Delivery robot Lucki is very active at Costa Coffee in Prague, Czech Republic

Orion Star Robotics US Inc.
Delivery robot Lucki is very active at Costa Coffee in Prague, Czech Republic Lucki, the delivery robot, plays an active role as an employee at Costa Coffee, a European coffee shop that focuses on passion and quality.

This time, the delivery robot Lucki has been installed at Costa Coffee in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. For 50 years, Costa Coffee has been developed all over the world and has been loved by many customers.
Background of introduction of delivery robots
Lucki was introduced to solve the serious labor shortage caused by the corona crisis. By entrusting the serving and lowering of the trays to robots, the restaurant can be operated even when there is a shortage of workers, which is expected to reduce labor costs. In addition, since robots can repeat simple tasks over a long period of time without rest, we expect them to improve work efficiency and
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employee comments
“Lucki is a valuable new employee because he helps with a variety of tasks, such as serving and clearing the table. Realized services can also be provided.For example, during the sales period of seasonal menus where you can enjoy the feeling of the season, Lucki can advertise the menu while going around the store. It’s easy to get people to do it. It improves the customer experience and increases customer satisfaction. The coffee shop robot Lucki will create a happier work environment.”
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Lucki overview
Lucki has a unique understanding of the environment and can select routes and set variable speeds. It is possible to change the running speed, such as running at 0.3 m/sec in places where people’s flow lines cross within the running area, and running at 1.0 m/sec in other places.
In addition to support for contactless and business efficiency, an advertisement mode is also installed. “Sales promotion” and
“Announcement” functions have been enhanced. By selecting the mode, it is also possible to serve meals while celebrating birthdays, or perform performances to attract customers at the store during open hours and off-peak hours.
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