Digital Garage Launches “ID-HUG,” an ID Solution That Does Not Rely on Cookies

Digital Garage, Inc.
Digital Garage Launches “ID-HUG,” an ID Solution That Does Not Rely on Cookies – Compatible with Facebook, Instagram, LINE, and Google conversion APIs –
Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE Prime 4819, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President Executive Officer, Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi, hereinafter referred to as DG) is an ID solution that does not rely on cookies, “ID-HUG” (https
://” has been launched. By linking 1st party data held by advertisers with user data held by ad distribution platforms, it is possible to improve the accuracy of conversion measurement and optimization. Supports Facebook and Instagram “Conversion API” provided by Meta, “LINE Conversion API” provided by LINE, and “Extended Conversion API” provided by Google, and APIs of other ad distribution platforms will be supported sequentially. It’s a schedule.
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From the perspective of privacy protection, regulations on 3rd party cookies have been tightened, and as a measurement method that does not use 3rd party cookies, a conversion API*1 that transmits data with the user’s permission to the platform is attracting attention. “ID-HUG” provided by DG protects the user’s privacy*2 by linking with the conversion API provided by the ad distribution platform, and realizes conversion measurement that does not rely on cookies. Cross-device conversion measurement and offline conversion optimization are also possible.
■ About “ID-HUG”
“ID-HUG” is a service that allows you to easily use the functions of the conversion API provided by the advertising distribution platform. No specialized technology or development costs such as API development is required, and it is possible to customize the data to be used according to the environment of the advertiser and maximize the effect of the conversion API. A specialized team familiar with the ad distribution platform will handle everything from organizing the facts to implementation.
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DG will continue to utilize its knowledge and expertise in digital marketing to develop and provide marketing solutions that take user privacy into consideration, thereby maximizing advertising
effectiveness. In addition, the DG Group has set up a group strategy “DG Fintech Shift” that integrates payment and data to drive Japan’s DX amid major changes in social and industrial structures. By co-creating the group’s individual segment businesses and the DX business, we will contribute to the development of a sustainable society.
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*1: Conversion API supplements conversions that cannot be measured due to the impact of ITP, etc., and maximizes advertising effectiveness by improving the learning accuracy of ad delivery and the accuracy of exemption from delivery of converted users. It is a function that can be It is provided by each advertising distribution platform company, and is required to be installed in a cookieless environment. *2: The user data to be used is the data for which the user’s consent has been obtained after clearly specifying the purpose and method of use of the data in the advertiser’s on-site privacy policy.
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