Decided to open a new hospital “Japan Heart Asia Pediatric Medical Center”. Towards a new base for advanced medical care in Asia that provides free treatment to the poor

Authorized NPO Japan Heart
Decided to open a new hospital “Japan Heart Asia Pediatric Medical Center”. Towards a new base for advanced medical care in Asia that provides free treatment to the poor

Japan Heart (Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Haruna Yoshioka), an international medical NGO, has decided to open a new medical base, “Japan Heart Asia Pediatric Medical Center” in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. . As an international hospital, it is the first time that an organization has set up a facility on the premise of accepting patients from countries outside the base.
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The theme of our hospital is “Eliminate life disparities, as an advanced medical base in Asia.” It will be opened as a comprehensive pediatric medical center that will provide free treatment to sick children of the poor, mainly in Southeast Asia.
In pediatric cancer, one of Japan Heart’s strengths, the survival rate is 80% vs. 20% in developed countries and developing countries, and the survival gap is one of the serious diseases. In order to eliminate such disparities in medical care, it is necessary to establish a new facility with a larger capacity than the current base hospital, so it was decided to open this time.
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The Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center, which we are currently operating, was opened in 2016 (*) in Oudong District, Kandal Province, Cambodia. While many patients from all over the country, including children whose lives are in danger, visit the hospital every day, capacity and access are issues.
Therefore, by setting up a new base in the city center, we will solve these problems, save more lives that should be saved, and eventually accept pediatric patients from other countries. Aim for
* Established in 2018 as “Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center” when the pediatric ward was expanded from the predecessor “ASIA Alliance Medical Center” (Japan Heart Medical Center), which opened in 2016, to strengthen pediatric medical care. The number of pediatric solid cancer treatment results exceeds that of Japan’s leading pediatric cancer hospitals.
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In addition, for the construction of the new hospital, we have partnered with Congrant Co., Ltd. (Nishi Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture CEO: Masataka Sato), which provides donation collection, payment, and supporter management services “congrant” to non-profit organizations. and started a joint project. Both parties will engage in fundraising activities while receiving the services and support provided by the company.
And today, we opened a special website for companies and organizations that support the new hospital. The site is open to the public, and we are looking for partners who support this medical support activity to “eliminate life disparities” and aim for “zero survival gap” in developed and developing countries together.
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A certified NPO that conducts free medical activities in Japan and overseas with the philosophy of “delivering medical care to places where medical care cannot reach”. Since Hideto Yoshioka, a pediatric surgeon, started working alone in Myanmar in 1995, he currently conducts about 25,000 treatments a year, including advanced medical treatments such as pediatric cancer surgery, in developing countries in Southeast Asia such as Cambodia and Laos. doing. In Japan, we dispatch medical personnel to remote islands and remote areas, and conduct emergency relief activities in disaster-stricken areas. The only recipient from Japan of the United Nations UNIATF Award 2020. Received the SDGs Promotion Deputy Director General (Minister of Foreign Affairs) Award at the 5th Japan SDGs Awards.

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