Dreamers Guild The popular YouTuber programming class for elementary school students, Code Adventure, has expanded to 100 classrooms nationwide in two years since its launch, and has also launched a programming education media.

Dreamers Guild
Two years after the start of business, Code Adventure, a programming class for elementary school students to learn with popular YouTubers, expanded to 100 classes nationwide, and also launched a programming education media.
Based on the philosophy of “programming education for all children”, he operates a media for educators to spread programming education.
Dreamers Guild LLC (head office: Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, representative employee: Takayuki Miyagijima), which develops the programming school “Code Adventure” for elementary school students, has expanded its affiliated schools to a total of 100 classrooms in the first two years of its franchise business. Furthermore, in order to contribute to the spread of programming education itself, we will announce the launch of a new programming education specialized media, “Programming Education Newspaper (web version, print version)”. Code Adventure started franchising in 2021 as “Japan’s first! Minecraft programming school to learn with popular Youtubers”. [Code Adventure HP]
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It has been less than two years since the FC development, and business operators all over the country agree with our philosophy of
“programming education for all children”, and as of December 2022, we will expand the number of affiliated schools to 100 classrooms nationwide. is done.
[List of Code Adventure Schools]
In fiscal 2023, we will strive to spread programming education, aiming for “200 partner schools and 6,000 active users”.
■ Thinking skills necessary in the AI ​​era = training in computational thinking The programming skills learned in Code Adventure correspond to the programming area of ​​the common test for university entrance exams, but when learning programming from the lower grades of elementary school, I want to emphasize the “thinking ability”. With a curriculum of 1 year and 6 months to 3 years, we will cultivate the thinking power of children who will use AI and robots in the future.
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■ Launched media with the aim of popularizing programming education itself In order to achieve business expansion in 2023, we have decided to launch and operate media with the aim of boosting programming education itself.
[Programming Education Newspaper]
The Programming Education Newspaper is a media for educators involved in education from elementary school to high school.
I am interested in programming education, but I do not know much about it, so I want to collect information.
I want to know the programming education practices of various educational institutions
I want to start a new business in the programming education industry It was launched to meet the needs.
The content of the article is mainly as follows.
Summary of press release information of each organization
Interviews with people involved in programming education
Summary of various news related to programming education
In addition, we plan to publish a “paper version” in PDF format twice a month, and we recommend that educators distribute and transmit information obtained by educators to their students. We are here. [Imaged95797-4-3296d10d52a24876857b-2.png&s3=95797-4-9f8e2f12a0141fd46a5b3a2b6fce2959-692x986.png
Dreamers Guild will continue its activities with the aim of making the programming newspaper the most watched media in the industry. *Code Adventure is a registered trademark of Dreamers Guild LLC. that’s all
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