Doshisha Co., Ltd. A popular lifestyle brand in Paris “PETIT PAN” will be held for a limited time at Kawanishi Hankyu!

Doshisha Co., Ltd.
A popular Parisian lifestyle brand “PETIT PAN” will open a
limited-time store at Kawanishi Hankyu!

Doshisha Co., Ltd. (Osaka head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Masayuki Nomura, hereinafter Doshisha), which plans, develops and sells daily necessities, is a lifestyle brand originating in Paris, France “PETIT PAN petit bread” period A limited store will be held at Kawanishi Hankyu.

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PETIT PAN, which landed in Japan last year, will open a store for a limited time at the event “Happy Smile Winter-Watashikibun no Raisekata-” held at Kawanishi Hankyu.
At this event, the concept is “enjoy winter with a positive and colorful power! Incorporating my favorite color into fashion and interior, be yourself and make every day happy♪” will make you feel better just by wearing it. Many miscellaneous goods items with bright and energetic vivid colors are exhibited.
This time, PETIT PAN will introduce popular mobiles, mainly pouches and bags. Unique motifs reminiscent of kites, such as colorful seahorses and the Eiffel Tower made of silk and bamboo, are attracting attention in their home country of France, and are gorgeously produced at this limited-time store.
“Happy Smile Winter-How to Raise Myself” Overview Page [Holding period / place]
Kawanishi Hankyu
1st floor event space
January 11 (Wednesday) to 17 (Tuesday)
10:00 am to 7:00 pm *Ends at 5:00 pm on the last day of the event [Image 3

[Product overview] From the upper left
Product name: drawstring pouch
Product price: 1,760 yen (tax included)
Product name: TPU coated cotton tote bag
Product price: 8,360 yen (tax included)
Product Name: Paper Craft Seahorse Object Large
Product price: 17,490 yen (tax included)
Product name: Quilted cotton notebook cover
Product price: 5,060 yen (tax included)
[What is PETIT PAN? ]
PETIT PAN was born in Paris in 2002.
A brand full of magical charm that captivates many people in the world of unique coloring and prints woven by Mr. Pang from China and Mr. Miriam from Denmark.
The one and only world view that uses happy colors and prints, where you can feel the Asian taste, is increasing fans all over the world. Official website:
Official Instagram:
【Company Profile】
Trade name: Doshisha Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masayuki Nomura, President and Representative Director Location: -Osaka Head Office- 1-5-5 Higashi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-8525
-Tokyo Headquarters- 2-21-46 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8573 – Tokyo Headquarters Building 1 – 1-8-10 Higashioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0011 Established: January 1977
Capital: 4,993 million yen
[Inquiries from customers regarding this product]
Doshisha Co., Ltd. Brand Bag & Beauty Division Kuroda
Phone: 03-6408-5573

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