Distributed Tourism Demonstration Project “WALK AROUND MIRAI” with Multilingual Audio Guide Released in Additional 3 Languages!

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Distributed Tourism Demonstration Project “WALK AROUND MIRAI” with Multilingual Audio Guide Released in Additional 3 Languages! “WALK AROUND MIRAI,” creating distributed tourism and town-walking content with multilingual audio in anticipation of the recovery of inbound demand

We are pleased to announce that we have released a trilingual tour in Chinese, Korean and Ukrainian from 2023.
DATTARUJIN LLC (located in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative: Akira Yamamoto), which creates social issue-solving entertainment, is conducting a demonstration project in the open innovation program “Business Accelerator Kanagawa (BAK)” implemented by Kanagawa Prefecture. increase. In anticipation of the recovery of the inbound market, which has been hit by the new corona, “WALK AROUND MIRAI”, which creates new distributed tourism and town walking content of “avoiding the three Cs” and “non-contact”, will start from 2023 in Chinese, Korean, and Ukrainian. We are pleased to announce that we have released a trilingual tour.
[Image 1

Providing multilingual audio guides to sightseeing spots in the Minatomirai district of Yokohama
“WALK AROUND MIRAI” is a new decentralized sightseeing tour from Minato Mirai. When you walk to a specific spot, you can automatically hear voices and music linked to your smartphone’s location information. By walking around Yokohama while listening to the sounds, you can discover new charms and pleasures of the city.
In addition to English and Japanese audio guides, “WALK AROUND MIRAI”, which provides audio guides for sightseeing spots in multiple languages ​​such as Ukraine, Korean, and Chinese, will allow people of various nationalities to enjoy sightseeing in the Yokohama Minato Mirai area with peace of mind even during the corona crisis. We provide a multilingual audio guide that you can use. Through this, we aim to create new entertainment in anticipation of the recovery of the inbound market, and to socially implement the Minato Mirai area infrastructure that is language barrier-free for foreign visitors to Japan.
In addition, by encouraging walking around the city, we are verifying the impact on the time spent in the city, guidance to local
facilities, and the possibility of creating paid content.
Contributing to countermeasures against crowding accidents after large-scale events
“WALK AROUND MIRAI” aims to solve not only inbound but also various social issues through entertainment.
Specifically, in areas such as the Minato Mirai 21 area, where large-scale event venues are concentrated, there is a concern that the risk of accidents will increase due to crowding of participants at the nearest station and surrounding roads at the end of the event. In response to these issues, we aim to improve circulation by dispersing the flow of people by utilizing audio content placed at tourist spots on WALK AROUND MIRAI. This contributes to
countermeasures against crowding accidents and to the local economy. Providing audio guides in native languages ​​to Ukrainian refugees in Japan In addition, we released a Ukrainian language tour for refugees from Ukraine, where Odesa Province, which has a friendly exchange area with Kanagawa Prefecture, is located. Considering the possibility of contributing to disaster prevention measures with the aim of realizing a “safe and secure city” for foreign visitors to Japan, who are likely to be vulnerable to disasters, by providing guidance to evacuation sites in multiple languages ​​in the event of a disaster. To do. [Image 2

◆ Appearance
[Image 3

Оксана Піскунова (Pisknowa Oksana)
[Image 4

Шановні українці!
З радістю представляємо вам аудіогід туристичними місцями
м.Йокогами, мовою.
Це без перебільшення неймовірно важлива та знакова подія!
Відтепер українці матимуть можливість познайомитися з символом сучасної Японії, місцем, звідки почалася новітня історія цієї країни – Йокогамою, дізнатися про цікаві факти та легенди цього неймовірного міста, що, до речі, є побратимом нашої Одеси.
Содіаєос, що ауауаєос, щододожогоюою содобає яам, так іаї м, я наш Оксана Піскунова.
(The Ukrainian version of the long-awaited Yokohama Tourist Guide is now available!
It’s been 20 years since I moved to Yokohama, and it’s no exaggeration to say that this is a historic event for someone like me, who loves Yokohama so much that I introduced myself as “I’m a Hamakko!” By being able to explain the past, present, and a little bit of the future of Yokohama, which is a symbol of modern Japan, to Ukrainians in their native language, I want them to feel the charm of Yokohama up close, and I want them to love Yokohama as much as I do.
As the Russian invasion continues, many Ukrainians are left homeless, battling cold and darkness.
Ukrainians who have evacuated to Yokohama, as well as tourists who will come to Japan in the future, will listen to the voice tour guide, I hope you enjoy it. Oksana)
Efforts to support Ukrainian language for WALK AROUND MIRAI are introduced -TOKYO NEWS RADIO~LIFE~- TOKYO FM
Saturday, January 21, 2023 6:00-7:00
[Program overview]
◆Broadcasting station: TOKYO FM
◆ Broadcast date: January 21, 2023 (Sat) 6:00-7:00
(Scheduled to be featured in the program corner “Tokyo Incident!”) ◆ Appearance: Mutsumi Murata, Ryosuke Goto (TOKYO FM news and information center)
[Image 5d111588-2-9e73ccac079db0d79e6e-6.jpg&s3=111588-2-75bd678b2bfde2882639b2b5a377b605-2667x1500.jpg
Hong Young-hee
[Image 6d111588-2-7b50d734bbb7f9136f67-8.jpg&s3=111588-2-2df5dfb2a627a991001a82c7d3dafa21-1801x2700.jpg
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
(Thank you for letting me be your guide for this wonderful trip. I myself have been wanting to visit both old and new sights. I would appreciate it if I could help you enjoy your trip even a little. Hong Young-hee)
[Image 7d111588-2-37bb1a49d9a050e964b3-7.jpg&s3=111588-2-3ee9db7946fd1a1ad0824e77c69e9066-2667x1500.jpg
[Image 8d111588-2-130ad29a07813a3c8f31-2.jpg&s3=111588-2-8f37780c9642d7af3c3ae61359be53e5-2346x2700.jpg
Can’t you visit Tokyo?
–This idea of ​​the person is not small~
In fact, it’s not in Tokyo, but it’s near Kanagawa.
However, this is also a modern city full of charm,
Welcome to Shenzhen Tourist Visitors!
Please follow the instructions of the master’s voice, go ahead and understand Yokobin,
Enjoy the double-opening heart of the hotel!
(You can’t miss Yokohama when sightseeing in Tokyo!
Isn’t there a lot of people who think?
…Strictly speaking, it’s not Tokyo, but the neighboring Kanagawa prefecture (laughs)
That’s why Yokohama is so popular among tourists as a modern city full of stylish attractions!
Learn more about Yokohama and enjoy sightseeing more through this audio guide~) ・Supported languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Ukrainian, Japanese ・ Usage fee: Free
・Town walking time: about 1 hour
・WALK AROUND MIRAI official website
◆ General inquiries regarding this matter
DATTARUJIN limited liability company
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