Deadline for recruiting second-generation students is approaching! Qualification “franchise organizer” site release

Frigma Inc.
[Deadline for recruiting second-generation students is approaching! ] Qualification “franchise organizer” site release
“Intensive program to acquire the skills to organize the FC
headquarters in a minimum of 6 months” training course 2nd batch recruitment outline released

Frigma Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Sho Sasaki) has released the official website of the franchise organizer, a qualification and training course that leads to practical and career advancement at the franchise headquarters.
[Franchise organizer training course site URL] [Image 1

■ What is a franchise organizer?
“Leader who builds up and manages the FC headquarters organization” Various functions such as franchise development / store development / SV / financing / legal affairs / back office are necessary for the FC headquarters.
The franchise organizer builds up, manages and drives the FC headquarters organization.
For the proper operation of the headquarters and member stores, it is required to grasp all events and make appropriate judgments. In addition to knowledge of the franchise area and understanding of a wide range of business types, universal business skills such as human skills, technical skills, and conceptual skills are also required. ・ Franchise development / store development / supervisor / back office / each person in charge
・Franchise Headquarters/General Manager
・President of Franchise Headquarters
・Managers looking to expand into franchises
・Franchise owner
・ Franchise entry consideration person
■Five points of franchise organizer training
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Not only those who work at the franchise headquarters, but also those who are planning to participate in the future.
◆Communication with headquarters and affiliated owners
◆ Appropriate behavior and judgment as a head of headquarters ◆ Discussions and demonstrations with like-minded peers

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Even if you learn physical theory, it is meaningless if the human skills of the person in charge are lacking.
In this course, there are plenty of programs to study human skills! ◆ Disclose the know-how necessary for headquarters management! ◆Learn the points of human resource management!
◆ Share your experiences in detail!
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Learn from franchise professionals and subject matter experts. ◆ Ask a franchise professional about the ABCs of headquarters management ◆ Ask questions to experts in each field and guests with extensive practical experience
◆ An environment where you can consult at any time with chat work

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Relationships and bonds with the same generation with the same aspirations are born.
◆ You can learn and improve by competing in the same environment as management of different industries and members with high growth motivation
◆ Stimulate and influence others through group discussions and various demonstrations

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◆ The franchise business market is expected to continue growing ◆ The number of people considering independence due to joining the FC is also increasing
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[Image 8

■Course content
[Table 2: ]
■ Presidency introduction
[Image 9

In 2017, he set up the FC headquarters by himself using his experience and knowledge, and organized all FC headquarters functions such as franchise development / store development / SV / financing / legal affairs. In each area, by making full use of its own franchise strategy, it achieved 100 stores in 3 years and 150 stores in 4 years from the start of recruitment.
Previously enrolled at FC Headquarters. Focused on supporting member stores as SV and owner consultant team manager. As a result, we have achieved a 96% franchise retention rate.
After that, after working at a consulting firm, he launched the aforementioned FC headquarters.
The “franchise organizer’s blog” that he is currently writing has gained attention and influence in the FC industry.
In order to provide the world with the methodology of FC Organize, which commits to achieving 100 stores in three years,
Established Frigma Co., Ltd.
Frigma will start full-scale activities from 2022, and the number of clients has already exceeded 20 companies.
Many media appearances related to the franchise.
Main media information
・”Nikkei Franchise Show” and “Franchise Comparison Fair” seminars ・Franchisor magazine “Business Chance” serialized
・ Appeared on YouTube “Franchise Channel” 35 times or more
Partial release of the first-year training course from the short video Online course
[Video 3:] schooling course
[Video 4:] 【Company Profile】
Company name: Frigma Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-32-15 Narimasu, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-0094 Representative Director: Sho Sasaki
Business description:
・Construction of franchise headquarters and organization of franchise headquarters (committed to 100 stores in 3 years from the start of recruitment)
・Organization of existing franchise headquarters
・Web management tool production and introduction support
・Franchise financing advisory
Business start: April 2022
Details about this release:


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