DEAN & DELUCA CHOCOLATE COLLECTION 2023 Chocolates carefully selected by buyers

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[DEAN & DELUCA] CHOCOLATE COLLECTION 2023 Chocolates carefully selected by buyers
This time of year, chocolate is even more delicious. From French patisserie to domestic creators who make use of Japanese ingredients, we have carefully selected a lineup that is rich in individuality and taste.
■Sales period: Friday, January 13, 2023 to Tuesday, February 14, 2023 ■ Stores: Market stores, cafe stores Online store URL:
Online store order period: January 13 (Friday) to February 8 (Wednesday) *Depending on the stock status, the order period may be shortened. [Image 1d36230-350-98dd848d0f07f731d861-15.jpg&s3=36230-350-18185e06de19672cfe670b6d2c3ff512-2472x1317.jpg
Selected chocolate gems delivered from home and abroad
[Image 2d36230-350-12906f0deb2cee594d16-1.jpg&s3=36230-350-ac8fd2269cbbf3bd854c8d1f9659ba96-1280x720.jpg
Sebastien Godard Bonbon Chocolate
Sebastien Godard ~Bonbon chocolate that fascinates the people of France~ Rich flavors such as raspberry, coffee ganache, hazelnut praline, part damand, and spicy spice are available in 4 and 8 assortments. A simple-looking chocolate that combines the recipe and spirit of the good old days with the chef’s modern sensibility. It is a
deliciousness that has been dropped into the modern taste without being eccentric.
*From the top left of the photo
Bonbon chocolate 16 pieces ¥7,560 (tax excluded ¥7,000), 9 pieces ¥4,860 (tax excluded ¥4,500), 4 pieces ¥2,512 (tax excluded ¥2,400)
[Image 3d36230-350-1597d07ab50c9fbea103-3.jpg&s3=36230-350-3b0b3ff4b7d4fb3a7edbacc7a3c9bee6-1280x720.jpg
Jan Couvreux
Jan Couvreux ~Fox-shaped chocolate with a pleasant texture~
Four types of tablets filled with simple yet passionate and inspiring fox pralines that are crunchy and have a pleasant texture. A beautiful lineup created by pastry chefs from first-class hotels in Paris has gathered again this year.
Take a bite of the adorable sleeping fox. Sweetness and saltiness, crunchy texture and nuts are combined with fragrant noisette cream in glossy chocolate. We have prepared 5 pieces of dark chocolate and blond chocolate, and 2 pieces of dark chocolate and milk chocolate. *From the top of the photo Le Terriere Blonde ¥3,564 (tax excluded ¥3,300) Le Terriere Dark 5 pieces ¥3,564 (tax excluded ¥3,300)
[Image 4d36230-350-3e79288c9404bd23fa89-6.jpg&s3=36230-350-37d2826aa438ce81db7b0a08d5036250-1280x720.jpg
Gilles Marshall Tablet, Orangette, Citronette
Gilles Marshal ~Luxury bar chocolate that will blow the hearts of sweets lovers~ Gilles Marshal’s sweets are in high demand all over the world. The mandian-type tablet, which is topped with plenty of fragrant nuts carefully caramelized, has a simple structure, but it can be said that it is a special sweet, and it is a luxurious bar chocolate for adults. This year, we also have “Orangette” with almond accents and
“Citronette” with bittersweet chocolate.
*From the left in the photo: Citronette ¥4,320 (¥4,000 before tax) Orangette ¥4,320 (¥4,000 before tax)
Blond Caramelized Pecan Nuts, Dark Caramelized Pecan Nuts, Milk Caramelized Hazelnuts ¥3,024 each (¥2,800 before tax)
[Image 5d36230-350-94618a6865d4332a39a3-8.jpg&s3=36230-350-d000546b45bda1491a63919e937950c9-1280x720.jpg
Le Fleuve
– First Appearance – Le Fleuve ~ Careful work and originality that bring out the strengths of the materials ~
A lineup of chocolatiers born and raised in pesticide-free organic farms that “use the ingredients themselves like Japanese food” is now available for the first time. One by one, we visit the producers and carefully select high-quality ingredients and mix them with cacao. *Clockwise: Iyo-chan ¥2,160 (¥2,000 before tax), Sensakura ¥2,700 (¥2,500 before tax), Yuzu Confit ¥2,160 (¥2,000 before tax), Ganache ¥2,700 (¥2,500 before tax)
[Image 6d36230-350-a8941567f00b6d3cb9e0-22.jpg&s3=36230-350-15e8ea372249df98b2c9da035dfa8e59-1280x720.jpg
Le Fleuve
“Yuzu Confit” and “Iyo-chan”, which have the freshness and strength of citrus fruits, are the ones that shine even more with their generous amount of time and effort. Organic pesticide-free yuzu harvested from the hill behind the workshop and Setoda iyokan, which the chef fell in love with, are slowly turned into a fruity confit over several days. The yuzu is coated with dark chocolate, and the iyokan is coated with milk chocolate for a refreshing taste.
