Dynam Co., Ltd. Private brand (PB) machine jointly developed by hall companies “PA Sengoku Otome Legend Battle Tokimeki 89 Version”

Dynam Co., Ltd.
Private brand (PB) machine jointly developed by hall companies “PA Sengoku Otome Legend Battle Tokimeki 89 Version”
Introduced 1,117 units from early February

DYNAM Co., Ltd. (head office: Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Akira Hosaka), which operates pachinko halls in 46 prefectures nationwide, has developed a pachinko machine “PA Sengoku Otome” jointly developed by Amtex Co., Ltd. and hall companies. Legend Battle Tokimeki 89 Version” will be introduced from early February 2023 to stores of Dynam Japan Holdings Group and Undertree Group, Goda Kanko Shoji Co., Ltd., Niraku Co., Ltd., Nobuta Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Maruhan Co., Ltd. increase. In addition, we plan to introduce a total of 1,117 units for each company.
This machine is a private-brand game machine jointly developed by Amtex Co., Ltd. and six pachinko hall companies in planning and spec design. As a pachinko parlor company, we have created a machine that reflects the needs of our customers.
With the aim of providing pachinko as “daily entertainment that anyone can casually enjoy,” we will continue to develop and provide products from the customer’s point of view as the pachinko parlor company closest to our customers. I will come.
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Sales name: PA Sengoku Otome Legend Battle Tokimeki 89 version Model name: PA Sengoku Otome Legend Battle 89 GO2
Introduction date: February 6, 2023-planned
Related site: https://www.dynam.jp/pb/
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[Image 3d13913-398-b731160de3ca7616cfd7-2.jpg&s3=13913-398-4f885ea7daaf50b1cce4700bb085a432-3196x379.jpg
1. Features of this machine
(1) Easy-to-play jackpot probability (1/82-89 Equipped with 6 levels of settings)
(2) Entering 300 play times (shorter working hours) by digesting 234 low probability states
(3) About 20% of the jackpots during the electric sapo will be up to 10 rounds. (4) Uses an upper panel design exclusively for PB machines
2.Spec details
[Image 4d13913-398-0c231d8c2c6f3dce061b-0.png&s3=13913-398-96555e46b827f47a80eb1025a8be61c4-818x413.png
3. Model-related site: Dynam PB “Goraku” site https://www.dynam.jp/pb/ Dynam Co., Ltd.
We are developing chain-type pachinko halls all over Japan with the aim of reforming pachinko so that it can be enjoyed by everyone casually, and aiming to become a pachinko that lives in harmony with the city. As of January 2023, we have 397 stores in 46 prefectures nationwide, and we are promoting store development centered on low ball rental sales such as 1-yen pachinko.
・Dynam official website: https://www.dynam.jp
・Dynam Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/dynamjp
・Dynam Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dynamjp Details about this release:



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