“Dr.stretch”, a stretch specialty store with over 200 stores worldwide, has tied up with the movie “Shylock’s Ch ildren”! “Shoulder or waist?” Collaborative poster development and limited-time campaign

nobitel Co., Ltd.
“Dr.stretch”, a stretch specialty store with over 200 stores worldwide, has tied up with the movie “Shylock’s Children”! “Shoulder or waist?” Collaborative poster development and limited-time campaign Feel refreshed at the movie theater! With Dr.stretch, your body will be refreshed!

Stretch specialty store “Dr.stretch” (nobitel Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masahiro Kurokawa), which offers its own technology “Core Balance Stretch” in more than 200 stores around the world, will be open to the public on Friday, February 17. In collaboration with the movie “Shylock’s Children” (distributor: Shochiku), the collaboration poster visual has been lifted today. In addition, to commemorate the tie-up, a limited-time campaign will be held from January 20 (Friday).
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This time, a collaboration poster has been completed in collaboration with the movie “Children of Shylock”. The title “Professionals of Stretch” is a title unique to “THE KING OF STRETCH”, which provides its own technology “Core Balance Stretch” that is highly supported by professional athletes and sports teams both in Japan and overseas. I’m here.
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The slogan of the movie, “Gold or soul?” A 46-year-old man who is a manager in charge of store development has an exquisite expression. As Sadao Abe, who plays the leading role, responded in an interview, “I want office workers to feel refreshed at the movie theater.” We are running a campaign.
Movie “Shylock’s Children” x Dr.stretch Tie-up Commemorative Campaign [Image 3d12643-117-e2dabfcc820a508da862-1.jpg&s3=12643-117-331137ae777436e7d5d8771925522ad2-1907x2700.jpg
Period: January 20 (Friday) to February 13 (Monday)
Store: Dr.stretch domestic store
Target: Those who read the campaign QR code installed in the store Winning Prizes:
・Theater ticket
・ Goods not for sale from the movie “Children of Shylock”
・Dr. stretch “60 minutes free invitation ticket”
Special site: https://doctorstretch.com/lp/shylock/
Movie “Shylock’s Children” work information
The novel “Shylock’s Children” (Bunshun Bunko) by Jun Ikeido, which has sold over 600,000 copies. Ikeido declares that it is “a monumental book that determined the way I write novels”, and the original work, which can be said to be the highest peak as the starting point, is fully adapted into a movie. It has become a hot topic since it was made into a drama last fall, but the movie is a completely original story with unique characters appearing in a different development from the novel and the drama. The main staff including director Katsuhide Motoki of “Flying Tire”, which recorded a big hit in 2018, have reunited. The cast is full of super-luxury casts representing Japan, including the starring Sadao Abe. Gold or soul? Climb entertainment starts to ask all those who fight!
Official site: https://movies.shochiku.co.jp/shylock-movie/
(C) 2023 Movie “Children of Shylock” Production Committee
What is “Core Balance Stretch” provided by Dr.stretch?
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Dr.stretch’s original technology that approaches the core part of the muscle, the “deep muscle”. This technology, which has been introduced to many professional athletes and professional sports teams, was independently researched and developed by Motoki , who was active as a body maintenance trainer for the major league team Boston Red Sox so that anyone can take it. . In the future, we would like to work with professional teams and amateur athletes to make stretching a part of the culture and deliver health and vitality to everyone in the community. In addition, on the in-house developed platform “nobitel + (https://nobitel.jp/)”, customers who make their first reservations can search for trainers exclusively for domestic directly managed stores based on their physical concerns and sports experience.・Added “Trainer search function” that allows you to nominate. We will be more attentive to the health conditions and needs of each customer who visits the “Dr.stretch” store.
-Introduction results-
Professional soccer teams “FC Tokyo”, “Yokohama FC”, “SC Sagamihara”, “Avispa Fukuoka”, three-person professional basketball team “TOKYO DIME”, kickboxer “Koji”, global Mrs contest “Mrs Queen”, and many other artists.
■Company profile
Company name: nobitel Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masahiro Kurokawa, President and Representative Director Location: Grand First Shinjuku Gyoen 2F, 22-1 Daikyomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: October 1993
Capital (including capital reserve): 481,156,595 yen
Number of employees: 1308 (including part-time workers)
Business: Physical Fitness (Dr.stretch/WECLE)/EC/Sports
Media/Travel/Hotel/Trainer Training School/Digital Solutions/Marketing Official website URL: https://corporate.nobitel.jp/
Dr.stretch Official Website: https://doctorstretch.com/
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