Dream Factory Co., Ltd. Gold Plaza A must-see for parents with children who are taking exams! Prayer amulet gift campaign for academic achievement and passing exams! !

Dream Factory Co., Ltd.
[Gold Plaza] A must-see for parents with children who are taking exams! Prayer amulet gift campaign for academic achievement and passing exams! !
Held at nationwide store purchases from January 20

Gold Plaza, operated by Dream Factory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Kaoru Inoue), is used by a total of 560,000 customers with the industry’s highest level of safe purchase of precious metals, branded items, and jewelry. . We support purchase methods that suit various customers, such as purchases at stores, LINE assessments, and home delivery purchases. At Gold Plaza, we will hold a red stamp gift campaign from January 20, 2023.
Campaign URL: https://goldplaza.jp/front/discount-information/amulet-gift-campaign [Image 1d13584-448-184c9861746c0b50f8f6-2.jpg&s3=13584-448-466e3c86c963d1cbe0f6ae5e31db5a9b-1024x678.jpg
■ Campaign background
About two weeks have passed since the 5th year of Reiwa, 2023. The New Year has passed, and Kagami biraki is over, and I think that daily life is returning to normal. However, this is not the case with all students. I think there are some people who are preparing to take entrance exams for elementary school and junior high school, including high school and university entrance exams. Therefore, at Gold Plaza, we will hold a lucky charm gift campaign for parents who have children who are taking exams.
■Gold Plaza supports students who are trying their best!
The entrance exam is approaching, which will be evaluated as a result of your extraordinary efforts so far. I want everyone to be rewarded for their hard work, devoting their summer vacation to studying and studying hard for exams by cutting back on their sleep time. I sincerely hope that you will go on to your first choice of school. Also, I think that parents who have been supporting their children for a long time are also nervous and anxious. Please support your child until the end and overcome the big wall of the exam. With this campaign as an opportunity, all the Gold Plaza staff are also behind the scenes.
■ Campaign overview
⑴Giving a lucky charm to “parents who have children who are preparing to take the exam” when making a contract
(2) No upper limit on purchase amount regardless of purchase item (3) Target period: January 20th to January 31st
* It will end as soon as each store runs out of amulets.
Please note.
■ What is Gold Plaza?
Gold Plaza is capable of “quick cashing even for high-value purchases” and has the highest purchase price in the industry, with a cumulative total of over 560,000 users*. In addition, each store offers peace of mind and satisfaction by providing a variety of purchase services that can be selected according to customer needs, such as proximity to the station, speed assessment, polite explanations and trustworthy appraisals, and customers using the purchase service for the first time. You can use it with peace of mind.
[Image 2d13584-448-88fa7031c474e7c24481-0.jpg&s3=13584-448-99c49d1b2c7b4733679185965e99f897-600x450.jpg
* As of January 2023 | In-house research ■ Open at 12 stores nationwide Kansai
Gold Plaza Umeda Main Store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/osaka Gold Plaza Namba Shinsaibashi: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/namba Gold Plaza Tennoji Abeno: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/abeno
Gold Plaza Senri Chuo store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/senri Kanto
Gold Plaza Ginza Main Store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/ginza Gold Plaza Kichijoji store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/kichijoji Gold Plaza Ikebukuro West Exit: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/ikebukuro Gold Plaza Marui Kinshicho store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/kinshicho Gold Plaza Machida store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/machida
Gold Plaza Yokohama store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/yokohama Gold Plaza Chiba store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/chiba
Gold Plaza Omiya store: https://goldplaza.jp/shop/omiya
■ Why you can use Gold Plaza with peace of mind
1. Fulfilling purchase service… Free assessment is possible anywhere in the country because we are doing home delivery purchase.
2. All stores are within a 5-minute walk from the station … There is no such thing as being far from the station. Also, if you come by car, we offer a parking lot service.
3.Each booth is assessed by experienced staff…Each store’s private and semi-private booths allow assessment without worrying about the public eye.
4. Anti-infection measures are being implemented… In addition to ventilation and wearing masks, acrylic plates are also installed to prevent splashes.
[Image 3d13584-448-984d580a6adc58d40f58-1.jpg&s3=13584-448-32b02b5a5e5b179f6d5c2b7bf6d68f1d-650x347.jpg
■ Company information
Company name: Dream Factory Co., Ltd.
Address: Umeda Square Building 16F, 1-12-17 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0001 Representative Director: Kaoru Inoue

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