Doorkel Raises 300 Million Yen in Pre-Series A Round

Doorkel Co., Ltd.
Doorkel Raises 300 Million Yen in Pre-Series A Round

Doorkel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yohei Suzuki), which develops and deploys the SaaS-type business management system “SchooLynk Contact” for educational institutions, has acquired Nissay Capital in the pre-series A round. With Ikemori Venture Support LLC as the new lead investor, we implemented a third-party allotment of shares. In addition, a total of 300 million yen was raised through loans from multiple financial institutions. As a result, the total procurement amount will be 450 million yen.
With this funding, we will further enhance the functionality of “SchooLynk Contact” and expand the scope of DX work for educational institutions to update the course selection and learning experience of students after admission. In addition to our existing customers of higher education institutions such as universities and vocational schools, we will also expand into the private sector such as cram schools, qualification schools for adults, language schools and classrooms, and strengthen the addition of new functions and recruitment of human resources. increase.
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Social implementation of trigger infrastructure and update learning experience. Doorkel’s mission is to “implement the infrastructure of
opportunities”, and it is a SaaS that supports DX of recruiting public relations (marketing activities to convey the attractiveness of schools and to get them to go on to higher education) of educational institutions such as universities and vocational schools. We develop and provide a type business management system “SchooLynk Contact”. By switching from paper-based student information management to digital, not only can operational efficiency be improved, but collaboration with SNS, etc., has the effect of increasing the number of potential enrollees. It has been introduced to more than 250 educational institutions such as famous private universities, vocational school groups, etc.
Students who are planning to study at a university or vocational school that introduces SchooLynk Contact can complete a series of processes such as requesting materials, receiving information related to entrance examinations, booking and participating in open campus, AO entry and application all online. Instead, they can receive
personalized information according to their individual interests through SNS that they use on a daily basis, enabling a new course selection experience that is closer to students.
Doorkel will continue to realize new experiences that are close to students and their parents through the business DX of educational institutions, and provide opportunities for all learners to realize their own value and potential and to increase their value and potential. We will create a system where you can meet.
Purpose of procurement and future development
The purpose of this fundraising has two major axes.
The first is function development to expand the scope of operations covered by DX. At educational institutions, students can be broadly classified into three business areas: “collecting (appealing attractiveness and getting them to enroll),” “teaching (providing learning),” and “sending out (support for further education and employment).” , Since the service started in February 2020, we have been promoting the DX conversion of the “collect” part. In the future, while promoting the expansion of the “collect” function, we plan to provide payment management functions, parent communication functions, job information matching functions, etc. in new areas such as “teaching” and “sending”. By solving business issues through the provision of new functions, we will improve work efficiency and educational value, and update the learning experience of students and the experience of parents who support students in a wider range. The second is functional development for promoting the introduction of the system into the private sector, such as cram schools,
qualification schools for working adults, and language
schools/classrooms. Even in the private education business field, there are many complicated tasks in business areas such as student recruitment, learning management, billing management, etc., and there is a strong need to improve work efficiency and learning experience by digitizing work. . Utilizing the know-how we have cultivated so far, we will contribute to solving the problem of lack of human resources in educational businesses by providing marketing automation functions, potential customer data management functions, and parent communication functions for private educational businesses. At the same time, we will continue to transform the student and parent experience, similar to the higher education sector.
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Comments from underwriters
Nissay Capital Co., Ltd.
Director Kensuke Matsuo
Capitalist Masaru Doi
In the midst of the corona crisis, over the past few years,
educational institutions have been actively working on DX (digital transformation) related to academic affairs, including online classes. On the other hand, we believe that there is still a lot of room for improving operational efficiency through the promotion of DX for non-educational tasks, such as marketing tasks related to student recruitment and information management tasks related to current students.
In this regard, Doorkel launched the publicity support tool “SchooLynk Contact” for student recruitment in 2020 ahead of other companies, and its UI / UX has been highly evaluated, and it has been introduced to 250 schools in just three years. It is becoming popular in
This time, Nissay Capital has decided to make the investment based on the evaluation of President Suzuki’s management skills and the product development capabilities of our members, who always keep the customer first and create services that reach every itch. I was.
Doorkel is currently developing multiple additional functions, which we expect will further advance the DX of operations at educational institutions and improve operational efficiency in terms of both convenience and price. I’m here.
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Ikemori Venture Support LLC
Representative Kenji Ikemori
In today’s world, where uncertainty is increasing and the individual is drawing attention, it is becoming increasingly important to choose a university or vocational school in particular as a place of learning that connects with society, including reskilling. It is
I feel that their “SchooLynk Contact” has the potential to provide not only a DX for recruiting public relations for educational
institutions, but also “a new meeting place that refines sensibility and nurtures education”.
In the future, I hope that it will grow into a platform that will help connect not only universities and vocational schools in Japan, but also educational institutions around the world and people who want to learn, and help each individual achieve well-being.
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About Doorkel Co., Ltd.
The company name of Doorkel is based on opening the door, and we are developing our business based on the opportunity. With the mission of “implementing the infrastructure of opportunity”, it is inevitable, not accidental, that everyone has experienced in the past “an opportunity to realize one’s own value and potential, or to expand that value and potential”. We are working on education DX with such a desire to change it into. In addition to the development and deployment of the SaaS product “SchooLynk Contact” that DXes recruitment advertisements at universities and vocational schools, we are developing an IT consulting business for educational institutions and a platform business that supports international students. [About SchoolLynk Contact]
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SchooLynk Contact is a cloud-based marketing system that DXes recruiting advertisements at universities and vocational schools. It is possible to complete everything from acquiring recognition of high school students to promoting applications in one system, and by converting and managing student information that was previously managed on paper, it is possible to convey personalized information to students. The service was released in February 2020, responding quickly to the needs for digitalization of recruitment advertisements related to the spread of new coronavirus infections. It was introduced to more than 200 universities and vocational schools in just three months.
【Company Profile】
Representative Director: Yohei Suzuki
Location: VORT Shiba Park 4F, 2-27-8 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: August 2017
Capital: 228,362,500 yen (as of July 2022, including capital reserve) URL:
Business overview: Education service business, career service business [Recruitment information]
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