Dekiru Machi Project Citizen-produced local animation for the second terrestrial TV animation broadcast Frontier Works Co., Ltd. participates in the production

Town project that can be done
Frontier Works Co., Ltd. participates in the production of the second terrestrial TV anime broadcast of a citizen-produced local anime Local animation for the purpose of regional revitalization produced by citizens to the second terrestrial TV animation broadcast

Local animation produced by citizens is scheduled to be broadcast on terrestrial TV for the second time. We also carry out
anime-participating crowdfunding and voice actor auditions where voice actors and self-made characters can appear.
The city project has announced that the second terrestrial TV animation production has been decided.
A civic public interest group established in 2015 by ordinary people who love the local area of ​​Kashiwa. For the purpose of regional revitalization, we are engaged in the production of local anime and manga, regional beautification activities, town conventions, Kashiwa City’s hometown tax project, hikikomori support activities, and handicapped support activities.
Kashiwa’s local anime project, which started with the launch, has expanded in scale, and is currently underway with the addition of projects in Matsudo City, Kamagaya City, Chiba City, and the Tokatsu area. And following the summer of 2020, the second terrestrial TV animation project “Super Normal Prefecture Chiba Legend” has been decided. This work is set in Chiba Prefecture and is scheduled to be co-produced with Frontier Works Co., Ltd. The production staff and voice actors are made up of members with connections to Chiba Prefecture. From January 2023, we plan to implement voice actor auditions for new characters and participatory crowdfunding that allows voice actors and self-made characters to appear in animation. [Image 1d57957-4-e15359aa90959ba419a4-0.jpg&s3=57957-4-fac00762d05ef2f0c7f0c712ed02a370-1587x2245.jpg
◇ Work content
Two years after the story of “Super Ordinary City Kashiwa Legend”. Five junior high school students, Ako Shakawa and others, all went to different high schools due to their different paths, and were separated.
“I wonder if we can all get together anymore…”
Then, before you can get into a sentimental mood, a meteorite suddenly hits Chiba Prefecture.
Tega-chan and others rampage throughout Chiba Prefecture!
Locally-based urban subculture entertainment, expanding the scale of the stage and restarting!
◇ Program information
Program name: Super ordinary prefecture Chiba legend
Work summary: A local loose anime set in Chiba Prefecture
Release date: January 2024 (planned)
Broadcasting station: TOKYO MX (planned)
Character design: Hirohiro Nakamichi
Screenplay/Director: Shinya Murai
Theme Song Producer: Seiji Miura
Planning: Town project that can be done
Produced by: Town Project, Frontier Works Co., Ltd.
Production: Super Normal Studio
Production cooperation: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.
Ako Shakawa: Misaki Ikeda
Tano flow: Momoko Fujisaki
Hashifune Ichika: Faint Nitta
Chiyo Yasuura: Aisaki Mashio
Shino Kamatani: Yuka Cold Water
Tega-chan: Moa Tsukino
Manu: Mei Okada
Rabbit: Yuri Kinoshita
Shakawa Hane: Yume Shinohara
Hashira Tani Kiri: Tani Shiori
Field chestnut: Risa Okuma
Makoto Hamashiro: Arisa Noto
◇ Official website
◇ Voice actor audition information
Recruitment start date: January 2023
Recruiting character: Duel
[Image 2d57957-4-738678636028ee2f58e8-2.jpg&s3=57957-4-9c1686dce699994d98d0b155352bcf3c-1701x956.jpg
◇ Crowdfunding information
Start date: January 2023
Platform: CAMPFIRE
Main rewards: TV anime voice actor participation ticket, desired character appearing in TV anime, commercial production
[Image 3d57957-4-0077a634f03af94bfecd-3.png&s3=57957-4-c317d74551ebacec9a93b8c9f3b13c9a-1200x800.png
◇Original information
Draft: Shinya Murai
Drawing: Rakkokumicho
Episode 6 Drawing: Masakazu Iwasaki
Production cooperation: KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.
[Image 4d57957-4-1072ccbd813838410e49-1.png&s3=57957-4-fb17ded5545494852f9aaf2d477d3fdb-1992x2700.png

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