DeCasa introduces “EPOS Easy Payment”! Get a 2,000 yen coupon when you sign up for a new EPOS card!

DeCasa introduces “EPOS Easy Payment”! Get a 2,000 yen coupon when you sign up for a new EPOS card!
“EPOS Easy Payment” is now available at DeCasa, an overseas art poster! Double the Epos points!

“DeCasa” (Headquarters: Obuse Town, Nagano Prefecture, Representative: Aoi Matsushita, hereinafter DeCasa), which sells high-quality art posters for the first time in Japan by young artists from all over the world, based on the concept of “living with what you like”, is a corporation. We have started the introduction of the online payment service “Epos Easy Payment” operated by Epos Card (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshinori Saito).
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We decided to introduce “Epos Easy Payment” this time because we believe that providing DeCasa customers with a new online payment method will create opportunities for more people to use “DeCasa”. . DeCasa x Epos Card Special Offer Page: ■ About “DeCasa x Epos Easy Payment”
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[Privilege 1.]
Customers who newly enroll in an EPOS card from the DeCasa online shop will receive a “2,000 yen coupon” that can be used at DeCasa. ▽New application for Epos card is this &boCode=353&sCode=0036&ondemandOrRecurring=1
[Use privilege 2.]
If you pay with “Epos Easy Payment” at the time of payment at DeCasa’s online shop (, you will receive “double” Epos points as usual as a usage privilege.
▽ Click here for details on how to use: *Limited to use by the Epos Card member.
* Coupons can be used by selecting “EPOS Easy Payment” as the payment method when purchasing products. Click here for details on Epos Easy Payment →
*Coupons are automatically assigned to Epos Net IDs (there is no coupon code). * Coupons can be used in units of 100 yen.
*You cannot pay the full amount with only the coupon.
* The expiration date is until the last day of the month following the coupon grant date.
* The plan contents of the above preferential benefits (coupons) are subject to change without notice.
* Regardless of the card design, those who have enrolled in past Epos cards are not eligible.
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In the fall of last year, “DeCasa” participated as a brand partner of the curation media “5PM Journal” handled by Marui Group and D2C & Co. ( Art posters curated by DeCasa from around the world on the themes of “diverse female images”, “lifestyles” and “culture” for more people We would like to aim to promote “Diversity & Inclusion” where everyone can be themselves by incorporating it as a part of.
▼What is DeCasa?
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DeCasa is a D2C art select shop that sells high quality and playful overseas art posters based on the concept of “living with what you like”. Based in two bases: Madrid, Spain, one of Europe’s leading art cities, and Obuse, Shinshu, a place related to Katsushika Hokusai, this is the first exhibition in Japan by young artists active in Europe such as Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. We sell landing works online. In addition, we curate works with positive messages that are “diverse images of women and lifestyles” and “daily encouragement” because they are art that we see in our daily lives.
■ DeCasa representative profile
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Aoi Matsushita
Born in Nagano prefecture. He lived in Shinshu until graduating from high school and entered the State University of New York (SUNY) Department of Political Science. After graduating, he joined an event company in Tokyo and was in charge of overseas PR and marketing. After getting married, the couple decided to start a business, and were selected for a start-up program sponsored by the Spanish government. ( Service is available in 13 cities in 5 countries, mainly in southern Europe such as Spain, Portugal, and Italy. After being selected for Web Summit Lisbon 2018 ALPHA Startup, South Summit Madrid Top 400 Startup, NTT Data eAwards (formerly Everis Awards) Semi-Final, etc., raised funds from domestic and foreign investors.
After moving to Spain, he obtained a PR & Visual Merchandising Diploma from the fashion magazine “ELLE” and the Complutense University of Madrid, and then completed wedding planner training at “ELLE Education”. From January 2021, he will be the representative of the art poster select shop “DeCasa” in Europe.
From April 2022, DeCasa will open in the D2C showroom space
“Ashitamise” on the 4th floor of the Daimaru Tokyo store operated by Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores.
From October 2022, DeCasa will participate as a brand partner of the D2C curation media “5PM Journal” handled by D2C & Co., Ltd. of Marui Group Co., Ltd.
【Company Profile】
Company name: DeCasa LLC |
Location: 605 Karita, Obuse Town, Kamitakai District, Nagano Prefecture Representative: Aoi Matsushita
Established: January 15, 2021
Business description: Overseas art and poster select shop
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