Diners Club Participates in Demonstration Experiment of New Mobility Service Utilizing HondaJet ~ Cardholders Get on Board and Experience Mobility Service ~

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Diners Club Participates in Demonstration Experiment of New Mobility Service Utilizing HondaJet ~ Cardholders Get on Board and Experience Mobility Service ~

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club Co., Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Koji Igarashi; hereinafter referred to as the Company), which issues Diners Club cards, is Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Honda). ), we are cooperating with a demonstration experiment of a new mobility service using HondaJet.
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Using HondaJet, Honda envisioned a business jet travel service for medium- to long-distance travel between regional cities in Japan. Honda is also considering working with related businesses and local governments to enable a consistent travel experience that includes land travel and activities at the destination. As part of the demonstration experiment, we participated in the verification of individual customer utilization, and in December 2022, Diners Club members boarded HondaJet and cooperated in the demonstration experiment.
In the future, when a new mobility service using HondaJet is launched, we plan to promote business cooperation so that we can provide a wide range of services to Diners Club members.
■ About HondaJet
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The best of Honda’s advanced technology is condensed into the compact body. By placing the engine above the main wing, the spaciousness and quietness of the cabin are greatly improved, bringing an impressive experience to the passengers.
Click here for details https://www.honda.co.jp/jet/?from=navi_drawer ■ Proof-of-concept of new mobility services using HondaJet
By using HondaJet to connect regional cities that are inconvenient to use public transportation, it may be possible to contribute to greater efficiency in transportation, regional revitalization, and support for remote medical care. This is where the planning of a new mobility service using HondaJet began.
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Honda’s abundant member base and philosophy of delivering new value to customers, and polite response from Honda’s explanation of the background of this initiative to detailed adjustments for
implementation to customers who are candidates for demonstration experiment participation. Honda highly evaluated the point that it can be used, and we decided to participate in the demonstration
■ Voices of Diners Club members who participated in the demonstration flight We will introduce the voices of members who have experienced boarding. [Image 3

[December 16, 2022 Nanki Shirahama Airport → Shizuoka Airport about 45 minutes] Normally, the engine is mounted in the rear part of the fuselage, but the HondaJet has the engine mounted on the top of the main wing, which is rare, and it perfectly solves the problem of vibration and noise. I was really impressed with Honda’s technology. If the number of people is larger (*), I would like to use it for various scenes such as family trips, business trips, and employee trips. * Currently 6 people capacity (4 people + 2 auxiliary seats).
[December 17, 2022 Shizuoka Airport → Oita Airport about 90 minutes] Thank you for your valuable experience. If you have a joint ownership system like a resort membership, where you can divide the ownership into about 10 people and use it 5 times a year, or if you own it yourself, you will hardly use it, so you can rent it to a charter service. You may also want to consider.
“We were able to understand what kind of value individual users feel about mobility services that utilize HondaJet, including points they expect and points to improve. The results of the demonstration experiment were fed back to service planning. This will lead to more satisfying services for our customers.” (According to a Honda representative), our participation in the demonstration experiment made a solid contribution.
Through collaboration with various companies, Diners Club will continue to develop new card usage scenarios, ascertain customer needs, and provide meticulous support.
Diners Club Card Information
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https://www.diners.co.jp/en/cardlineup/dinersclub_premiumcard.html Diners Club is distributing video advertisements featuring actor Hiroki Hasegawa.
Title: “The real thing will remain forever. The real status” [Image 6

Public destination: https://youtu.be/WLN38D3PIf8
■Various videos are available on the official Diners Club YouTube channel, from video advertisements in which Mr. Hasegawa appears, making-of videos, to Diners Club member-only events.
Diners Club Official YouTube Account: https://www.youtube.com/DinersClubJapan ■ Click here for details of Diners Club:
Diners Club website https://www.diners.co.jp/en/pvt.html
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