DSS 20th Anniversary of SKIP City Opening Ultraman Event Held on Sunday, February 5, 2023

SKIP City Town Opening 20th Anniversary Ultraman Event Held on Sunday, February 5, 2023
At SKIP City Sainokuni Visual Plaza, you can enjoy the “Ultraman Decker Show”, “Ultraman seen in dome images”, and the special exhibition “Ultra Fantasy Tokusatsu World” all for free!

 SKIP City (Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture) will celebrate its 20th anniversary in February this year. To commemorate this, the “Ultraman Decker Show” will be held at the Sainokuni Visual Plaza Video Hall. Also, an event dome screen will be set up in the HD studio to screen ‘Ultraman Zero VR’ and ‘Ultra Fight VR’. You can also view the special exhibition “Ultra Fantasy Special Effects World” currently being held at the Visual Museum for free. February 5th is exactly the day when you can enjoy “Ultraman” at SKIP City.
Held event overview
ultraman decker show

[Image 1d58856-20-6b73e20a3bdc06280b93-0.png&s3=58856-20-e28291661af902a94a864210f4d7dfae-281x283.png
(C) Tsuburaya Productions (C) Ultraman Decker Production Committee/TV Tokyo Ultraman Decker and Ultra Seven are coming! Let’s all support the two who fight monsters and aliens!
Date: February 5, 2023 11:00-/14:00-
Venue: Sainokuni Visual Plaza 4F Video Hall
Admission fee: Free
Capacity: about 275 seats
Application: Advance application system (WEB reservation)
URL: https://www.skipcity.jp/event/sp/230205.html
*Applications will be accepted from 12:00 on Saturday, January 21, 2023 dome video screening

“Ultraman Zero VR”, “Ultra Fight VR”, and “Deep Space Expedition” will be screened on the dome screen.
[Image 2d58856-20-046721408a3432f2eea3-1.jpg&s3=58856-20-f6abb90c509bdcff8f2747b68c1a95d8-724x1024.jpg
(C) Tsuburaya Productions (C) Ultraman Zero VR Production Committee [Image 3d58856-20-6c9e0ad727a5ab6938a3-4.jpg&s3=58856-20-0a42d8d4764a88a5b981a6427ed1cbe4-1917x2700.jpg
(C) Deep Space Expedition Production Committee
Date: February 5, 2023 10:00-/13:00-/15:00-
Location: Sainokuni Visual Plaza 1F HD Studio
Fee: Free
Capacity: Each time: 15 people
Application: Advance application lottery system (WEB reservation) URL: https://www.skipcity.jp/event/sp/dome2023.html
* Application period-January 29 (Sun) / Winning announcement January 31 (Tue) Video Museum Free Opening
[Image 4d58856-20-d2401dfe848bd57cda6f-3.png&s3=58856-20-65aadd8c91b4ce4ddf7bcef47873fc55-1200x525.png
(C) Tsuburaya Pro
In addition to the permanent exhibition where you can enjoy learning how the movies and TV you usually watch are made by actually operating the equipment, Ultraman, who has been loved by children and adults for nearly 60 years. You can also see the special exhibition “Ultra Fantasy Special Effects World” with the theme of “Fantasy Special Effects” of the series for free.
Date and time: February 5, 2023 9:30-17:00 (Admission until 16:30) Venue: Sainokuni Visual Plaza 2nd Floor Video Museum


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