Doll Co., Ltd. The second popular series is a new combination of grapes and chocolate! 92 kcal guilt-free frozen dessert “GRAPE Dole Dippers” New release on Tuesday, January 17

Doll Co., Ltd.
The second popular series is a new combination of grapes and chocolate! 92 kcal guilt-free frozen dessert “GRAPE Dole Dippers” New release on Tuesday, January 17
~ Available only now! “This is the ultimate! A campaign to win “Premium BANANA Dole Dippers” is also held ~

Dole Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Yosuke Watanabe, President; hereinafter referred to as Dole)’s processed food division has set up a series of slogans, “Anytime, anywhere, all-out
natural-full life-habit”, and “Natural & Healthy-Dippers”. “GRAPE Dole Dippers” will be released on January 17 as the second installment of the “Dole Dippers” series, a healthy frozen dessert with fruit coated in chocolate, based on the theme of “Full life dessert for adults”. It will be released at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from Tuesday (Tuesday).
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■Doll’s popular Healthy Frozen Dessert series, the second installment is “Grape x Chocolate”!
“Dole Dippers” is a bite-sized healthy frozen dessert made by coating frozen fresh fruit with chocolate. As the first step, we released “BANANA Dole Dippers”, which is a doll “Sweetio Banana * 1” cut into thick round slices and coated with plenty of chocolate, and has been well received.
This time, “GRAPE Dole Dippers” will appear as the second installment. This is a new product made by freezing a whole seedless red grape with chocolate. In order to take advantage of the rich sweetness of grapes, the chocolate is finished without sugar or flavorings. You can enjoy the freshness of grapes with a good balance of sweetness and acidity and the rich aroma of cacao at once. With a low calorie count of 92 kcal per bag, it’s a guilt-free and rich dessert that’s perfect for a snack when you’re feeling a little hungry, an after-meal dessert, or a sweet treat for the evening.
*1 Bananas cultivated at altitudes of 500m or more. Pursuing sweetness and richness to match the tastes of Japanese people.
[Features of the product]
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1. Frozen dessert with sweet grapes that Dole is particular about Made with Crimson, a seedless red grape from Chile that can be eaten with the skin. Only those with a sugar content of 18 degrees or more are selected, and you can enjoy the freshness of the juice and the scent of grapes with a rich sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste. 2. “Gilt-free” chocolate that brings out the original taste of grapes The chocolate is particular about compatibility with grapes, and does not use sugar or flavoring so that you can feel the rich sweetness of grapes. A bittersweet chocolate with a rich cacao aroma that allows you to enjoy the natural taste of fruits without feeling guilty. [Image 3

3. A package that is easy to eat without getting your hands dirty You can take out chocolate one by one with one hand without touching the chocolate directly.
adopted the package. Keep your hands clean while working, studying or reading You can eat easily.

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[Recommended way to eat]
When left frozen, you can enjoy the texture of crisp grapes and crisp chocolate. Also, if you take it out of the freezer and leave it at room temperature for 5 minutes, you can enjoy the freshness of the grapes and the smooth texture of the chocolate.
■ Product standard
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[Table 2: ]
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■Use of the finest bananas! Only available in this campaign, “This is the ultimate! Premium BANANA Dole Dippers” hits every day! “#Find Dole Dippers” campaign held
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A lottery will be held from those who purchased “BANANA Dole Dippers” and posted the name of the store where the product was purchased from their Twitter or Instagram account along with the hashtag
“#FindDoleDippers”. We will give the following prizes to 2 people (total 24 people) every day.
“This is the ultimate!” Premium BANANA Dole Dippers”
-Application period-
January 5, 2023 (Thursday) 10:00 to January 16, 2023 (Monday) 23:59 -Application method-
1. Follow Doll’s official Twitter account (@bobbykun_banana) or Instagram account (
2. Purchase “BANANA Dole Dippers” and post “a photo that confirms the product” and “the name of the store where you purchased” along with the hashtag “#FindDoleDippers” from your Twitter or Instagram account. post.
3. Submission completes the application! “2 people will win every day during the period!”
■ What is a doll?
Company name: Dole Japan, Inc.
Founded: 1965
Established: December 28, 1982
Capital: 80 million yen
Representative: Yosuke Watanabe, President and Representative Director Number of employees: 188 (as of April 2022)
Business: Production, processing, sales and marketing of fruits and vegetables, etc.
Operating revenue: 56.3 billion yen (fiscal year ending March 2022) ■ About Dole Purpose
Founded on a small but mission-driven basis nearly 170 years ago, Dole believes that nutritious, healthy food should be given equally to everyone, like sunlight.
That is why our slogan “Sunshine For All” is important not only for ourselves, but for all people around the world.
We stand for a fair world where everyone has access to healthy nutrition regardless of age, income, location, race or gender, and this access does not come at the cost of the planet. I want to URL:
■ “The Dole Promise A promise that dolls keep for a brighter world” Influenced by the Japanese concept of “sampo yoshi,” Dole has formulated “The Dole Promise, a promise that Dole will keep to realize a brighter world,” and conducts corporate activities based on this.
1. Access to nutrition for 1 billion people
2. Zero refined sugar
3. Zero fruit landfill disposal
4. Abolition of plastic packaging derived from fossil resources 5. Net zero greenhouse gas emissions from business activities 6. Shared value for all stakeholders
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