Limited Liability Company Notice of holding a Twitter campaign to commemorate the distribution of DMM TV original short animation “Spare Eye”

DMM TV original short animation “Spare Eye” distribution start commemorative Twitter campaign held
The lyrics and music are composed by Ichiro Yoshida, an untouchable world! The music video with the lyrics of the ED theme “Zettai Uchuu Standard” sung by the idol “Space Uniform” played by Kaede Hondo, Ai Fairouz, Azusa Tadokoro, and Azumi Waki ​​has also been released on official YouTube.

“DMM TV” operated by LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO Keiji Kameyama, hereinafter referred to as DMM) provides a variety of content and entertainment experiences. DMM’s new comprehensive video distribution platform. “DMM TV” has started distributing the original short animation “Spare” from 24:00 on January 26th. To commemorate the distribution, DMM TV’s official Twitter will carry out a “Follow & Retweet Campaign to Commemorate the Launch of Spaye” from 12:00 on January 27th. Also, on the official YouTube, the ED theme of this work is sung by Ichiro Yoshida Untouchable World, who is in charge of the songwriting, and the idol “Universal Uniform” played by Kaede Hondo, Fairouz Ai, Tadokoro Azusa, and Waki ​​Azumi (from left to right in the photo). A music video with lyrics for “Zettai Uchuu Standard” is also available. [Image 1

[Image 2

“Follow-up & retweet campaign to commemorate the launch of “Spaeye” distribution”
In commemoration of the start of distribution from 24:00 on January 26th, we will carry out a “Follow & Retweet Campaign Commemorating the Start of ‘Spare’ Distribution” on DMM TV’s official Twitter. We will present an Amazon gift code worth up to 10,000 yen to 210 people by lottery.
-Campaign period-
January 27, 2023 12:00 to February 2, 2023 11:59
-way to participate-
1. Follow DMM TV official Twitter below

2. Retweet the corresponding post
3. Participate in the lottery from the URL listed in the corresponding post *Periods and participation methods are subject to change.
For details, please check DMM TV official Twitter.
[Image 3

A music video with lyrics for the ED theme “Absolute Space Standard” is now available!
From 12:00 on January 26, DMM TV’s official YouTube has released a music video with lyrics for the ED theme “Zettai Uchu Standard” sung by “Uchu Uniform”.
The ED theme of this work is Ecchan (Kaede Hondo), Sapphi (Fairouz Ai), Rocco (Azusa Tadokoro), Moffan (Azumi Waki) and other space idols “Universal uniforms” appearing in the work. responsible person. In addition, the music is handled by Ichiro Yoshida, who started solo live activities after working as a bassist for ZAZEN BOYS, and is currently active as a composer and arranger.
-The untouchable world of Ichiro Yoshida-
[Image 4

For 11 years from 2007, he worked as a bassist for ZAZEN BOYS. In 2018, along with leaving the band, Ichiro Yoshida shifted his focus to activities as Untouchable World. As a bassist, he has recorded and supported many artists such as Vaundy, Momoiro Clover Z, TK from Ling Tosite Sigure, Hui Ishizaki, Aimer, Maaya Sakamoto, SAKEROCK, and MIYAVI. His wide range of activities include creating commercial songs and anime songs.
It is a video where you can enjoy the idol number that feels a little nostalgic in the year 2XXX when “Universal Uniform” is active, along with the lyrics. For those who have watched the main story and those who will watch it in the future, please take a look!
-Space Uniform “Absolute Space Standard” MV-

In addition, in commemoration of the start of the distribution of “Spare”, DMM TV is holding a “”Spare” distribution commemorative short animation feature” that collects 33 short animations.
A full lineup of works from new animations to masterpieces! DMM TV, where you can enjoy various works regardless of genre, from new animations currently being broadcast to timeless masterpieces, is 550 yen per month! Please enjoy it with “DMM TV”.
Program overview
Ecchan: Kaede Hondo
Sapphi: Fairouz Ai
Rocco: Azusa Tadokoro
Moffan: Azumi Waki
Series Composition/Screenplay: Kamomentaru Iwasaki
Director: Kenji Itoso
Character design: Yuki Moriyama
Animation production: KENJISTUDIO, REGARO
Music: Ichiro Yoshida Untouchable World
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[Delivery schedule]
Delivered on DMM TV from 24:00 on Thursday, January 26, 2023 (All 6 episodes, delivered at once)
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