[Image 7d36230-350-9bd6a077dc3feba8adef-10.jpg&s3=36230-350-da4f51b257cc07785dfb7208ecafa352-1280x720.jpg
Joyce ~Bonbon Chocolat Enjoying Pairing of Ingredients~
Speaking of “Joyce”, the original bonbon chocolate that combines domestic ingredients. It’s like a work of art, handcrafted with great care under the high skills of a pastry chef and chocolatier. In addition, with chocolate that is good for the body, sugar beet sugar is used for sweetness, and the sugar content is low. In addition, the water content is high so that it melts in the mouth well, and the desire of Chef Takeshi Takeike to “always deliver fresh deliciousness” is manifested.
*Bonbon chocolate 10 pieces ¥4,644 (¥4,300 before tax)
[Image 8d36230-350-3f21bed34b5da91e043f-14.jpg&s3=36230-350-02b7eed0c0da382573b5cd74892c32ec-1280x720.jpg
Quernon d’Ardoise 8 pieces (right) and 200g can (left)
La Maison du Quernon d’Ardoise ~Pleasant harmony of blue pralines~ From Angers, France, known for its old castles and beautiful townscapes, we have received a bright praline coated with blue chocolate and golden nougatine. The impactful blue chocolate is filled with crunchy almonds and hazelnut nougatine. The sweetness of white chocolate, the aroma of nuts, and the bitterness of caramel are a trinity that creates a pleasant harmony.
*From the top of the photo: Kernon d’Ardoise 200g can ¥6,156 (¥5,700 before tax) / 8 capsules ¥2,052 (¥1,900 before tax)
[Image 9d36230-350-41d02e8f01374455ea08-19.jpg&s3=36230-350-f61bee1bcbf279e5e7c92ab6a00d00ff-1280x720.jpg
Chocolaterie La Toque Blanche 8 pieces and 4 pieces
-First appearance in Japan-
Chocolaterie La Toque Blanche ~Simple and delicate chocolate filled with the deliciousness of France~
If you love chocolate, please try it once. This is the first time in Japan to present the taste of Maison, which uses excellent ingredients from all over France and uses a recipe handed down in Lyon to create a simple yet delicate grain. We have selected 4 types from a wide variety of chocolates that you can feel the season.
*From the top left of the photo: Chocolaterie La Toque Blanche 8 pieces ¥4,104 (¥3,800 before tax) / 4 pieces ¥2,160 (¥2,000 before tax)
[Image 10d36230-350-5ad8ca281e0e3db9d896-20.jpg&s3=36230-350-5116ad6b021e0b90b9e9ab34eeb1aced-1280x720.jpg
Boissier ~Elegant flavor and elegant aroma that melts in your mouth~ A long-established store loved by royalty and aristocrats, the ephemeral yet elegant chocolate is now available in a new flavor. This year, we also received the ′′ Orange Jet ′′ that puts cacao from Ecuador on the orange of Corsica.
*Photo right: Boissier Petal de Chocolat Fleur 195g ¥10,800 (¥10,000 excluding tax) / Petal de Chocolat Fleur 68g ¥4,860 (¥4,500 excluding tax)
Left: Boissier Petal de Chocolat Fruit 195g ¥10,800 (¥10,000 excluding tax) / 68g ¥4,860 (¥4,500 excluding tax)
[Image 11d36230-350-fa200628afa17122dc03-21.jpg&s3=36230-350-58fa0a8016899c6e32d0087cee55b076-1280x720.jpg
Alexia Santini
Alexia Santini ~Special “Oranget” and “Citronette” interwoven by father and daughter~
“Orangette” and “Citronette” contain the blessings of the land of Corsica, which is also known for its delicious fruits. The confit made by the chef’s father with local citrus fruits and the synergistic effect of chocolate create a special taste.
*From the top of the photo: Alexia Santini Citronette ¥4,536 (¥4,200 without tax) / Orangette ¥4,536 (¥4,200 without tax)
Dean & Deluca is a food select shop that collects delicious food from around the world. In 1977, Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca opened a market store in Soho, New York.
It opened in Marunouchi, Tokyo in 2003, and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary in Japan. In Japan, we have 18 market stores and 31 cafes. We will continue to provide customers with a new experience of food in order to create a place where they can enjoy food without being bound by the framework of retail, ready-made meals, and eating and drinking.
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