Diversification of communication methods by ICT activates shy children

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-Announcement of new methods and analysis for classroom management using ICT Goto, Representative Director of CodeTact, announced the effects of ICT utilization on class management based on the results of a demonstration experiment using the action log of the class support cloud “SchoolTact”. It was published in the Annals of Educational Psychology.

Masaki Goto, Representative Director of Codetact Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masaki Goto, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) conducts and analyzes new methods for class management using ICT, and educates the results. “ICT,” which is part of the academic conference report published in the Annual Report of Psychology, “Ingenuity of collaborative learning to develop children’s qualities and abilities in the era of
COVID-19-Educational practices of team schools that integrate subject guidance and student guidance-” Collaborative learning using About School Takt https://schooltakt.com/
Academic report
https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/arepj/61/0/61_314/_article/-char/ja [Image 1d25975-68-df324278add8f6958075-0.png&s3=25975-68-23936aab714571b0488525a31b110bfe-1280x670.png

This academic report aims to consider how to develop measures against infectious diseases, the active use of ICT, and collaborative learning in school education during the corona crisis. This is a summary of In “Collaborative Learning Using ICT,” which Goto wrote as part of this report, we learned about classroom management that diversified communication methods through the use of ICT, which we learned through joint demonstration experiments conducted by NTT Communications and NTT Communications. summarizes the effects on
The demonstration experiment was conducted for the “Morning Note”* activity that students use the school tact at the school morning meeting. Analyzing the action log of school tact in morning notebook activities, visualizing the connections of human relationships in the class as a community graph, comparing with the teacher’s sense of the class situation, and comparing with the questionnaire to measure class satisfaction Verification of correlation, etc. were performed. Through this research, we found that “indirect communication through writing” activates shy children who are not usually the center of communication (Fig. 1), and that children who receive many comments tend to have a high sense of approval. I understand. “Collaborative learning using ICT” publishes these research results.
*What is “Morning Note”?
With the aim of supporting the creation of close human relationships within the class, during the morning meeting, students write their own physical condition and interests on the school tact, and view and comment on each other within the class. am.
[Image 2d25975-68-f202bc0c212185144c5c-1.png&s3=25975-68-23f05cdd2f9ca8d5c00987b2424bfe6f-1280x670.png
Figure 1 A community graph for a month that visualizes the connections between human relationships in the class

At our company, we have organized an education research institute with members who research educational technology and educational
psychology, including the representative director Goto.・We are conducting practical research.
We will continue to develop this research and strive to create services that support the learning of teachers and students at schools. In addition, the results of our activities, including this research, are published on our Educational Research Institute’s blog. Education Research Institute Blog:
About “collaborative learning using ICT”
In class management that assumes diversity, it is thought that classes so far have been biased toward direct communication, such as “talking” in exchange situations, and reasonable consideration has not been given to the difficulties faced by various students.
Due to school closures and measures to prevent the spread of infection due to the corona crisis, opportunities for interactive learning such as collaborative learning at school sites have decreased. On the other hand, with the introduction of ICT-based class support systems, it has become possible to distribute and share worksheets online, which has led to the use of written communication in addition to verbal communication. .
I think that this has more significance for class management than dealing with social distancing.
Based on the above perspectives, this report draws on the results of multiple empirical studies, such as network analysis using the action log of the class support system “School Tact,” to show how the diversification of communication methods realized through the use of ICT will lead to class management. showing the effect.

Report overview

Media: Annals of Educational Psychology (Volume 61, 2022)
Published by: Japanese Society of Educational Psychology
Title: Ingenuity of collaborative learning to develop children’s qualities and abilities in the with corona era
―Educational practice of a team school that integrates subject guidance and student guidance―
Posted site: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/arepj/61/0/61_314/_article/-char/ja About Masaki Goto, Representative Director of Codetact Co., Ltd. [Image 3d25975-68-38e6d7dc6e83677f65b1-2.jpg&s3=25975-68-8fcc5665772b0a1fb083cc827bf4543c-1031x1532.jpg

Completed doctoral course at Waseda University Graduate School of Education and graduated from Senzoku Gakuen University Conducting Research Institute. After working as a physics lecturer at a major preparatory school and CTO at an educational company, he is currently CEO of Codetact Co., Ltd., Director of Study Lab Co., Ltd., and is promoting the digitization of education as a part-time national civil servant at the Digital Agency.
He has also served as a project manager for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and as a member of the Board of Education. As an engineer, he has been certified as an unexplored super creator by the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), and as a conductor he is the conductor of the Ryukyu Philharmonic Orchestra.

About “School Tact”
“School Tact” is a service that makes “school time” more enjoyable and enriching for both students and teachers as a class support cloud that uses data and AI to smoothly realize proactive, interactive and deep learning. am. With a variety of analytical functions and support from staff with extensive knowledge of education, we are contributing to encouraging growth that leads to the ability of children to continue learning on their own, and increasing the fun and rewarding time that teachers can spend with children.
It has been adopted for various ICT education demonstration projects supervised by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Cabinet Office, etc. has been introduced.
URL: https://schooltakt.com/
【Company Profile】
Our mission is to “innovate learning and create a world where everyone can live freely”. We aim to support collaborative learning through ICT.
Company name: Codetact Co., Ltd.
Location: 28-4 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ohba Building A Building 2F Room b
Established: January 2015
Representative: Masaki Goto, Representative Director
Business description: Provision of class support cloud “School Tact” and job training support cloud “Team Tact”
URL: https://codetakt.com/

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