DeNA Live audio distribution app “Voice Pococha” 1st anniversary event, item distribution campaign, etc. Also released infographic looking back on the year

Live audio distribution app “Voice Pococha” 1st anniversary event and campaigns such as item distribution Also released infographic looking back on the year

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The voice live distribution app “Voice Pococha” operated by DeNA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shingo Okamura, hereinafter DeNA) will start service on January 17. It’s been 1 years since. To commemorate the first anniversary, we will carry out a campaign such as event and item distribution. We also released an infographic that looks back on the past year.
Voice Pococha’s mission is to “deliver the joy of a community where your existence is recognized to everyone”, and it is a community platform where you can be accepted as you are, regardless of your appearance, age, or gender.
With live audio distribution, there is no need to worry about showing your face, as opposed to the mainstream platform where you can show your face. In addition, there is no need to prepare for distribution, and it is easy to form a core community that supports the river. It can be said that it is an easy place to solve.
Voice Pococha utilizes the know-how to make the community more exciting with the live communication app “Pococha” operated by DeNA and the character live app “IRIAM”, and through live voice
distribution, you can become a part of the community. We deliver the fun of becoming a central character to people.
■ 1st anniversary campaign overview:
■ Infographic information looking back on the year:
・The number of downloads has grown 6 times in about 10 months since the release on January 17, 2022
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Since the app was released on January 17, 2022, many users have continued to use it immediately after its release due to its simple and easy-to-understand UI design and ease of getting started. The number of downloads increased about 6 times in about 10 months due to the effects of existing voice live distribution users and word of mouth of Pococha users.
・The number of daily active users tripled, accelerating user acquisition and retention
[Image 3d13971-103-5058039aa39ddafd75d6-2.png&s3=13971-103-13bfb46fb5d3a6c0aa85d1ec94719dc5-1920x1280.png
Thanks to the effects of systems that keep the motivation of continuous streaming/viewing, such as Ganbari grade, community rank, fan rank, and event holding, it is possible to return feedback to users with appropriate frequency and content, and the number of daily active users is approximately Almost tripled in 10 months.
・In addition to the number of users, the amount of communication between voice drivers and listeners has also increased.
[Image 4d13971-103-bc5a9d7b10cdffe5a22b-3.png&s3=13971-103-ca3a3250a249e94c84d5c47f4c4af268-1920x1280.png
・Communication using items is also activated and grows about 11 times [Image 5d13971-103-38ba80c6d1e73fdbd06f-4.png&s3=13971-103-74f2338a05892b2feaab56c77c9e21a7-1920x1280.png
In addition to simply increasing the number of users, by holding events and regularly increasing the density of communication between users, the number of combinations of listeners and voice drivers who have commented more than a certain number of times in a week has increased by about four times. The number of users has grown significantly to about 11 times.
Voice Pococha has grown into a platform that creates a world where a community centered around voice actors can be formed without showing their face, and the support of listeners who recognize themselves can be accepted by anyone. In the future, we will continue to aim for further growth and increase recognition as an app that allows people who have not yet experienced live audio distribution to easily start broadcasting.
[Image 6d13971-103-a0259a4824fe9ffd455d-5.png&s3=13971-103-1eb061535e158ab9267e0b210085778f-640x400.png
What is Voice Pococha? (
Voice Pococha is a voice live distribution app operated by DeNA Co., Ltd. with the mission of “delivering the fun of a community where your existence is recognized to everyone”. Users do not need to show their faces, so they can form a community centered on themselves without worrying about appearance, age, or gender. You can live stream together.
iOS version
Android Version: ■ About DeNA
Under the mission of “Delight beyond imagination for each and every person”, DeNA is developing its business in both entertainment and social issue areas. Applying the problem-solving methods cultivated in the entertainment field centered on games, sustainable healthcare services aimed at reducing social security costs, lively urban development centered on sports, and solving various social issues. is supporting In addition to service development, our strength is service management that creates new added value by improving the rate of continued use through high-speed utilization of data including AI and unique customer behavior analysis. In addition, we are actively developing alliance projects with partner companies and government agencies, aiming for problem solving and business growth by leveraging each other’s strengths. The main business areas are games, sports, live streaming, healthcare/medical, and automotive, and from virtual to real businesses, we will consistently create and provide new Delights to society.
Founded in 1999, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market (stock code: 2432). Details are

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