies that want to promote corporate transformation with data and AI. I am confident it will.”
▽What is Dataiku?
Dataiku ( is a platform for Everyday AI, enabling data and business professionals to build AI together for their daily work. Together, they enable companies in every industry to design, develop and deploy new AI-powered capabilities at any scale. By using Dataiku, organizations can empower their employees to unleash extraordinary powers and create AI that will power the future of their companies. Over 500 companies worldwide rely on Dataiku to drive a wide variety of use cases, from predictive maintenance to supply chain optimization, quality control in precision engineering, marketing optimization and everything in between. We will keep you informed on our LinkedIn ( and blog ( Please follow us.
▽What is Dataiku Online?
A fully managed data science and machine learning platform empowers teams to generate AI and analytics insights. Click here for details ( Details about this release:


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