Descente Japan Co., Ltd. New release of jumpers for soccer kids from “Umbro” because they are easy to use even for children “You can wear them yourself!”

Descente Japan Co., Ltd.
“Umbro” launches a new jumper for soccer kids because it’s an easy zipper even for children.
Received the Kids Design Award for ease of use by children

“Umbro” developed by Descente Japan Co., Ltd. is a jumper “Umbro Hajime Woven Jacket” that is designed for children who have started playing soccer in the lower grades of elementary school, with zippers and linings that make it easy for children to put on and take off by themselves. From January 24th, it will be on sale at our official mail order “DESCENTE STORE Online”, sports chain stores, and soccer specialty stores.
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Special site URL: Umbro has long focused on the development of items that support children to play soccer more safely and positively. We have developed shoes designed with different colors so that you can know where to kick and stop.
The “first woven jacket” to be released this time is a jumper with water-repellent and windproof functions, and is an outerwear that is worn to and from soccer and practice during the cold season. In addition to being confident that “I was able to wear it properly myself!” It is a jumper that is close to both children and parents, considering the above. Together with the “beginner’s woven pants” that can be worn as a set, it won the 16th Kids Design Award as an item that “reduces the burden of changing clothes for parents while fostering children’s sense of independence.”
three contact points
1. Zipper that is easy to close even for children who are not yet dexterous with their hands
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It’s hard to pinch the small parts and put them in the narrow slot. There are many children who are not good at such fasteners. On the other hand, when the time for soccer school is approaching, it will be stressful for the child if the child cannot prepare by himself or, on the contrary, it takes a lot of time to try to do it by himself. The “Hajimejime Woven Jacket” has parts that assist in inserting the zipper to widen the slot, and the flash yellow color of the auxiliary parts is easy to recognize, so that children can smoothly close the zipper. We will support you so that you can
2. Ingenuity of child-friendly lining, lining does not protrude from cuffs and hem
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Most outerwear for sports has a mesh lining so that even when you sweat, it won’t stick to your skin or the training clothes you’re wearing inside. However, this mesh can get caught on your hands and feet when you wear it, and if you force it through, it can pop out from the cuffs and hem. Not only is it difficult to wear and looks, but there is also a risk of injury. The “first woven jacket” has a mesh lining only in the minimum necessary areas (red areas) where sweat is likely to occur, such as around the shoulders and thighs, and eliminates lining such as the cuffs and hem. This reduces catching and popping out of the lining, and since the lining is removed from the beginning of the zipper, it is designed to prevent the zipper from biting into the lining.
3. Retroreflective mark for visibility on dark roads
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It can be dark on the way to and from soccer school after school. In order to improve visibility, retroreflection is used in the logo and large design marks on the chest and thighs. The coolness of the glowing mark is also a favorite point that children want to wear. In addition, by adopting it in the zipper part of the calf of the pants, it is devised so that retroreflection is arranged in both the front and back directions when worn up and down.
【Product Summary】
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Product name: Umbro first woven jacket
Product number: UUJVJF41
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥7,590 (tax included) Color: BLU (blue), BLK (black)
Size: 110/120/130/140

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Product name: Umbro first woven pants
Product number: UUJVJG41
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥6,490 (tax included) Color: BLK (black) Size: 110/120/130/140

[Sales location]
Descente official mail order “DESCENTE STORE online”, Himalaya sports, some soccer specialty stores
*Product handling varies by store. For details, please contact each store. 2022 (16th) Kids Design Award Winner
“Umbro Hajimete Woven Jacket” and “Umbro Hajimete Woven Pants” won the Kids Design Award in the “design category that contributes to the safety and security of children.”
Kids Design Award Jury Comments
Wear that is easy to put on and take off so that children can wear it themselves. The zippers with auxiliary functions and the structure that prevents the lining from getting caught help to foster
independence in children while reducing the burden of changing clothes for parents. Attention to detail is good, such as retroreflective marks that consider safety when going to and from clubs.
Kids Design Award Winning Website
(The name at the time of application was “first soccer wear”) Product development from a dad’s point of view: Comment from Koji Nishida, the designer in charge
[Image 7d35942-194-efa9f3d3a9e269f7be15-8.jpg&s3=35942-194-775a55be3a6c9ea5993d402f9b2b5e88-1609x1657.jpg
I have a child in the first grade of elementary school. I usually don’t like clothes with zippers. I want to wear it by myself soon, but I can’t wear it properly. In order for children to be able to do it on their own, I thought it would be good to eliminate obstacles when they wear it. We listened to the opinions and needs of mothers and fathers who have children in the company’s lower grades and children who play soccer, and created products that can solve the problems of both parents and children. I aimed for
I would be happy if there were more opportunities for parents to be happy about their child’s growth through soccer.
-Reference material: Other typical children’s items developed by the “Umbro” brand-
(Both won the Kids Design Award)
[Image 8d35942-194-2a9334a873ba977c6605-6.jpg&s3=35942-194-d829f6952cbcc7c56ad1385de525519d-3900x1073.jpg
Photo from left
junior football backpack
Product number: UJS1200J
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥6,820 (tax included) Features: An icon print is applied to the storage area, making it easy for children to understand where to store what. In addition, since the pocket for the water bottle is placed in the center of the inside of the main body, the center of gravity does not collapse even with a heavy water bottle when riding a bicycle.
Cooling football practice cap for juniors (patented)
Product number: UUDVJC03
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥3,520 (tax included) Features: Cap with cooling and UV cut function. Non-slip tape is used around the inside of the head to prevent the cap from slipping when heading or affecting the trajectory of the ball.
*Products for the 2011 spring/summer season will be available from mid-March. junior shin guard
Product number: UJS4600
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥1,650 (tax included) Features: 3D design that matches the shape of the tibia, asymmetrical model with a good fit. It is printed on the right and left to make it easy for children to understand.
soccer shoes for the first time
Product number: UU4TJB77WB
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: ¥6,050 (tax included) Features: Shoes designed for juniors who start playing soccer. Under the supervision of a full-time elementary school coach, the ball is color-coded so that you can remember the ball touches of stopping, kicking, and carrying.
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