Denon New Product Super Audio CD Player DCD-1700NE

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[Denon New Product] Super Audio CD Player DCD-1700NE
A middle-class SACD player refined with the same techniques as the flagship model

Denon will release the super audio CD player “DCD-1700NE” in late January 2023. The DCD-1700NE is a mid-class Super Audio CD disc player that forms the core of Denon’s Hi-Fi audio products. Since the birth of the CD in 1982, Denon has continued to lead the market by developing unique technologies such as ALPHA processing for CD playback of even higher quality. We will deliver the latest
self-confidence work.
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Product name: SACD player
Product number: DCD-1700NE
Color: SP (premium silver)
Suggested retail price: 198,000 yen (tax included)
JAN/EAN code: 0747192139292 (DCD1700NESP)
Release date: Late January 2023
[Image 2d3601-320-9622d0e6f42fc23c7402-8.jpg&s3=3601-320-cdee843ed14068fffa0ca92267f8181b-2097x1219.jpg
Since its release in November 2016, the PMA-1700NE has won numerous awards both in Japan and overseas, and is positioned as the successor to the DCD-1600NE, which has been highly acclaimed for its sound quality. Since it is a product specialized for playing CDs and Super Audio CDs with high sound quality, there are only minor changes in function and appearance, but it is the same as Denon’s proud flagship SACD player “DCD-SX1 LIMITED EDITION”. The sound master, Shinichi Yamauchi, thoroughly examined the parts related to sound quality, and by applying sound tuning that luxuriously uses high-quality parts that surpass the class, the performance has been dramatically improved. [Image 3d3601-320-0eb9d319c6626ba722f9-9.jpg&s3=3601-320-27a5481d22b2223bacbaa536a04f4773-3900x2600.jpg
The disc drive is equipped with the latest generation of the drive mechanism “Advanced S.V.H. Mechanism” developed in-house. Since Denon develops the mechanism in-house, we can optimize the mechanical and electrical design according to the product to be installed and maximize its performance. And Denon’s original analog waveform reproduction technology “Advanced AL32 Processing Plus” is also installed. For CD playback, the 44.1 kHz / 16 bit PCM signal is upsampled to 705.6 kHz / 32 bit and bit-expanded to reproduce the original analog waveform, resulting in a delicate depiction without distortion and an accurate sound. We have achieved reproduction that is faithful to the original sound, such as localization and rich low frequencies. In addition, by using high-quality parts such as the highest grade PPSC-X capacitors used in analog audio output circuits, upgraded operational amplifiers, carbon film resistors, Melf resistors, conductive polymer capacitors, etc. , realizes “Vivid & Spacious” Denon sound that achieves both overwhelming high resolution and an endlessly expanding sound stage.
[Image 4d3601-320-9cfd939303a61deb9b0c-10.jpg&s3=3601-320-6d76830aed83d9faae33fb2e9f94a6ec-3900x2600.jpg
[Image 5d3601-320-96595563185ee69ba065-4.jpg&s3=3601-320-6b7753419b0f55de122e3ae91654b1b3-3900x1371.jpg

About Denon
Denon, which celebrated its 110th anniversary on October 1, 2020, is a premium audio brand originating from Japan’s first record and gramophone manufacturer and Japan’s first professional recording equipment manufacturer. Our innovative technological capabilities and development capabilities, such as the practical application of the world’s first digital PCM recorder, have earned high praise from around the world. Since 2001, the name has been unified from “DENON” to “DENON”, and we are expanding the field of activity as a global brand.
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